Timberland Dausette Review

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Timberland’s Dausette is a stylish looking sneaker boot that’s made tough to outlast the competition! Its sleek silhouette and pristine construction make this a must-have pair for fashionable wearers that need something more than the average pair of footwear. Its nubuck leather upper provides excellent waterproofing so your feet will be guaranteed to stay dry despite wet and rainy weather. A double padded collar and Ortholite footbed help to make this boot one of the more comforting so you can look forward to slipping into a pair when you’re headed out for almost any occasion. The Dausette comes in several on-trend colorways that help to make this a versatile choice that you won’t have any trouble matching with all of your favorite outfits. A rubberized outsole offers superior traction on all types of terrain so go ahead and explore while wearing a pair of these go-getter shoes that were made to inspire the adventurous side of life.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ortholite Footbed
  • Rubber Sole
  • Nubuck Leather Upper
  • Multiple Colorways
  • Trending Appearance
  • Narrow Fitting
  • Minimal Support


This pair is one stylish choice of footwear! Its unique design looks like a pair of boots but feels like your favorite sneakers so you get the best of both worlds. Its mid-top silhouette is always on-trend so you won’t have to worry about looking modern while wearing these effortlessly-chic shoes. The Dausette’s lace-up look is a must for fashionable shoppers and makes for a secure wearing pair that won’t slip or slide around while they’re on your feet. Funky hex eyelets only add to the uniqueness that these boots exude while their contrast stitching and etched logo detailing guarantees a hot look you can’t help but adore.


This boot delivers all the right moves when it comes to comfort and wearability! Its Ortholite footbed feels like you’re treating your feet to a day at the spa every time you wear them. While their nubuck leather upper unit guarantees that you’ll stay nice and dry no matter the weather. The Dausette has a dual-padded collar for additional support in the ankle that helps to prevent foot and ankle pain. Wearers find this pair to be very enjoyable, especially those with a more narrow foot structure as individuals with wider feet might find they’re a little tight fitting.


Timberland is notorious for their well-made shoes and this sneaker boot is no exception. Its high-quality nubuck leather upper is tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions with ease and won’t fall apart with from daily wear and tear. A rubberized outsole adds even more durability and is able to hold up against whatever adventures you may face. Rubber is an incredibly resilient material that offers the best traction and waterproofing of most other materials available. These shoes are made with double stitching which ensures they won't come apart and allows for the longest time frame of wear. Timberland is an excellent brand when it comes to quality construction and is one of the most trusted names in both work and casual boots and footwear.


This shoe boasts an impressive upper unit that’s made from high-quality nubuck leather. Nubuck is one of the top-grades of leathers available thanks to its gorgeous appearance and long-lasting constitution. It’s the second highest grade of leather available and looks nearly as good as the highest-grades right down to the finer details. A lace-up silhouette helps to make this a stylish looking choice that allows you the freedom to customize the way your footwear fits and feels on your feet. Hex eyelets make for a unique vibe that stands out from most other similar choices available so you can let your originality shine.


This pair of Timberland’s come in several stunning colorways including black, black metallic, black/white, grey, and wheat. The multitude of color variations lets you match these shoes with nearly anything in your closet and help to make this a versatile choice of footwear. Try matching the black/metallic's with dark-wash blue jeans for an edgy vibe that’s super-stylish! The wheat option looks amazing with lighter denim and can really give you that urban-chic appearance that’s so trendy right now. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to wearing these amazing boots whether you're looking at things from a fashion or functional side.

Shaft Height

These sneaker boots have a mid-height shaft that adds to their allure. The shaft sits nicely above the ankle for a more boot-like appearance that helps to detract from the sneaker look. Mid-top’s are super popular and always look amazing with skinnies! The contrast collar helps to give these shoes a distinctive appearance and also provides better support for the delicate ankle area. Traditionally, low-top designs are the most popular for sneakers but the great thing about this pair is that it wears like a sneaker but looks like a boot.


This sneaker boot utilizes top-grade materials that really make it stand out from the competition. Its nubuck leather upper unit is long-lasting and ensures a waterproof ride so you can forget about uncomfortably wet feet when the weather is dark and rainy. Nubuck is a top-grade leather material that is noted for its durable yet visually appealing physique. A rubberized outsole offers excellent traction and helps to prevent any accidental slips or falls, even in the slipperiest conditions. Rubber is the best material for the outsole of a shoe because it provides superior waterproofing and offers a solid grip on both wet and dry terrain. The Dausette’s Ortholite footbed offers the most comforting feel that will have your feet feeling pampered even after hours of wear.


The Dausette features a comforting Ortholite footbed that delivers an enjoyable ride every time you step down. Ortholite is an innovative open-cell cushioning that performs exceptionally well! Its long-lasting structure won’t breakdown under the strain of daily wear so your boots will be as comfortable as the first time you wore them for longer. Ortholite materials are lightweight and breathable which makes for a healthier environment for your feet. They also wick excess moisture away from the skin which helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria.


The downfall to this pair is that it tends to fit a little narrow. While this is okay for those with slender to normal feet, people with wider structures might find them a little tight. This issue can easily be fixed by ordering a half size up from your normal size. The extra half-size will allow enough extra room for them to fit better and feel less restrictive. Otherwise, this shoe fits incredibly comfortably and offers exceptional cushioning.


Despite their otherwise well designed and comforting feel, this sneaker boot lacks support. While some may find that they’re okay with wearing them as is, others might find they aren’t supported enough for their liking. The double padded collar helps to better stabilize the ankle which makes them a little better but the arch area is neglected when it comes to a proper support structure.

Bottom Line

Overall, Timberland’s Dausette is a high-class pair of footwear that is sure to be a fabulous addition to nearly any style of wardrobe! This adaptable pair can be worn for all sorts of occasions like hiking in the wilderness or strolling the city streets. Go ahead and match these with your go-to blue jeans for an edgy finish or couple them with a form-fitting little black dress for a sultry look you’re sure to love.

These sneaker boots are made tough so they’ll last you for a long time to come! A nubuck leather upper unit offers excellent waterproofing which means no more wet and miserable feet when the weather outside is dreary! Their rubber outsole is ideal for walking in any conditions and delivers a grippy kind of traction that other materials just can’t seem to match.

Fashionista’s at heart will fall in love with the Dausette’s smooth and feminine silhouette that is a welcome change to Timberland’s normally masculine flare. You won’t have to struggle with finding an outfit to go well with these thanks to their multiple colorways that allow for seamless integration with any type of apparel.

Despite their trendy appearances, this shoe offers an ultra-comfortable ride! Its Ortholite footbed will keep you walking comfortably for hours on end thanks to its lightweight foam cushion. A lace-up design puts you in complete control of how they fit and lets you adjust them to your liking so you won’t have to worry about your shoes slipping or sliding off.

This is an excellent choice of footwear for wearers who are concerned with appearances but are also in search of a versatile choice. The Dausette is casual enough for any kind of occasion and is designed to handle both city streets or nature trails with ease so you can roam wherever you choose without having to worry about your footwear.