Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Work Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
If your feet are your priority like they should be, then let me introduce you to the Danner Bull Run Moc Toe work boot.

I was pleasantly surprised when these landed in my review box. I’ve recently reviewed a fair few pairs of Danner boots and I wasn’t overly sold on their design but these are highly appealing given the fact that they are work boots.

Boasting a great number of features that are sure to tick every box you want from a decent pair of work boots, they fast became one of my favorite models on the market.

You want to know more and I urge you to continue reading.
Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Work Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Ortholite footbed

Danner wedge outsole

EH protection

Oil and slip-resistant


No interior liner

Lining – not waterproof

Key Features


The key feature you look for in a work boot? PROTECTION. What is the point in buying a pair of work boots if they aren’t going to provide you with protection?

Starting from the bottom up, the Bull Run's have a Danner Wedge outsole, designed to be oil and slip-resistant and give excellent traction. It also is the ideal comfortable outsole for any long day on your feet (be warned they would not wear well on asphalt). It may also be important to mention that this sole is certified to meet OSHA safety standards.

The Danner Bull Run also benefits from having EH protection, so you have non-conductive electrical shock-resistant soles and heels.

They are fitted with a steel shank to give this boot further stability and rigidness, a welcomed helper on site.


I mentioned my surprise at the design of these boots. Usually, I find work boots to be bland and rather boring to look at, but the Danner Bull Run boots are far from that. Not only does this model come in a variety of different colors, but it also has a quirky color lace and the American flag on the outer upper.

They are designed with full-grain oiled leather uppers, a strong and resistant material - more resistant to water and other liquid damage and they wear well with time.

This model is unlined so, in theory, with three layers of varying density and being made of open-cell polyurethane, it will give good air circulation and heat dissipation.


  • Ortholite footbed gives a great amount of cushioning and stability, not to mention breathability and flexibility

  • Danner Wedge Outsole is perfect for your everyday work boot: they are non-marking, oil and slip-resistant, which for any worker is a no brainer

  • EH protection is undeniably a great factor to make this boot a big contender, especially given that the outsole also meets OSHA safety standards; they scream protective boot

  • The design is a real winner for me, they are easy on the eye and although we are more concerned by performance and durability, style and design also play a role when choosing the work boots you’re going to buy.


    Everyone grits their teeth when you view the price of any footwear you’re purchasing. Here’s the thing, if you want reliable, comfortable, quality footwear, then it will come with a price. Quality can be expensive.

    Full-grain oiled leather is not a cheap material and given its strength and longevity, I wouldn’t expect it to be cheap.

    Having said that, and I'm sure right now there is all manner of figures running through your head, the Danner Bull Runs are priced quite reasonably. I wouldn't say they are overpriced.

    Comparison to Similar Boots

    If the Danner Bull Run boots aren't the style you like, try considering either of the following;

    DieHard SureTrack Work Boot: Designed in a similar way to the Danner Bull Run boots, the DieHards have a dual-density PU sole and Goodyear double welt for durability. They are also made with Nubuck leather, a material that is durable and strong. They also differ in price with the Danner's being considerably less.

    Rockroosters Roberta Work Boot: Again, a similar design to the Danner and with a slight comparison to Timberland, the Rockroosters have a TPU Echo Friendly sole which is resistant to low temperatures and has excellent elasticity and toughness. The big difference with this boot is that it does have an inner lining. COOLMAX technology will transport moisture whilst providing insulation and comfort. The Rockroosters are also cheaper than the Danner.


    Danner is a cracking brand, and without a doubt, they will deliver the results you want. The price, as I said, is not at all unreasonable for the brand and technology they use.

    The only downside is they don't have an inner lining, which may mean some discomfort, but that is down to personal preference.

    On a protective note, they rock and will be a valuable purchase should you go ahead. The design is kick-ass and, for a work boot, it's up there with some of the nicer ones I've seen.