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Looking for shoes that have all day comfort, support and will stand the test of time? Look no further, because the Ecco Yucatan checks all the boxes. This versatile sandal is made of quality nubuck leather and features a supportive and well-cushioned midsole, as well as a grippy rubber outsole. Be it a nice stroll down the neighborhood or a cross-country hiking trip, the Ecco Yucatan will have you covered.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Open-toe design
  • Soft and breathable lining
  • Durable construction
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Arch support
  • Lack of width options


The Ecco Yucatan packs some serious heat with its durable, lightweight construction and it all starts with its outsole. The material used to manufacture the outsole is a very durable, highly abrasion-resistant rubber. This rubber material is not only going to hold up extremely well against wear and tear but has superb grip and traction that will keep its wearer firmly on the ground, be it concrete, sandy beaches or mountain trails, due to the many lugs found on the outsole.

It also features a heel break at the heel, as well as ridge-like grooves, which enable the wearer to have better control over their movements. The forefoot area is rockered for more effortless toe-offs. Since it was designed to be an active-wear, many people choose to take it on hiking or traveling, as well as the beach, while there are others who prefer to wear them for long walks, due to its excellent comfort levels, as well as support. All in all, it provides a smooth heel to toe transition for an easy ride, no matter the terrain.


The midsole is made of a direct-inject polyurethane, which is durable, yet lightweight, and has excellent shock absorption, especially in the heels. This shock absorption really comes into focus when the Yucatan is being used for heavy-duty wear, like long-distance walking or hiking, as it protects the wearer from possible injuries, like ankle sprains, as well as provides a bouncy stride for effortless push-offs. Other than the direct-inject polyurethane, the midsole also features a full-length EVA shank for support.

The midsole together with the rubber outsole, make up Ecco’s patented Receptor technology. This technology greatly improves the wearer’s overall performance, as well as stability on uneven surfaces, by enhancing the levels of responsiveness they have with the ground beneath them, ensuring that they are properly balanced at all times. The cushioned support does not stop there, however. This design has a dual-density footbed, featuring the same material as the midsole for great arch support. The sides of the footbed also go up, hugging the contour of the feet, further improving the stability of the feet by eliminating the possibility of the underfoot slipping inside the sandal. The EVA footbed is covered with a soft polyester-microfiber fabric for additional cushioning and protection against unpleasant odors.


The upper features an open-toe design and is made of a high-quality, durable nubuck leather that is stitched to the sole for an even longer lifespan. This type of upper provides sufficient flexibility, as well as comfort for the wearer. The construction of the upper consists of three Velcro straps: one at the toes, another over the midfoot, and one at the heel, for maximum adjustability. This enables the sandal to conform to each individual’s foot shape and offers stability and support in all the vital parts of the feet.

The lining is made of nylon and soft spandex, which are excellent at absorbing excess moisture and drying fast, for a comfortable stride. This means that the wearer does not have to worry if they accidentally step into a puddle or walk around in the rain. For cushioning and protecting the feet against bad odors, an EVA footbed has been incorporated. If the sandals get dirty, it is best to spot-clean them using a nubuck-friendly cloth and some water and let it air dry. This design comes in a variety of sizes in both men’s and women’s, accommodating a wide range of foot shapes, thanks to its customizable fit.


Being an open-toe shoe, breathability and temperature regulation are not an issue. However, this sandal incorporates a few additional elements for maximum breathability and comfort. First off, the lining is made of nylon and soft spandex, which are known to be extremely breathable and moisture-absorbing materials. They also dry fast, for a comfortable, irritation-free ride.

The EVA footbed has a double function: it provides supportive cushioning for the underfoot and has antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing properties, which keep the feet odorless, dry and healthy. Being a sports sandal, that was designed to be used in warm climates, during activities that make the feet sweat, like walking, running or hiking, these keep the feet nice and dry, according to reviewers. Many choose to wear them on hiking vacations in Africa, South America or Australia, all places with high temperatures and could not be happier with the breathability of this sandal.


This sandal has a reputation of being one of the most comfortable open-toe shoes on the market. This is further reinforced by all the positive reviews this sandal has gotten. The provided comfort lies in the construction of its midsole and footbed. Namely, the midsole is made of a direct-inject polyurethane with a hard EVA shank, that provides the wearer with a lightweight, yet supportive cushioning, as well as excellent shock-absorption. This enables the wearer to maintain a springy stride and smooth transitions, all the while being stable and cushioned inside the shoe.

The footbed contains the same EVA as the midsole, enhancing the support and cushioning even more. The sides of the footbed curve upwards, hugging the feet, for an all-around comfortable fit. Not to mention the antimicrobial and moisture absorbing qualities it has, which help keep the feet dry and fresh throughout use for maximum comfort. The Velcro straps are fully adjustable, allowing the wearer to customize how snug or loose they fit, based on their personal preferences, and they are lined with a soft spandex and nylon material that breathes well.

This design accommodates various foot conditions, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis or arthritis, due to its high comfort levels, and is perfect for long hour wear, as it will not tire out the feet or make them sore. While most customers love their Yucatan's and had no trouble with them, a handful of reviewers with wider feet did complain about the strap rubbing on their pinky toes, which caused minor discomfort. However, one reviewer said that he was able to break them in enough so that they fit comfortably on his toes.


Durability does not seem to be an issue for the Ecco Yucatan. Made from quality materials and sporting a sturdy construction, this sandal can withstand heavy-duty wear. The outsole, which is made of a lightweight, yet durable rubber material is incredibly abrasion-resistant and is able to take on a multitude of different terrain types, thanks to the ridges and lugs on the outsole, which provide excellent grip and traction. The midsole is also quite durable and does not lose its shape, even after extensive use, and the upper consists of three Velcro straps made of durable nubuck leather, that are stitched onto the sole. This is a very versatile sandal that can be worn casually, as well as for active wear.

Many choose this sandal for everyday walking, due to its superior comfort, while others wear it for hiking, since the sole is excellent for rougher terrain. Most of the reviewers were returning customers, who have been buying this style for many years, and said that they last a minimum of 5 years, some even said theirs lasted for a whole decade. One reviewer wore his Yucatan to a hiking trip in Africa and was thrilled with the sandal’s performance on the rough terrains. The negative reviews were very few, among which the most notable was by one reviewer, who said that one of the Velcro straps tore off. However, Ecco has excellent customer service, and he was able to exchange the pair for a new one.


The Ecco Yucatan has superb traction, thanks to its rubber outsole. Namely, the durable, yet lightweight rubber outsole is excellent for any kind of terrain, dry or wet, flat or rough, all thanks to its unique construction. The outsole consists of a good amount of lugs, that, due to their superior grip, help the wearer stay on their feet on uneven or slippery surfaces.

The heel features ridge-like grooves and a heel brake, that allow the wearer to have control over their movements, as well as good stopping power, which is very important when hiking on rough or slippery trails, where one could easily get injured without proper footing. For better push-offs, Ecco made the forefoot area of the outsole rockered. This feature performs great on flat surfaces as well. In general, reviewers were very satisfied with the amount of traction they got from the Ecco Yucatan, as is performed well on most surfaces, from simply walking to hiking.


Stylewise, the Ecco Yucatan might not be the most fashionable footwear on the market, but it certainly is one of the most functional. The main goal of Ecco is to produce quality footwear, that people can use over and over again, without the risk of falling apart after a few uses, as many trendy shoes do. That said, the Ecco Yucatan is not an “ugly” shoe by any means. It features three Velcro straps that are fully adjustable for a customized fit, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, both in men’s and women’s sizes. It can be styled many ways and some choose to wear it with socks, while others go barefoot when wearing the Yucatan sandal. Its primary function is active wear, but a lot of people wear them casually, as well as to work.


The Ecco Yucatan has a ton of support to offer to its wearer. First off, its durable and grippy rubber outsole provides excellent traction on a wide variety of surfaces, thanks to the many lugs and ridges found on the outsole, that help keep the wearer stable on their feet. There is also a heel brake for maximum control. The midsole is made of a direct-inject polyurethane with a hard EVA shank for a lightweight, yet supportive cushioning for the underfoot. It has excellent shock-absorbing qualities, for a springy and injury-free stride. The Ecco Yucatan features an EVA footbed, for additional cushioning and arch support. Its curved sides that hug the feet, also help with in-shoe stability.

The upper is made up of three Velcro straps, one at the heel, one over the midfoot and one over the toes. These straps are fully adjustable, to provide a customized snug fit to each individual, and make sure that the feet are locked into their proper position without sliding. The construction of the Ecco Yucatan accommodates conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, back and knee pain, as well as bunions.


The Ecco Yucatan comes in a variety of sizes and features a standard width, which is justified by the three Velcro straps, that are adjustable to fit any type of foot shape. The straps are located at the heel, over the midfoot and the toes, for a fully customizable fit, that molds to the shape of the feet. Most reviewers love the fit they achieve with the straps, however, a handful of people had some issues with the fit of the sandals. Namely, some reviewers said that even after tightening the strap over the toes to the max, they still had too much room. Others who have wider feet found that the same strap over the toes rubbed on their pinky toes too much, causing discomfort and blisters. Most reviewers said that the sandals fit true to size, however, if you have narrower feet, sizing down might help with the fit, and sizing up for wider feet is also advised by customers.

Bottom Line

The Ecco Yucatan is an excellent hiking shoe, that doubles as a comfortable everyday shoe as well. Featuring a durable rubber outsole with superb grip and traction, the wearer can walk, run or hike with confidence, knowing that they are protected from slipping in these shoes. The outsole has many lugs and ridges to grip onto the ground, no matter how flat or rough, slippery or dry. The wearer has full control over their movements, thanks to the heel break, that Ecco included in the outsole. The midsole is all about support, with its direct-inject polyurethane and EVA shank, as well as EVA footbed. It accommodates a wide variety of foot conditions and provides all-day comfort.

The upper has three fully adjustable Velcro straps, that provide a customized fit and help lock the feet into their proper position. It comes in a variety of colors and can be worn with pretty much anything. People use the Ecco Yucatan as their everyday shoe, for walking, running, or hiking, due to its versatile nature. Not many bad things were said about the Ecco Yucatan, which testifies to its quality. The only thing people had an issue with, was the strap over the toes, which was either too tight or too loose. However, that can easily be fixed by getting a different size. All in all, people love the Ecco Yucatan, even though it is on the pricey side since it is an investment that will more than pay off in the long run.