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Adidas ZX 500 RM Review Facts

Adidas is a name brand that doesn’t need much introduction. It’s been considered an iconic brand in the field of sports, running, or playing football, basketball, rugby or just trendy fashionable streetwear for several decades. Adidas is and has been a very successful brand because it remains on trend and it develops new technology regularly. It was founded in Germany in 1924 just after the World War 1, at a time when the founder focused on the trainers meant for the football sports scene. Today, Adidas, with its 3 stripe branding logo, is sold for the whole sporting gambit including shoes, sports clothing, and accessories, as well as sponsoring massive sporting events internationally. Today, however, we are referring to the Adidas ZX 500 RM - a streetwear trainer and a throwback to the original cult shoe of the 80’s. The original ZX was introduced in the Los Angeles Olympics as a running shoe. A lot of positive reviews have come out in favor of the classic rebirth which has been upgraded with both new technology and design.

The cushioning and the Boost technology has made this trainer a game changer and simply unlike any other streetwear featured on the market today. Adidas’ collaborates with several different companies in an effort to create various, unique models of the shoe. Of these companies, a few notable designs have come from BASF chemicals and Dragon Ball. An interesting thing about the collaboration with Dragon Ball is that they came out with a shoe for the fictional figure – ‘”Goku”. Goku wears, orange, red, navy, white and yellow in the fictional anime and game, and the sneaker has been designed to match those colors for him.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extra cushioning
  • Light weight
  • Quality upper
  • Retro design
  • Top quality stitching
  • Long lasting
  • Fashion forward
  • Price point
  • Not enough arch support
  • Not suitable for very wide feet
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  • First off these shoes run wide so downsizing a half size is recommended. The boost soles are great and a good quality shoe.
  • These shoes are comfortable and are a great training shoe. They look good also.
  • Adidas ZX 500 RM is a decent running and awesome trainer and so comfortable.
  • Wow this is amazing and love love the retro look.
  • Provides the most satisfying experience for walking. Love the style and shape of this shoe.
  • The fit of these shoes are perfect for me. They are also amazing to look at and very comfortable.
  • Love the old school feel look of these shoes and they fit perfectly.
  • In my opinion, the mesh and suede combination is very nice. The shoes are very comfortable due to the Boost.
  • Adidas ZX 500 is a lovely dance with modern and retro. Looking forward to more color options.
  • These are a new standard in joggers/training shoes. They are multifunctional and evergreen. Looks good dressed up or casually.
  • Awesome trainers for training in the gym. The fit is perfectly comfortable.
  • With the boost technology, this is a nice old school jogger that can also be worn casually.
  • This purchase was at the top of my list so far this year. The material and look is of high quality,
  • When I wear my ZX 500s I get a lot of compliments. The Ultraboost is much softer but still I love these shoes.
  • Sneakerheads already know that these Boosted up classics are a must have.
  • I got these for my hubby, He loves the lightweight and comfortable feel. He says these are a quality trainer.
  • A shoe made for today's standards for support and comfort with a retro look. Perfect!
  • At the moment, these are my favorite as far as boost. They have great stability.
  • These shoes are spot on. Much better fit and feel than the iniki.
  • These don't look like the pictures so I returned them
  • I got two different sizes and they still bothered my knees. Because I like the look I am keeping the smaller pair.
  • I bought a smaller size because of the reviews and these are still too big.
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The outsole is solid black rubber which allows for the shoe to really grip the road. A necessary contribution to the trainer makes it a stabilizing factor, which also attributes to the long-lasting durability. The solid rubber material used in the outsole of the ZX features various circular openings which are raised quite a bit from the base of the shoe – this delivers a grip unlike many individuals have likely seen before. This rubber is thicker than the other Adidas shoes of this ilk and also leaves exposure to the Boost technology design in the middle of the outsole.


The midsole, unlike other designs which are similar, has been designed with the incredible Boost technology. Other shoes that have air-cushioned trainers are all made with Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) - an elastic substance that revolutionized sports footwear years ago. However, with the new Adidas Boost technology, the midsole, with its new Energy Boost, looks like a spongy substance but is, in fact, a springy thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This added contribution to the trainer absorbs the stress of pounding the pavements and hours of walking in them or for that matter also standing.


The upper is designed with a top quality suede and cotton mesh. There is a solid plastic protection around the heel of the shoe, for extra stability when walking. However, what is really an interesting twist to this trainer is an added trainer that was birthed out of the collaboration between DRAGON BALL and ADIDAS into creating a stunning shoe for their fictional character ‘Son Goku’. Goku usually wears orange, yellow, navy and red in the anime and game, and they have collaborated to create the shoe to match his clothing. This trainer is also made from suede and mesh, but the colors are truly retro and yet very much in fashion and on trend at the same time. Another contribution to the design is the Ghillie plastic eyelets and the nylon tongue.


Because the running shoe is made from natural fabrics such as suede and cotton mesh, this allows for a shoe that will not make the foot sweaty or smelly. The trainer has been designed to retain a consistent temperature no matter how long the feet are in it. The mesh surrounding the shoe contributes to this breathability, mainly because of the fact that it’s a naturally breathable material. Remember, there is nothing worse than wearing a shoe that retains smells and sweat.


The Adidas ZX 500 Rm has got to be one of the most comfortable training streetwear shoes around with its new BOOST technology and cushioning in the midsole. Due to the excellent cushioning in the shoe, the wearer has less to be concerned with the strain or pronating of the foot because the inside of the shoe will hug your foot and all of it’s many curves. The Adidas advanced technology, cushions the impact of what you have chosen to do, including walking, dancing or even standing.


The style of this streetwear trainer is a remake of the original Adidas iconic classic from the 80’s. Although that particular trainer was introduced at the Olympic Games in the 80’s as a running shoe, this trainer is designed and aimed for streetwear and on-trend footwear. The reviews have been very positive in regards to the comeback and rebirth of this trainer and even more so with the incredible updated BOOST technology. The design is retro with the iconic 3 stripes that are unmistakably ADIDAS. This streetwear trainer is made from suede and mesh and has a red/orange nylon tongue for a pop of color. The trainer comes in dark grey and light grey as well as black and dark grey. Both of these comes with a TPU heel in red/orange. However, the collaboration and introduction of the DRAGON BALL and ADIDAS is a totally different color palette and is bursting with bright colors, which matches with the clothing of the “Son Goku“, a fictional character whom it is being modeled after.

This ‘Son Goku’ trainer is also going to be made in the same material as the ZX 500, complete with suede and mesh, but its colors are red, yellow, orange, white and navy. This is going to bring back the retro appeal of the cult classics from Adidas. With both designs, there is a soft foam around the front of the sneaker and then again around the back and around the heel. On top of the foam strip just before the ankle is a solid foam bit. Then right at the tip of the toe is a black rubber lip, fusing the outsole with the upper part of the sneaker. The toe box is rounded, which allows for more flexibility and toe movement. Some reviews mention the fact that the suede is soft to the touch and changes shades when touched or brushed.


This is a very well-assembled trainer with top quality manufacturing. Double stitching has been done all over the shoe, which makes this a durable and long-lasting streetwear trainer. The Boost cushioning also puts less strain on the outsole and preserves the rubber grip of the trainer. The sturdy eyelets, nylon tongue and the real suede on the trainer also contributes to the durability of this shoe. The rubber outsole also protects the integrity of the suede.


Suede is easy to clean, so, since the trainer is covered with real suede, keeping it crisp and clean will not be a problem. However, one does need to take care of suede, leather or patent leather, for a long lasting trainer, the same would apply to all ADIDAS accessories made with this fabric. There are lots of products available on the market to clean and protect this material, but if you get a really good suede brush, this is usually enough to do the trick in getting marks off that may have collected on the trainer while being on open roads and public pavements. What might be a good idea is to get some suede protection stuff and add it onto the trainer prior to wearing it - it almost acts like a protective cover from the rain and grime. If interested, there are various different guides available that discuss ways to protect your footwear.


The shoe responds really well to the foot with the Boost cushioning, which is one of the best ever made. The Boost material present is a bit less elastic than other materials which allows it to easily provide users with a bit more protection from the ground it’s being worn on. The toe box is wider so it is not restrictive as other trainers are inclined to be. The tongue has an extra layer of netting which hugs your foot and makes it feel secure in its fold. The responsiveness to the ground is soft and rather than wearing the foot out, it gives energy back to the foot, which is a great contribution to the design of the trainer. It lengthens the time that one can spend actually wearing the ZX 500.


Because of the thick strong rubber outsole, the Adidas ZX 500RM can be taken onto most terrain and it will grip the road perfectly. It has been designed to withstand long periods of time on your feet as well – which is great for speed walking or standing for long periods of time. This trainer stands alone as a fashion item too, so it is designed to be worn to restaurants, pubs or parks and can even be worn when roughhousing with the kids.


The prices vary for these Adidas trainers. The price of the Song Goku typically manages to stay in a very affordable range. The affordability of the sneaker is a testament to the Adidas brand, they are great at providing wearers with both affordable and functional footwear. The price point the ZX is set at also allows it to provide value to the user; it isn’t meant to wear down easily which easily means that users won’t have to worry about constantly replacing their footwear.


The thick black rubber outsole with its special traction design allows the wearer to feel secure while wearing these trainers. They have great road grip despite the fact that the cushioning may somewhat take away from the feel of it. As an all-around streetwear trainer, there is sufficient traction on them.


The ADIDAS ZX 500 is flexible around the toe box and along the length of the foot. However, the heel secures and stabilizes the foot more so than other ADIDAS trainers of this type which can be bent and folded without breaking the trainer.


The TPU heel stabilizer gives the ADIDAS the endurance and distance it may require and it stabilizes the ankle for extended periods of time. Whether you are walking around the hood or at the pub having a drink with your friends- standing for hours on end without feeling the strain on your feet.


The drop of this trainer tapers down to the toe, the height at the back of the shoe is approximately 2 cm to leveling out to around 1 cm at the toe.

Key Features

  • BOOST technology
    Mesh and Suede upper
    Rubber outsole

  • Verdict

    Owning one of the Adidas Cult classics, whether it be the ‘Son Goku’ or the clean lines of the Adidas ZX 500 RM, is like owning a vintage but with all the new technology to go with it - which is a double bonus. The BOOST cushioning and protection is a great advantage to acquiring this trainer. The on-trend fashion ADIDAS icon means it can be worn with anything that you pair it with. The colors will probably match with most of the clothing for the fashionable man. These iconic 3 stripe trainers from Adidas compliment anyone’s wardrobe, leaving only comfort and style that makes for a trainer well worth investing in. At this present time, the Adidas ZX 500 RM grey and the white color combination is freely accessible.