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The jackets are in fact one of the main reasons for the meteoric rise of the Columbia Sportswear.

They’re the Company’s bestselling items, and one of the most recognizable parts of the merchandise. Columbia is a beloved and respected brand among the sports enthusiasts,  and with the causal gym goes as well. Founded as a hat distributor at first, Columbia transitioned into manufacturing their own products later. That happened after the family became very frustrated with the suppliers. That transition changed everything and eventually brought a great deal of success. Not bad for a company that was started by immigrants fleeing from Nazi Germany.

But a fun fact about the company is that it got its name after the Columbia River. It’s one of the largest rivers in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of USA, and today we’re going to take a closer look at some of the Company’s best-known items. The jackets of course. This particular review will focus on the Mighty Lite jacket by Columbia. What makes it great? What are the pros and cons of the jacket and is it worth buying it?

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Omni-Heat style of insulation

Security pocket attached on the interior


Geometric baffling on the outer layer




When it comes to the use of materials, Columbia doesn’t leave anything to chance. There’s a triple threat of layering in the entire construction of the Mighty Lite, and you’ve guessed it. It’s for your own good. The construction starts with the Omni-Shield layer. A shell as it’s commonly called it’s, of course, the outer layer of the model.

It’s the first thing that hits the eye, and it’s, in fact, a polyester Windowpane material. A maximum 100% polyester is in the Omni-Shield type of shell layer and it’s a form of Triple ripstop material that ensures that the cold and the rain will not be able to penetrate the outer layers. You’ll be kept safe, warm and dry at all times.

But the second layer helps tremendously about that too. The layer underneath that is the Omni-Heat type of lining, and it’s mostly in charge of keeping you warm. That’s right. If the outer layer was responsible for the moisture-repellant job, the Omni-Heat layer is responsible for the warmth. It’s also made out of 100% polyester but this time a specialized Thermal Reflective type of polyester.

And last but certainly not least, the last layer of this triple threat is the Omni- Heat insulation layer it’s a type of support system for the previous layer Omni-Heat type of lining, but this third layer is made from 50% non-recycled and 50% recycled polyester. All three layers add a nice depth, and a great deal of quality in the jacket, and more about the other benefits of the layering find out in the other sections of the review.


The materials used in the making of the certainly bring a great deal of comfort, but over here in this particular garment, the small details pack a lot of punch. And what are those small details you might ask? Well, let’s start with the obvious. The geometric baffling that’s been done to the layering is done to make it look nice, but the pleasing aesthetic of the design goes hand in hand with the comfort as well.

The geometric baffling traps the layers nicely and doesn’t allow the cold to penetrate through the triple Omni layers. Tucked away in the adjustable features, the two very important additions of the jacket are the, in fact, the small but very crucial comfort adding details.

They may seem insignificant but they are very helpful. First, there are the very handy comfort cuffs on the sleeves, and secondly the awesome and stylish thumb holes that also keep the cold at bay. They don’t let the cold or the moisture to penetrate through the sleeves and you can, in fact, wear the jacket without the additional hustle of putting on hefty gloves.


Yes, the cuffs and the thumb holes are awesome little details, but over here a more appropriate detail is the main zipper in the front of the construction and on the pockets as well. The main longer zipper is a center and front type of a zipper. It’s a 2-way type of a zipper and starts from the top of the mouth-guard area of the garment and ends with the bottom hem hear the hips area.

The hand pockets on each side of the construction are also locked with two smaller zippers, but there’s a handy dandy internal pocket as well. It’s called a security pocket and it’s for storing everything that you might think it will fall off easily from the previous two hand pockets. Your phone, your wallet or anything else that you don’t want to get lost, stolen or misplaced. It’s not called a security pocket for anything.


There are two main components that really bring out the durability. The craftsmanship, the mere ways of how that item was manufactured and of course the materials that were used in the process. One can’t exist without the other, and frankly over here those two components complement each other.

Columbia is the leader in delivering high-quality products that will last for a long time, but the materials (and the technology) that are used are of great importance as well. And what materials are those? As mentioned in the first section, the materials are either total polyester Triple ripstop fabric or an equal part mixture of a regular and recycled type of polyester. Depending on the layering in which the fabric was used.


Sporting an active fit, the Mighty Lite jacket allows movement to occur even in the most unlikely conditions. Strong wind, cold weather, and rain have the tendency to slow down the body and to reduce the movement, but the active fit of this jacket will do exactly that. It will keep you active at all times. The nice active fit of the jacket (both in the male and on the female version) will accentuate the performance even in the harshest weather conditions. How? By adapting to the body and the movement it makes. You really shouldn’t worry about the fit.

The fit will be also true to the size of the jacket and there will be no unnecessary space wasted between the jacket and your body. Any space that’s left means more cold air can penetrate and that’s not good. More cold air means more cold conditions for you and your body. No, the active fit ensures that you’ll get the best possible performance with basically no fuss.


Sure the design, the fit and the materials used in the creation are excellent indicators of great support. They’re pulling most of the weight, but don’t knock the other smalls stuff. Like the security pocket on the interior side of the garment. Or the comfort cuffs on the sleeves. Or the thumb holes also in that area. Sure, having a great material to lean on is awesome, but the ingenuity that these little details bring to the whole structure is irreplaceable when it comes to the support.

Why? Because the support really shines through them. Let’s take the thumb holes as a great little example. If it wasn’t for them, the cold and the wind could easily find a way to penetrate through the sleeves and leave you very cold and miserable. The same goes for the cuffs.


Even the easiest hike comes with plenty of challenges. Of course, most of them are brought on by Mother Nature, but along the way, you’ll encounter mud, scorching sun, rain, hard rocks, sand, hard branches, insects, and so much more. And wouldn’t be great if you had some sort of protective outfit to keep you, dry, warm, and well… protected? That’s what Mighty Lite is for.

The use of the jacket is so versatile you’ll be using it for basically everything. With an active fit, amazing quality materials and handy hidden and exposed pockets, you can’t help but feel protected and guarded while wearing it. And you get the most use out of it that’s for sure. On your weekend getaway, on your mountain hike, on your rock-climbing adventures, you name it. The use is versatile and practical too.


Both the male and the female version of the Mighty Lite range from the extra small size and they go all the way up to XXL in size. Inseam can certainly vary in the items, but the sizing is the same for all. However, there’s one slight difference. The length of the center back on the female version is 25 inches; while on the male version is 29 inches. Everything else will remain the same.


Say hello to variety. Seriously. Just like in the sizing, the color options are quite impressive, especially in the female version. While the male version of the jacket counts for 8 color options the female has more than 20 to choose from. Yes, the female version has more than 5 different shades of blue. You can choose lighter or darker colors. That’s all up to you and your taste, but it’s worth mentioning that the colors are uniformed on the entire structure of the jacket.

One color is prevalent on the entire surface and there’s no mixing of color, not distinct patterns or anything like that. The Mighty Lite is monochromatic regardless of which color you’ll choose your purchase to be, and that’s amazing. Every single part of the construction bears the same color so choose wisely.


Because the garment contains a synthetic type of insulation, it’s of great importance not to wash it in hot water or to iron it. You will damage the materials, once it comes in contact with the heat. So, seriously don’t do that. You can, however, clean it in your machine washer but on the lower possible temperature. Around 30 degrees Celsius is probably the best temperature.

But, before you put in for a spin in your machine, make sure to close all the zippers on the jacket, and to remove any dirt with a brush or a paper towel. It should come off pretty easily. Mild and non-abrasive detergents are the best option to use and try not to use fabric softener.

Drying on low heat is your best option here, and best advice for storing it properly is to dry it extremely well before you fold it and store it for future use. If you don’t dry it completely, the fabric will be ruined. So you can say goodbye to your favorite garment. So, make sure to follow the instructions vigorously and meticulously. This may seem simple, but the complicated layers and the materials used in the creation are the ones that you should really look out for.

Bottom line

There isn’t anything that you can’t do in this particular model. Most of the activities are designed for the great outdoors, and the activities like mountain-climbing, hiking but whichever activity you’ll choose you will remain protected and secured. The wind, the cold, the rain, the mud, the bugs, and the sun will be reduced to a joke thanks to the Mighty Lite and you will be kept dry, warm, at all times.

The insulation comes from three the layers of polyester, while the design, the cool details like the internal pocket and the fantastic zipper are there to lend a helping hand. Every single part of this jacket is well worth the money, but the versatility and durability are going to shine through in the years to come.