Danner Jag 4.5″ Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
Why do you hike? I hike for that feeling of freedom, the views that I am going to come across and that will live in my mind forever, to keep myself trim and to enjoy the nature that we are blessed with.

When I'm hiking, I have certain things that I need to make sure are of the best quality, including my hiking shoes. There is no chance I'm going to be able to make it up a mountain with bad footwear.

Danner has been a formidable brand in the hiking industry since it first began in 1932; they're a brand that isn't made just to look pretty. No, Danner boots were made for adventure, for exploration and to be put to the test.

The Danner boots we are going to look at today are Danner Jag 4.5” hiking boots, designed with durable leather and a rubber sole.
Danner Jag 4.5″ Waterproof Hiking Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Ortholite footbed

Shock–absorbing EVA midsole


Slim outsole

Sizing can vary

Key Features


Let's talk about style. Danner prides itself on making hiking boots that are both stylish and give the performance you require. The Danner Jag boots are available in a variety of colors to suit everyone. They have a sneaker-like design and aren't built for bulk.

I found the outsole to be very thin with these boots, something I fear would be less comfortable than those with a thicker outsole which in my experience gives more comfort.

They have a waterproof lining, ideal for letting out unwanted moisture, however, they are not fully waterproof.

The suede leather and abrasion-resistant nylon work greatly together to provide flexibility and durability. Suede is a lovely material, it's nice to look at and does its job well.

Ortholite Footbed

Three layers of support for your foot will bring you the comfort you need, but as I mentioned, the outsole may not be as comfortable as that of a thicker rubber. The footbed is also made of open-cell polyurethane which allows breathability and nice air ventilation for your feet.


I've already mentioned my dismay at the shallowness of the outsole, but the waffle design is great for traction on different surfaces you may encounter throughout your adventures. It's also a nice lightweight design that will be beneficial for its intended purpose.


The Danner Jag boots are not insulated so be mindful of this if you’re wanting them for winter treks, your feet might end up quite cold.

Comfort & Cushioning

Comfort is one of the key points in any hiking boot. Now when it comes to cushioning, the Danner Jag’s have been layered with EVA midsole to give maximum comfort. The three layers of varying density Ortholite footbed will be an added cushion for your feet and give every stride that bounce it desires.


I've gone over many of the design aspects that will give you an idea of the performance that these hiking boots have to offer. They are lightweight and are made from sturdy materials. I don't doubt their capability as a hiking boot. They have a waffle outsole that will enhance the traction you encounter on wet and dry surfaces and terrains you are likely to encounter on your journeys.

The Danner Jags brag a Danner Dry lining, perfect for a hot day where your feet might become sweaty and sticky. This lining will give you the ventilation needed on the trail.


Upon first glance, the Danner Jag’s seemed reasonable. Quality-wise, the Danner Jag's are made of quality materials that will last and are made for hiking either on the road or off the beaten track.

Comparison to Similar Boots

If the Danner’s aren’t quite doing it for you, then take a look at the Hi-Tec Redrock mid waterproof boots. These boots offer a tougher exterior than the Danner's and have a sturdy and thick outsole. They are made with waterproof leather uppers, ideal for any weather, and have a moisture-wicking mesh lining. They are also a fairly cheap boot in comparison to others, but they do fit small so buy a size up.

Another option to consider is the Forsake Patch hiking boot. These boots are waterproof, breathable, and have smell-resistant footbeds, which is always a winner. The Forsake Patch boots are highly-priced but if you take a look at them, I’m sure you will see why.


I want to give you my honest opinion, as I pride myself on readers getting nothing but honesty from my reviews. The Danner Jag 4.5" hiking boots aren't my favorite pair of Danner boots, although they are up there with the materials and I have no doubt they will tick every box in the performance category.

I'm more of a hiker who wants an all-around boot that I like wearing and don't mind paying more for, so I would sway more towards the Forsake Patch boots, but that's my personal preference.

If the Danner style is something that you like, then this boot, performance-wise, is a no-brainer. It's a decent price and would be a great summer hiking boot.