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When you take advantage of the innovative technology that gave way to the generation of connected smart scales, you’re stepping into the future. Why would you want to invest in a new scale when the one you have works perfectly fine? Well, the one you already have only provided you with a total number for your body weight, or if it does read other measurements, it can’t sync them to your devices. With the new smart scales, they can.

When you use a smart scale, you can gain early insight into potential health risks and evaluate what elements you’re lacking or have too much of, such as fat. Using a smart scale can help you prevent health risks, reverse health risks, catch early signs of osteoporosis and heart disease, help you with a weight loss or weight gain effort, among others.

The Eufy Bodysense scale measures your body fat, total weight, water percentage, BMI, bone, muscle, visceral fat, BMR, body fat mass, lean body mass, muscle mass, and bone mass. Step onto the scale and it will send your results to your EufyLife App. Your phone doesn’t need to be in your hand when you weigh-in, but it won’t sync the results unless your phone is within the limits of your Wi-Fi reach.

This scale can support the data for twenty users, which it will automatically recognize and send the data to the correct account. This scale can connect to your Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple Health Apps to make tracking all of your health and fitness at the same time a breeze.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Twelve Metric Readings

Family Friendly

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Compatible

Weight Loss Motivation

Health Monitoring

Fantastic Price


Troubleshooting Issues



Eufy is in the business of simplifying smart home products. They’re focused on building smart devices for the home that are simple to use, along with appliances designed specifically to improve your everyday life.

One of the first, and most popular, of Eufy’s products, is the RoboVac. It was created solely by the members of the Eufy team. By reading, analyzing, and applying knowledge from experience, Eufy worked to perfect RoboVac, which helped it to become the most effective and advanced robotic vacuum cleaner offered.

Eufy offers a variety of connected appliances and devices now. These products work together in order to provide you with a simplified and completely pleasing smart home. The types of products offered are smart vacuums, smart scales, smart light bulbs and outlets, and their own smart speaker that comes with Alexa technology.

Eufy is a part of a company called Anker Innovations. This business is a leader and trusted brand for consumer electronics in America. Anker began as a company that solely produced charging devices. Most of their charging products are fast-charging via their own technologies implemented in the design. Anker now offers products like portable speakers, headphones, car accessories, and video projectors.


The Bodysense scale records twelve metrics of your body composition to give you a wider view of your overall health in a way that allows you to determine where you need to adjust your lifestyle. The metrics that this scale is able to read include body fat, weight, BMI, muscle, water, bone, visceral fat, BMR, lean body mass, bone mass, body fat mass, and muscle mass.

Keeping track of your weight on a regular basis will help you figure out whether you’re healthy or not in regards to your height. It will also keep you motivated to stay on track. It’s not necessarily the number that determines this-it’s body composition. That’s why you want to take advantage of the other metrics recorded.

Measuring your body fat will help you pinpoint what adjustments you need to make to your lifestyle. A lower body fat percentage is ideal. Measuring your BMI will tell you if the number of the scale is due to fat. You want a low BMI. When you know how much water you’ve got in your body, you’ll be able to gauge if you’re hydrated or not. Obviously, the more water, the better.

Other benefits from metrics read include knowing how your body burns calories while at rest, how to adjust your diet, how much fat you have in your abdomen (prevent diabetes), how to gain muscle, detect osteoporosis, etc. This scale can accurately record weight ranging from eleven pounds to three hundred and ninety-seven pounds.

Weight Loss Companion

Something that people have been conscious of our entire existence is weight. Too heavy, too thin, just right. With today’s society and social media, it’s only getting worse. Eyes are on everyone all of the time. Everywhere you go, you see impossibly small women who are photoshopped and beauty touched. Don’t worry about your weight in order to please society, though. Manage your weight to give yourself a happier, healthier life.

Something as simple as stepping onto a scale every morning can make you more likely to successfully lose your weight and keep it off. There’s no better compatibility partner than the results of your step-on every day. It’s actually proven that those who weigh themselves regularly are four times more likely to succeed.

Use the stats that this scale and app provide for you, along with your activity tracker and nutrition tracker in order to use a triple threat against your weight struggles. Your biggest competition is yourself. Your biggest motivator is yourself.

Free EufyLife App

This smart scale comes with a free app that you can download on your phone or other compatible devices in order to keep track of your metrics in real-time and over the course of a week/month/etc. Keep in mind that only your total weight will be displayed on the scale itself, so if you want to know the other metrics that are being measured, you must have the app and have it connected to the scale.

Setting up your EufyLife account is as simple as two steps and one minute. All that it requires you to provide is an email address. Once you’ve downloaded the app and created an account you can start to pair your devices. Enable your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, turn on your scale, and follow the instructions that appear on your screen in order to finish the pairing.

After every single weigh-in, the scale will sync your results to the app, and the app will then sync your results to connected apps like Apple Health if you’ve got them connected. No data will be synced to a third-party application unless you allow it.


This smart scale is capable of connecting to multiple compatible devices. Why is this nice? Without being able to connect to multiple devices, you’d have to log off and log on every time someone different wanted to check their results or sync their data. For even more convenience, you’re able to sync a few third-party apps to your EufyLife app. These apps include Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple Health. This way you can view all of your health and fitness data in one place.

You don’t have to use a smartphone to connect to the scale. You can use any compatible device that runs on iOS or Android. That includes tablets. The only requirements are that your operating system software for Apple devices must be iOS 8.0+ and that your operating system software must be 4.3+ for Android devices. When you’re using a compatible device, linking your device with the scale will be as simple as turning on your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, opening your app, and pairing with the scale.

Family Friendly

One of the coolest things about this scale is how many users it supports. This scale can keep data for up to twenty users. That’s double what most scales can offer. It effortlessly keeps all of your data organized and private. Every time you step onto the scale, it will detect who you are and send the results to the correct account.

Grandparents can benefit from this scale because it can help with early detection of diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease warning signs. You can use the metrics to treat conditions or improve conditions as well. It’s not a bad idea for middle-aged adults to look for these warning signs as well. The sooner you catch problem areas, the more likely you are to be able to alleviate some symptoms or sometimes even reverse them.

Pregnant women can benefit from this scale because it’s important to keep track of your weight gain and overall health during pregnancy. This scale can help you determine if you’re gaining enough weight at a good rate and if you need to be increasing your water intake or adjusting your diet.

Once your baby weighs eleven pounds, you can start weighing them individually (not in your arms). Create an account just for them and easily keep track of their growth and health. How amazing to live in a time that allows us to so easily keep stock of what’s going on inside our bodies?

Suggestions For Use

The first thing you need to know when it comes to using a smart scale, or really any scale at all, is that it needs to be placed on an even surface. Surfaces that are soft, like carpet, will result in inaccurate measurements. Rugs and mats would also interfere with accuracy.

When using any scale you should always be sure to check that your feet are dry, clean, and bare before you step onto the scale. Make sure that you’re standing evenly on both feet and not leaning forward, backward, or sideways as this will skew results. If you want the most accurate readings for body composition, be sure to enter honest personal information into your account.

You’ll want to be sure to store your scale somewhere that it will stay dry and not have too much humidity in the air. It may not be wise to store it in your bathroom because they tend to have a lot more moisture in the air. If you have the scale near anything that is magnetic, it could affect the accuracy of your results or even cause damage to the scale.

Money-Back Guarantee

When purchasing any product, it’s important to know if it comes with any kind of warranty. With the Bodysense scale from Eufy, you do get a money-back guarantee that is effective for thirty days after the day that the product is delivered to your house or the designated location. When the item to be returned arrives at the warehouse to be inspected, the process to generate a refund will begin.

All accessories must be included in the return package. The original packaging must be included. If your return isn’t quality related, you are responsible for any shipping expenses. Your return is susceptible to being rejected if you do not meet the return requirements.

In order to have your return processed, you must be able to provide proof of purchase. Eufy will record what your device does when they attempt to troubleshoot it. If the item is, in fact, defective, the serial number and any proof of the defect must be visible.

If you cannot provide legitimate proof of your purchase, your product is stolen or lost, or your item has an expired warranty, you will not get your money back. If your issues aren’t quality related, you will not get your money back (if it’s been more than thirty days since the date of purchase).

If you received your item for free, you will not be able to return it for money back. If your item has been repaired by a third-party it will be denied. Any damage caused by not following directions will not be covered by the guarantee. Full terms available online and in the user manual.

Bottom Line

Smart scales are all over the market these days, and most typically, they’re expensive. However, this scale has the same bells and whistles, even more than some, and it comes at a very reasonable price. For a low cost, you can enjoy a scale that will measure your body composition and store the results for up to twenty users. This information will be synced automatically to each users’ account on the EufyLife App.

It is beneficial for so many reasons to know your body composition. It can help you detect early warning signs for certain conditions and diseases. It can help you manage certain conditions and diseases, as well as your weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and more.

For added convenience, sync your EufyLife App with Apple Health, Google Fit, and/or Fitbit so that you can keep track of all of your fitness and health information in one place.