Nike Jordan Jumpman Swift Review

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Another great addition to their retro revival line of basketball sneakers, the Jordan Jumpman Swift takes inspiration from the famous 90s Air Jordans and its predecessor, the Jumpman Swift 6, combining them into one clean silhouette. Featuring a durable leather upper and Nike's Air technology in its midsole, the Jordan Jumpman Swift delivers a lightweight and responsive ride with excellent energy return to keep you on your feet during games and looking fresh and stylish after them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Leather and synthetic upper for a structured and durable fit
  • Zip-up closure for a secure foot lockdown
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Excellent traction
  • TPU shank for support
  • Air technology in the midsole
  • Cool, retro design
  • Affordable
  • Lacks some arch support
  • Not breathable enough


The outsole of the Jordan Jumpman Swift is made of a durable rubber material and features a herringbone tread pattern for the ultimate grip and traction both on and off the court. The tread pattern is on the aggressive side, providing a stable grip on the ground and eliminating the risk of slipping, as well as slipping induced injuries, such as ankle sprains, which can be quite serious for basketball players. For flexibility, Nike included some flex grooves in the design of the outsole, enhancing the sneaker’s performance levels. A TPU shank was also added to the midfoot area of the outsole for additional support, stability, and strength during games. Additionally, the TPU shank helps boost the sneaker’s flexibility levels, which enhances the overall durability of the shoes, as it protects the outsole from breaking prematurely, especially in the toe box area, where most of the bending occurs. The Jordan Jumpman Swift is the retro revival of the famous basketball shoe from the years 1999/2000, called the Jordan Jumpman Swift 6, and is a crowd favorite, that people love to wear both casually and for basketball playing, thanks to its superior traction and support.


For their midsole, Nike utilized two of their famous midsole components, the Nike Air and the Nike Zoom Air technology, as well as a Phylon midsole unit. The Nike Air technology is concentrated in the heel portion of this basketball shoe, while the Zoom Air technology is located in the forefoot region. Both of them belong to Nike’s Air technology line and both come with their unique features and qualities. The placement of the two different Air cushioning components is also crucial to the overall performance of the Jordan Jumpman Swift. Namely, the Air technology located in the rear of the shoe contains encapsulated air-sole units and delivers maximum impact protection during repetitive landings, as well as protects the muscles, joints, and tendons from possible injuries, that can happen on the court. The Air units in the rear portion of this basketball sneaker compress during landings for better impact protection and stability, and they bounce right back to their original shape to protect the wearer in their next step. This type of impact protection cushioning was first introduced to the basketball court in the form of the legendary Nike Air Force 1 and continues to play a huge role in Nike’s heritage as a durable and lightweight cushioning. As for the forefoot, Nike opted for their Zoom Air cushioning, an equally durable and lightweight cushioning sole unit. The Zoom Air is thinner and brings the feet closer to the ground for a more stable and responsive ride on the court. It also enables the wearer to move quickly, delivering quick cuts and multi-directional movements without using up too much energy, thus enhancing performance. The Zoom Air unit consists of tensile fibers, that are tightly stretched inside a pressurized Air unit. These tensile fibers compress with each footfall, cushioning the impact of landing and delivering a responsive feel to the wearer, and they spring back into shape right after, providing an energized and faster ride.


The upper of the Jordan Jumpman Swift is made of high-quality real leather with a synthetic nubuck material covering the toe box and a fabric material over the zip-up closure. This interesting, retro sneaker from Nike has a durable structure, that is further enhanced with the addition of the Phylon wings on the medial and lateral sides, that deliver excellent lateral support to the wearer. The centralized lacing system can be found underneath the zip-up closure and together they help lock the feet down snug and secure. Inside the sneaker, Nike included a soft and breathable fabric lining, that will keep the feet dry during games and will prevent overheating. The simple, retro design is topped off with the famous Jumpman logo stitched onto the heel and the word “Jordan” on the inside of the zip-up closure.


Even though the Jordan Jumpman Swift is made of leather, Nike included a breathable lining in the design of this basketball sneaker to keep them breathable and moisture-absorbing, which is very important for any shoe, let alone sports footwear. The lining of this basketball sneaker is made of soft fabric, that covers the footbed as well. This ensures that the feet can breathe inside the shoes, while also helping with moisture absorption and protects against unpleasant odors for a healthy in-shoe environment. No matter where you wear them, on the court or in the streets, your feet will stay dry. However, since they are made of leather, it is not the best shoe to wear during the summer months.


The Jordan Jumpman Swift is a very well made basketball sneaker, according to reviewers. The upper is constructed mainly out of high-quality leather, with synthetic nubuck and fabric materials, namely on the toe box and the zip-up closure. The upper’s panels are stitched together for enhanced durability, while Phylon wings deliver lateral support to the wearer. The outsole’s durable and grippy rubber with its aggressive herringbone tread pattern and TPU shank ensure, that the sneakers will last a long time, even after extensive use. Additionally, the midsole’s Air technology keeps the sneakers lightweight, while being quite sturdy at the same time.

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According to reviewers, the Nike Jordan Jumpman Swift fits true to size both in length and width. However, if your feet are on the wider side, you might want to size up at least half a size or try it on in a retail store before buying, to ensure that you are getting the best fit for your feet. For a secure foot lockdown, Nike incorporated a central lacing system into the design of the sneaker, as well as a zip-up closure covering the lacing system, for even more security.


The Nike Jordan Jumpman Swift is a very responsive basketball sneaker and it is all thanks to the Zoom Air technology in the forefoot of the shoe. Namely, this brilliant sole technology from Nike makes use of pressurized air units with tightly stretched tensile fibers inside, that compress with each footfall, cushioning the impact of landing and bouncing back into shape right after to deliver an energized and bouncy ride. The forefoot’s air cushioning is also quite thin, which brings the wearer closer to the ground and enables them to have a better, more stable ground contact, as well as a very responsive ride. This makes the Jordan Jumpman Swift an excellent basketball sneaker, that delivers fast and energized movements to the wearer for optimal performance.


This retro revival of the popular 1999 Jordan Jumpman Swift 6 packs all the style you need. The main attraction on this basketball shoe is its upper. Namely, the upper is made of high-quality leather with a synthetic nubuck toe cap and a zip-up closure on top of the laces, giving an interesting silhouette to the shoe. While the original model from the 90s features the EJ initials of the popular basketball player Eddie Jones “Swingman”, the new iteration ditched this detail and kept the design pretty clean with the Jumpman logo stitched onto the heel and the Jordan name brand, that can be found cleverly hidden inside the zip-up closure. Additionally, a Phylon wing has been added to the medial and lateral sides, providing lateral support for the wearer and simultaneously paying tribute to another 90s Jordan shoe, the Air Jordan 15. Available in both neutral and more vibrant color schemes, the most popular choice by far is the black and white color combination. This basketball sneaker, although designed to deliver maximum performance on the court, looks great on the streets as well, paired with jeans or basketball jerseys equally.


When it comes to support, the Jordan Jumpman Swift has a decent amount. The durable rubber outsole is equipped with a grippy herringbone tread pattern, that will keep the wearer firmly on their feet and eliminate the risk of slipping, both on and off the court. The Phylon and Air technology midsole delivers a responsive and stable ride and helps absorb the shock of impact for an energized and fast performance. For additional underfoot support, as well as flexibility, Nike included a TPU shank in the midfoot area of the sole. Keeping the feet secure and locked into position, is the high-quality leather upper with its centralized lace-up closure and zip-up cover. The addition of the zip-up cover over the lacing system helps with securing the feet in place to prevent any sliding of the feet inside the shoes. This helps prevent any injuries, such as ankle sprains, which are quite common on the basketball court. Additionally, the collar is padded and sits comfortably on the ankles, supporting them without restricting their movement.


Although looking a bit bulky, the Nike Jordan Jumpman Swift is quite light on the feet. This is all thanks to its Air sole unit, that helps reduce the weight of the shoes, while still delivering a stable and responsive ride. These encapsulated pressurized air units can be found on the Air Jordan 15, which the retro Jordan Jumpman Swift took major inspiration from. While the original Jordan Jumpman Swift 6 had a Phylon midsole, the new iteration also makes use of Nike’s Air technology in order to improve on performance and keep the wearer energized in their every step.

Bottom Line

When it comes to basketball shoes, Nike is considered one of the best manufacturers in the industry. The Jordan Jumpman Swift, a retro revival of the 90s Jumpman Swift 6, packs a whole lot in its design to help you achieve your best performance. Equipped with a durable rubber outsole and a grippy herringbone tread pattern, this sneaker helps you get a stable footing both on and off the court. Additionally, Nike included a TPU shank in the design of the sneaker to help enhance flexibility and underfoot support. For maximum impact protection and responsiveness, Nike made use of its Air technology in the midsole unit. This improved midsole helps the wearer achieve a faster and more energized performance on the court. The upper is made of high-quality leather and synthetic details on the toe box and zip-up closure. The retro silhouette is kept clean and simple with the Jumpman logo stitched to the heel and the hidden word "Jordan" on the inside of the zip-up closure. Sneakerheads will love this new and improved throwback sneaker from the 90s, especially the cool new colorways available and the affordable price tag. However, there is only moderate arch support in this sneaker, so it might not be suitable for people who need more support in their shoes. Other than that, the Jordan Jumpman Swift is a great addition to Nike's ever-growing collection of high-quality footwear.