Men’s Timberland PRO® Boondock 6″ Comp Toe Work Boots

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Editor’s Conclusion
Have you ever had a pair of work boots that weren’t comfortable? That didn’t perform well and didn’t protect you enough? I’ve never purchased a pair of Timberlands that have been uncomfortable or that haven’t delivered on my expectations.

Let’s take a look at the Pro Boondocks, I can guarantee you’ll be as utterly as impressed as I was!
Men’s Timberland PRO® Boondock 6″ Comp Toe Work Boots Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Meet safety standards

Anti-fatigue technology


Questionable length of lasting time

Fit on the large size

Key Features


Comfort is key, without your boots being comfortable, you are quickly going to wish you hadn't purchased them. Starting from the top, the Pro Boondock's have a plush padded collar to give not only support to the ankle but provide a nice cushion.

They are designed with Anti-fatigue technology to help give a better return of energy and to help with shock absorption, the Pro Boondocks has a great comfort system in place. The TPU sole is flexible and the ideal outsole so provides you with not only great traction but a comfortable stride too.


The Pro Boondocks has a great amount of protection to offer. The safety toe cap is lightweight, non-metallic, and ready to stop any nasty accidents from happening. It complies with US and Canadian standards which surely puts your mind at ease.

Another feature the Boondocks benefit from is the Electrical Hazard protection technology they have, this provides underfoot protection from live electrical circuits, energized conductors, and apparatus, bonus yeah?

They also have antimicrobial odor control, not a protective feature for your feet, but definitely for your nose.


Durability is one feature that needs to be considered when you're buying your work boots. The Pro Boondocks are made with ever-guard leather, a highly abrasion-resistant leather - an ideal aid that enhances durability for these work boots.

Another asset is the waterproof membrane that these boots have. They aren’t just waterproof and repel water but they also have the added benefit of being blood-borne pathogen resistant too, giving them that bit more durability towards the more extreme elements you might face on the job.


The Timberland Pro Boondock’s have an all-weather TPU outsole, specifically designed to maintain flexibility in a variety of weathers. It will give you the stability and support you require whilst also providing enhanced traction on both wet and dry surfaces. It's also slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant, so it's an awesome outsole.


The waterproof leather doesn’t only give these boots a nice look, but it also repels moisture, a welcomed feature for when your feet start to sweat, or you come across different climates. I've already mentioned the padded collar, but I think it may be wise to also point out that these boots benefit from having a rigid external heel cup for stability and a fibreglass shank for structural support.


These boots have that worn leather look and a distinguished back heel as well as toe cap that sports the technology and the Timberland logo.

Comparison to Similar Boots

Engelbert Strauss o2 Themisto – Made by a German company, the o2 Themisto work boots are a force to be reckoned with. They offer a Biocage intermediate sole, heat resistance, flexible and breathable nubuck leather, and have the added benefit of using dryplexx membrane for enhanced breathability. They also are slightly cheaper than the Timberlands, a definite contender in the work boot field.

Apache Ranger – If you're not wanting to spend that much on your work boots but still want to have quality, then this model may be right up your street. A fraction of the price of the others, the Apache Ranger safety boots are a good option. They are made with full-grain leather, have a PU outsole and steel midsole protection. They also benefit from being waterproof, not a bad boot for the price.


I can’t fault the Timberland brand, I said it earlier, for me they have always delivered. The Pro Boondock work boots have all the technologies that you need to work on-site and more, they are stylish and certainly worth the money.

My only concern is whether they would last as long as other styles of Timberlands. If they don't, then Timberland is a great brand for customer service but I'd be surprised if it got to this, you also have a 30-day guarantee to fall back on should you need it.

Saying that, I would be shocked if you found much wrong with these boots, performance has always been a key player in Timberland's designs and the Pro Boondock’s are no different.