Timberland Field Waterproof Boots

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Editor’s Conclusion
Timberland is one of my all-time favorite brands for comfort, style, and performance, they have it all. Now let's be honest, if you're going to spend a bit on a pair of boots, you want a brand you can trust and a boot that you can count on, and for me, Timberlands tick those boxes.

The Timberland Field boots combine style with elegance, originality with contemporary and cutting-edge technology with comfort. They are awesome boots, available in 5 different colors.

Waterproof, anti-fatigue technology, and better leather, read on to find out what else this model features.
Timberland Field Waterproof Boots Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Direct-inject polyutherane outsole

Anti-fatigue footbeds



Not hiking boots (not really a con, but some people automatically presume that all Timberlands are great for walking due to their robust exterior, don’t be fooled)

Key Features


The first thing you do when looking at a boot is searching for something that appeals to your eyes. No one is going to purchase a boot that they don't like the look of.

Lucky for you, the Timberland Field boots are very handsome-looking boots. They have leather uppers to promote strength and flexibility and add a smooth style to the look. Leather is a great material as it combines style and softness with a sturdy and protective exterior for your feet - bottom line, it’s one of the best materials for boots.

Depending on the color you chose to go with, the Timberland Field boots have a textile material for breathability, a different color to that of the leather which gives the boot that bit more detail.

They have a padded collar not only for protection to the ankle but also for giving the exterior that robust look. They boast a lovely thick outsole and the inner lining is breathable and flexible.

The tongue has the Timberland logo sewn in and this logo is also present on the outer length of the foot to show that these Timberland boots are not only stylish but from a popular and reputable brand. The shaft measures 6”, fitting for giving support to the ankle and keeping warmth in and wet out.


Timberlands are also available in half sizes and that's great for anyone, who like me, can be in between sizes.

Although these boots are designed for men, I would say that some of the colors would be just as nice for women.


The anti-fatigue technology is built into the midsole of the Timberland Field boots using geometric cone support to encourage noteworthy standing comfort, shock absorption, and long-lasting energy.

The direct Inject process is used to mold the sole to a certain shape which will, in turn, provide better comfort and support to the foot. Polyurethane is the ideal material for flexibility and durability, as well as comfort. Put both these materials together and you've got a pretty great outsole.

Waterproof Membrane

What is the point in a boot if it's not waterproof? The Timberland Field boots are indeed waterproof - they feature a waterproof membrane that will keep the feet dry all day, in any type of weather.


The price of the Timberland Field boots isn't unreasonable, they are made with quality materials and with the best technologies. They are also from a brand that is not only popular but also renowned.

Plus, there are ways for you to pay through various options which can make the purchase price a little easier to swallow.

Comparison to Similar Boots

If Timberland isn’t a brand that strikes you, then maybe the following option would catch your eye more.

The KEEN Utility San Jose Work Boot is a nice option to look at. They are made from soft upper leathers and have all the protective features that you may want. They differ from the Timberlands in the sense of offering more of protective wear.

They are under the category of a work boot; however, they do have a nice exterior which would go well with jeans as well as a performing boot.


We've gone over all of the finer details that you need to know to make a valid decision based on features and to recap, the Timberland Field boots have great cushioning and support, flexible and breathable materials, and a firm but moveable outsole which will give great traction and easy movement.

The only thing I want to mention is that Timberland can be seen as a brand that is robust enough for any of their boots to be used for hiking or as a work boot; be warned this isn't the case.

Timberland boots are all designed for separate purposes and the Timberland Field boots are a casual/everyday boot.