Timberland Euro Hiker Hiking Boots

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Editor’s Conclusion
Hiking is one of the activities that really gets deep into your soul, there is nothing quite like being on top of a mountain looking at the wonderous views that nature provides you with or standing by a river that you’ve trekked miles to get to and knowing you are the only one there.

Yes, hiking is the ultimate outdoor feast for your soul. And what is the most important thing when considering hiking? You got it, the boots you wear.

Timberland has always been a reputable company, they design not only boots that are crafted from the best materials, but their stylish look makes them that bit more appealing than other brands. Whenever I've thought about the Timberland brand, I've always thought of the outdoors, the rough terrain, and the open air, and I suppose this is what they are wanting, their brand represents their views on the outdoors.

The sturdy outsole to combat harsh terrain, the cushioned collar and tongue to provide further comfort, and the excellent leather on the body of the boot for comfort and flexibility - they are a great bootmaker, there is no doubt.

And on that note, let's talk about the Timberland Euro Hiker boots. Made with premium leather and rugged CORDURA fabric, these Timberland boots are not only designed to battle the elements of the outdoors, but they are superbly stylish too.
Timberland Euro Hiker Hiking Boots Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Premium leather and CORDURA fabric

Steel shank for arch support

Recycled rubber outsole


The shaft is low, so if you require more support then a taller shaft may suit

Not completely waterproof

Key Features


Support for your feet is a major factor when looking at any hiking boots, without the support there is simply no point in buying them.

The Timberland Euro Hikers are full of support starting at the top, the collar and tongue are lined with cushioning for support around the ankle. The EVA midsole provides comfort for the foot and shock absorption, along with a nice lightweight feel.

These boots also are made with a steel shank for arch support. Whether you’re on flat terrain or stretching out over boulders, your feet are going to be well taken care of in the Euro Hikers.


Timberland boots always tick the box when it comes to design, and the Euro Hikers definitely fall under that category. Made with premium leather, they are not only comfortable and flexible, but they also have a smooth finish.

The outsole on these boots is one of my favorite features; made from recycled rubber, they have a small heel for a lift and a generous tread for traction.

The cushioned EVA midsole is the perfect inner for hiking boots that you plan to get your money out of and wear until they drop off your feet. The laces and eyelets are tough and strong, ideal for any sturdy adventure.

Along with the features mentioned, these boots have the Timberland logo imprinted along the side and they feature the name on the tongue.


You're probably aware by now that the Timberland Euro Hikers are great for durability. The outsole and midsole will see you through tougher terrain with comfort. The outsole is designed with great traction, allowing you to adventure into harsher territories and doing it with ease. There is a generous amount of outsole and being made from rubber, it means they won’t wear down easily.

The premium leather body of the boot is also a material that won’t weather easily, it will not only keep your feet warm and allow them to move, but it is a material known for its durability.


If you've got this far reading about the quality of these boots, the materials used, and the brand itself, and you expect the price to be pennies, well you're wrong. Timberland is a reputable brand known for its craftsmanship, innovation, and stylish designs. They are priced fairly for what you are buying.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Boots

If you aren't sold on the Euro Hiker, then perhaps something like the Timberland PRO Euro Hiker, equally well crafted and built for durability. The PRO Euro Hiker offers a waterproof premium leather and nylon upper, Anti-Fatigue Technology Polyurethane footbed, and mesh lining for breathability and comfort. The only apparent difference is the design.

These boots are, in my opinion, more suited for the sole purpose of hiking. The Euro Hikers have the versatility aspect.


Honestly, Timberlands are wonderful craft makers in their field, but you either like them or you don’t, and I am team Timberland. I find it inarguable that the Euro Hikers would be a brilliant purchase for anyone setting foot on the trails or as a casual boot to dress up an outfit.

The Timberland Euro Hiker boots ooze style and with the benefit of comfort, they are a boot well worth the money. The leather finish is an attractive feature. The heel is another feature that I think makes these boots that bit more appealing as they can offer a lift and again, a little more comfort.

These boots are an all-rounder, you will most definitely get your use out of them, and I should say, over years.