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Nike Roshe 2 Review Facts

The release of the Nike Roshe 2 brought a lot of skepticism because many wondered how such a popular and beloved shoe could be topped. Unsurprisingly, this update on a true classic did not disappoint. The Roshe 2 is a lot more comfortable than the Roshe because it is made with different, more complex materials which we will delve into later in this review. It is best known for the fact that it is sold at such a bargain price yet still delivers that Nike quality we all know and love. Comfort and style are its strong suits, and it has such a large amount of personalization options that anyone will find something that pleases them. Finally, they adapt well to most types of terrain and are comfortable for people with either wide or narrow feet.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Interchangeable as a running shoe and a leisure shoe
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Added cushioning acts as an update to the original Roshe
  • Inexpensive
  • Incredible customization options
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Typically run small
  • Water soaks through the thin shoe quite easily
  • Not very long lasting, tend to rip
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  • I am 72 years hold with aching feet and these shoes are wonderful. They fit great too. I also like that I can work in these and they are within dress code.
  • These are definitely worth the investment. They are very comfortable especially if you are standing for a long time. True to size and great for working out too.
  • My son loves these shoes. He is only 12 and has big feet. He does everything in them, runs, walks, play etc. He is very hard on his shoes so these are wrecked. They look good and are very comfortable.
  • These shoes help immensely with my overpronation. I've tried other shoes much more expensive to help but nothing was as effective. I love these shoes they are so comfortable.
  • Nice design and love the fit. I don't have to lace them up. Great shoes.
  • Hubby says these shoes are comfortable and he loves them. Very stylish, they can be dressed up or worn casually around the cruise ship.
  • I got these to replace the ones that my husband has been wearing and are worn out. These are his favorite. He says they are flexible and super light. Great for the gym.
  • I literally wear these shoes every day. To say that these Nike Roshe 2 is my favorite would be an understatement. They go great with everything. I got my son a pair too.
  • This shoe is a great buy. Got these for my son. I love the quality and the price. He loves the comfort and the look.
  • I would certainly buy another pair of these. They are so comfortable and the fit is great. High recommend these.
  • The Roshe 2 is a great shoe because it is comfortable and it looks good. For other shoes, I usually have to put an insert in because of my plantar fasciitis but not with these. I am on my feet a lot these are great shoes.
  • This shoe is so versatile and super comfortable. They are good for the gym or just walking on the boardwalk. The cloth is a little tricky to clean.
  • No joke, these shoes are the most comfortable I have ever owned.
  • I purchased these shoes for my nephew as a gift and he is for happy with them. They fit great.
  • Roshe 2 is a really comfortable sneaker and fit true to size. Overall I am happy with my decision to buy them.
  • Sometimes I trip over the front of the shoe but I still love these shoes. They are extremely comfortable and oh so cute. I wear mine for hiking, to work or just around town.
  • I feel like I am walking on cotton. They are so light and comfortable.
  • I have always been a little partial to Nikes. I am impressed with these shoes. They are so comfortable and last so long.
  • Wow, these shoes are comfortable. I've had them now for a few weeks. The mesh is super stretchy. Love them.
  • My son swears by these shoes and he is extremely active.
  • Users complained about how rocks collect underneath on the sole of the shoes
  • Some wearers complained about the quality and how these shoes have worn out too quickly for them
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Upper & Protection

The upper of the Roshe 2 is composed of comfortable neoprene which is a solid update compared to the original Roshe which had a less durable mesh. Aside from a change in material, the designers at Nike kept the upper the same aesthetically speaking. It has a lot of perforation so it is extremely breathable, and rests nicely against the toes. All in all, it’s made from really high quality materials.

When it comes to running shoes, protection is defined as a set of internal and external features that help shield your feet from impact with rocks, roots, and other tough terrain. The sole of these shoes is what gives it protection, as each of the carefully placed waffles indented on the bottom of the shoe move independently. As a result, they are able to pick up rocks with ease and navigate any kind of terrain, rough or smooth.

Midsole & Outsole

One of the most innovative and unique aspects of the midsole in these shoes is the fact that it has a tri-density foam setup. This was implemented in the design in order to enhance the overall comfort of the shoes. The combination of the three layers of firm and soft foam makes for good durability and support while still ensuring a comfortable step.

Improving upon the design of the Nike Roshe 1 was the main goal of the creators of these shoes, and this principle extends to the outsole. It is said that the latest update to the shoe has greatly improved its flexibility and protection because each waffle is able to move more independently than ever before. Overall, the outsole of this product is as good as one can get at such a low price.


Like all of Nike’s expertly-crafted footwear, the Nike Roshe 2 has a multitude of customization options to choose from. It is sold in more than 10 pre-selected designs, but if you want a more personalized shoe, you can get embroidery and any kind of color pattern your heart desires. Since the original Roshe was so popular, the actual structure and makeup of the Roshe 2 is very similar stylistically. As previously mentioned, the way this shoe is built makes it stylish enough to wear with non-athletic wear and athletic clothing as well.


Something many running shoes from other brands lack is the ability to conquer rougher terrain. Thankfully, the waffling on the bottom of the shoes is great for walking or running on land like outdoor trails, mountainous areas, or other rocky terrain because it picks up rocks and pebbles quite well. Moreover, it is of course effective and comfortable to wear in indoor areas like the gym. Basically, it adapts well to most kinds of ground.


Finding a working balance between being lightweight but still durable is somewhat difficult to achieve. However, the Nike Roshe 2 does this very well. It is lightweight and has very appealing natural flexibility, but still feels thick and luxurious enough that it won’t peel or break. This is in part because of the infamous tri-foam padding in combo with the neoprene covering. These running shoes rest somewhere in between paper thin and bulky, which is a very happy medium to be at.


Breathability is vital in maintaining comfort, as without it you are subject to having sweaty, uncomfortable, and rash-ridden feet. Because of the perforation on the Nike Roshe 2 shoes, maximum comfort and breathability is ensured. They are ideal for wearing both when working out or just strolling around town even in the warmest weather because your feet stay dry, cool, and comfortable. This is by far one of the strongest assets of this product.


Comfort is arguably the most important part of any running shoe, as nothing is worse than working out in a pair of shoes that leaves you blistered and uncomfortable. The combination of the outsole, midsole, and upper creates blissful comfort that hugs the foot well, and accommodates people with wider feet as well. Because of the perforations on the outside of the shoe, it has great breathability and prevents blistering and sweaty feet. However, this shoe is recommended more for the casual athlete since it is meant for more of a leisurely shoe than one you would wear for a marathon.


Sadly, durability is not one of the strong suits of the Roshe 2. Many customers have complained about their shoes tearing or becoming worn down and uncomfortable after a short period of time. Additionally, it is susceptible to water soaking through the shoe rather easily which can discourage outdoor walking/running in wetter climates. With that being said, they will last you a while if you do not use them for running miles at a time and are better for casual use.


Getting the most bang for your buck is a much sought after aspect of a running shoe. Thankfully, the Roshe 2 is one of Nike’s least expensive pairs of shoes, which is great news for the cash-conscious shopper. Currently, the sneakers can be found online for just over fifty bucks, though they are normally sold at just under one-hundred dollars.. Even with customization, the shoes are still a lot cheaper than many other options out there.

Notable Features

• Tri-density foam technology in midsole
• More natural flex than the original Roshe
• Materials accommodate a wider foot
• Well padded back collar section inside the shoes
• Aesthetically pleasing design


All in all, this is a pretty solid pair of shoes for more reasons than one. It has a ton of color options that are sure to please just about any demographic, and works as both a running shoe and a leisure shoe. The tri-foam padding gives it unparalleled comfort which is a huge improvement upon the old Roshe model. As if it couldn’t get any more promising, it comes at a very low price and does not skimp on quality at all. Lastly, it is well-padded, durable, and can handle most terrain with relative ease. We would recommend this shoe to a more casual runner because it isn’t durable enough for long, strenuous runs 7 days a week.