Timberland Earthkeepers Boots

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Timberland Earthkeepers 6” boot embodies all the quality craftsmanship expected from Timberland and, being their flagship boot, they have all the original attributes that consumers love to see: full-grain leather, removable anti-fatigue footbed, Gripstick rubber outsole, and the Timberland logo to show you are wearing a well established and popular brand.

Yes, the Timberland Earthkeepers is a firm favorite. The cut is stylish, the design is fresh and versatile, and the materials are quality.

They are well worth looking further into and considering for a casual boot or even a working boot if you would wish to put them through their paces.
Timberland Earthkeepers Boots Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Sturdy and durable

Removable anti-fatigue footbed

Hard wearing leather welt


Sizing can be a little odd

Key Features


It's got to be one of the most important factors when purchasing a new pair of boots. These Timberland boots are designed to provide excellent comfort. With Anti-Fatigue Technology, they will be a pleasure to have on for people who spend a lot of their time on their feet. It also gives added cushioning which is a welcomed feature.

The full-grain leather is a soft and breathable material, as well as being flexible. The more worn they become, the better the leather shall look.

Rubber outsoles always provide two things; flexibility and durability. There is no doubt that the Timberland Earthkeepers are a 9/10 if not a 10 when it comes to comfort.


No one wants to buy a pair of boots and then within 6 months have to buy another pair because they're falling apart or aren't performing how they should be. Timberland pride itself on making their boots with the best quality materials.

The full-grain leather used on the Earthkeepers gives them a beautiful finish, which will only look better with wear, and the leather will be a material that lasts a lifetime. It's strong, durable, and can withstand a small amount of water.

The Gripstick Rubber outsole is not only great for traction on wet and dry surfaces, but it will also protect from abrasions. The laces are made of 100% cotton, another sturdy material that will stay tied for longer - let's be honest there is nothing more frustrating than when your laces constantly become untied and you must keep stopping.

The Timberland Earthkeepers are also made with a leather welt, another key attribute showing the quality craftmanship used to make this model.


We are human, are we not? So being truthful, we judge with our eyes first before we are given all the facts. The Timberland Earthkeepers are an attractive pair of boots. The leather, as I previously mentioned, will get better with seasons of wear. Leather is always a good option for boots as it’s a versatile material that suits most outfits.

The shaft stands at 6”, a nice height for a casual boot, they offer good support to the ankle and will keep heat in. They also fashion a small heel and platform that will give a nice lift and a more comfortable ride. They also are designed with anti-fatigue technology, ideal for anyone wanting to wear these boots all day.

The Timberlands are eco-friendly, allowing you to reduce your environmental footprint. The material used on these shoes is made from PET recycled bottles, a welcome change to many synthetic materials used for many products today.


Timberland has been a brand that has been around for more than 40 years and has a solid reputation for its craftsmanship and design. They bring premium footwear to the field and do it with style and quality materials, so it's no surprise that they carry a decent price with them.

Now if you have ever read any of my previous reviews, you will know that I live by the term 'quality is worth paying for'.

Materials such as leather, rubber, cotton are more expensive because they last longer. You would be a fool to think of purchasing a pair of boots at a cheap price and expect them to last years.

Comparison to Similar Boots

If the Timberland brand or the style of the Earthkeepers just don't appeal to you, then maybe the Kodiak 6" McKinney Soft Toe would be more suited to you. These boots have a waterproof leather upper and the collar is designed with padded support.

The Kodiak is similar in price to the Earthkeepers, but the finish is slightly different, and they are more industrial.


I've always been a lover of the Timberlands. They are great after years of wearing and offer support where needed. I'm not swayed by the price as the quality of the materials is well worth the price you pay. The anti-fatigue footbeds help your feet stay comfortable throughout the day. I can't lie though, I am also a fan of the Kodiak's, they too are stylish and offer the same great quality features as the Earthkeepers.

It’s a difficult choice, but before you purchase any boot, make sure you browse the market. Be confident in the choice you make and my advice, spend that little bit more and get more for your money.