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Timberland has been making high-quality footwear, apparel, and other accessories for outdoor enthusiasts for decades. Whether you are spending time in the woods or on the city streets, they have something for everyone. The Timberland Linden boots are just one more to add to their growing collection of amazing boots. The waterproof nubuck leather uppers will give the protection you will need from the elements, as well as snug and comfortable fit that you will appreciate after a long day on your feet.


The Ortholite insoles on top of an anti-fatigue midsole work together to ensure you have a phenomenal underfoot experience so your feet will love you all day long. The thick, lugged rubber outsole is going to withstand all the abuse that comes with years of wear, all while keeping you upright on a wide variety of surfaces and terrains. Whether you are taking a walk on the snowy streets, stomping in puddles, hiking through the woods, or working in a factory, these boots are going to take care of your feet. Customers have fallen in love with the great look and superior comfort they will get from the Timberland Linden boots!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Attractive style
  • Very durable
  • Waterproof nubuck uppers
  • Offers great traction
  • Super comfortable
  • Rustproof eyelets
  • Adequate arch support
  • Needs breaking in
  • Competitive price tag


The uppers of the Timberland Linden boots are made out of leather, which is typical for most of their boots that are on the market right now. These ones, in particular, are made out of nubuck leather which is made out of cowhide but it has been rubbed on the outer side of the hide which gives it more of a feeling of a suede than actual leather, feeling slightly more soft and velvety than you might expect from regular leather. For some added comfort, these boots feature a padded collar and a rounded toe so you have a little bit of wiggle room.

The uppers are waterproof so you will not have to worry about your feet getting wet and having to finish the day with soggy and damp feet. Not only is the nubuck leather waterproof, but the eyelets are going to be protected from water damage. You will not have to worry about working in the rain or other wet conditions. Your shoes will stay dry and the eyelets will not rust on you.


Customers have no complaints on the comfort level of the Timberland Linden boots and that is mostly due to the amazing midsole. These boots have a level of cushioning in them that a lot of similar products do not have without adding additional inserts or insoles. You will not have to buy anything extra for these as they are great right out of the box. They have a removable insole with Ortholite cushioning that is going to stay squishy and will not wear down prematurely. The midsoles of these shoes will continue to provide you with exceptional comfort day after day.


The outsole of the Timberland Linden boots is going to allow to tackle almost any terrain. They are made out of a rubber compound with added lugs to give you an amazing amount of traction and durability. Customers will be able to walk around on a plethora of surfaces and terrains with these boots without having to worry about them not being able to hold their grip. The sticky rubber will help you hold tight to flat and slick surfaces, while the lugged pattern on the bottom of the boots will help dig into softer surfaces to help keep you on your feet. For those of you out there who want something that is going to be ECO-friendly, the rubber sole is made out of 34% recycled rubber.

These boots also feature a 1-inch heel that is going to significantly reduce the risk of premature wear and tear. As most people walk with their heels hitting first, that is where most of the wear is going to happen. Having an addition inch on the heel is going to ensure that they do not wear out any time soon and they will last you for years.


Customers can agree that the Timberland Linden boots are exceptionally comfortable. They have a removable insole that is made with Ortholite cushioning to ensure you get great comfort all day long. Yes, you have the ability to remove the insole and add one in of your choice, if that is what you want to do, although very few customers do this as they offer amazing underfoot comfort right out of the box. Additionally, they feature a fabric liner that is soft and help prevent chafing and blisters while wearing the boots. Finally, you get a padded collar for that little extra touch of comfort.

One small complaint that some customers have about these boots, and it is not even really a bad thing they said, was that they do need broke in. This is not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to these kinds of boots, most customers can expect to have to spend some time getting them worn enough to wear around comfortably.

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The Timberland Linden boots were made to last, they will not suffer from premature wear and tear and that is something that customers can appreciate. They have a decent price tag on them so you are not going to want to have to replace them after only a couple of weeks or months. Thankfully, the amazing construction and good quality materials keep these boots from falling apart and becoming unwearable.

The rubber outsole, especially the addition of the 1-inch heel, ensures that the soles are going to last you mile after mile while you walk on them. If there is going to be anywhere it will be in that heel, but there is so much extra rubber there that it will not matter for years to come. By the time these bad boys start to wear thin, you will have most definitely get your monies worth out of them. It is not just the outsole, though. The Ortholite cushioning insole of the boots and the comfortable midsole are made to not wear down, even after month or years or wear. They are going to continue to keep their shape and padding to ensure you will always have a nice and comfortable underfoot experience.


When it comes to weight you can expect your work boots to be a little on the heavy side. They offer so much protection and coverage that it is something that you should expect from them. That being said, the Timberland Linden boots are going to follow suit. They have an average weight when compared to other products that are similar. For one size 9 boot, they weigh in at 1 pound and 13 ounces. They may have some weight on them but they do not seem to hold you back or slow you down at all when you are out and about wearing them which is always a bonus. There have been complaints when it comes to the weight of these boots.


Support is extremely important in a pair of boots like these. If you are going to be using them to do physical labor or you are wearing them through the woods and trails you are going to want to make sure you have the support that you need to keep you protected from potential injury and discomfort. The good thing is, the Timberland Linden boots can give you what you need.

The 6" boots come up and over your ankles and have a padded collar to give you much-needed ankle support when you are on the go. The lacing system also comes into place, ensuring that you get a nice and snug fit so you do not have to worry about slipping and sliding inside your shoes which can cause you to fall and get hurt. Additionally, the Ortholite insole offers you some decent arch support so there is no need to purchase new ones, you will get what you need with the boots.


The Timberland Linden work boots have the classic look that you would expect out of a pair of Timberland boots. They are made out of nubuck leather which is a much smoother and more suede-like look and feel than your traditional leather to give it a more casual look. They have a lace-up closure with the use of Taslan fiber laces, they even have rustproof eyelets. The boots have a thick sole with an additional one inch added to the heel for extra durability.

Customers have nothing bad to say about the look and style of the boots. Most reviewers mentioned that they like the way they look, saying that they have an attractive design. The boots are available in a couple color options which is nice. You have the choice between tan, brown, navy, burgundy, or black. You will be able to find a nice color that will fit your style and personality then best, while still being functional and comfortable.


The way your boots fit is important for many reasons. First and foremost is the comfort. If your shoes do not fit very well then they will most likely not be very comfortable. If they are too tight they are not going to feel very good and you will want to get them off of your feet as soon as possible. At the same time, if they are too big there is going to be way too much room for your feet to move around and you will have to focus too much on staying in your shoes which can be annoying. The other reason you will want a proper fitting boot is so you can take advantage of all the supportive features. If the shoes are not fitting you snugly then they are not secure and you could potentially injure yourself simply by walking in them.

When you are purchasing the Timberland Linden boots you should note that customers are saying that they run a bit big so it is advised that you order a half size smaller than you would normally get. If you have any qualms about what size you should order there is a size chart available from Timberland that you can take a look at. Many customers make the mistake of not heeding this warning and end up with an ill-fitting shoe that they have to return, try not to make the same mistake.


Thanks to the amazing grip and lugs on the rubber outsoles you can wear these boots on almost any terrain. Trekking through the snow, stomping through a rainstorm, walking through the packed dirt of a wooded trail, heading out on a gravel road, no matter what it is that you are doing these boots are going to be perfect.

It is not just the excellent traction, though, that makes them great. They have an amazing amount of insulation that is great for keeping your feet cozy and warm when you are in colder climates. The waterproofing will keep your feet dry when you are working in wet conditions. No matter where you or what you are doing the Timberland Linden have you covered.

Bottom Line

Timberland did it again with another pair of amazing work boots. The Linden's are super comfortable, giving you a removable insole with Ortholite cushioning that will feel like you are walking on the clouds. They have a pretty competitive price tag, but they are not the cheapest on the market, but customers do not mind. They know that they will get their monies worth out of these boots. As long as they are taken care of properly they should last you for years. You get a couple of colors to choose from, including some fun colors, that customers can appreciate. Overall though, reviewers mention that the love the look and design of the boots. They look great and are functional, making them an all-around great pair of boots for almost any occasion.