Timberland Killington Oxford Review

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We have all seen or at least heard of Timberland’s iconic yellow waterproof boots. Since its appearance in 1973, this 6” boot has taken off as a style icon and has become the basis of Timberland.  This enduring appeal started a revolution in the shoe business. Many other brands tried to copy the model, but none managed to match up to its timeless look and simplicity. Following the massive popularity of its outdoor footwear, the Timberland brand started manufacturing modern, dressy shoes for the classy men. Part of this expansion and our main topic of the day is the Killington Oxford model.

Featuring a sleek and athletic design, the Timberland Killington Oxford is regarded as one of the most impressive styles of the brand. We can all agree that this model fits in today’s trends. Not only does it have a versatile look that goes well with almost any ensemble, but it is comfortable and pretty flexible too. Ideal for work or a night out in the town, the Killington Oxford will keep its comfort levels high even after extended wear. If you are curious to find out more about the on-trend design, stay tuned for the full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile, stylish design
  • Wallet-friendly price
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent breathability
  • Great selection in colors
  • Gets dirty easily
  • Long break-in period


One of the most praised qualities of the Timberland trendy design is precisely the combination of mesh and leather upper, that not only reduces the model’s weight, but it also helps the shoe to breathe well. Featuring 50% recycled PET mesh lining for climate control, this sleek model keeps your feet cool and dry throughout the entire time. The OrthoLite footbed, in addition, enhances all-day comfort and support, while providing a cool and healthy environment for your feet.


When it comes to comfort, we came across mixed reviews from customers. Many wearers agreed in the high levels of comfort, however, there were some negative comments about the initial stage of wear. According to some, the pair of Killington Oxford is not as comfortable for the first couple of weeks, until they are broken into. The leather seems to be slightly stiff, and it may cause irritation on the ankles for the first few days. After that challenging phase is over, your feet are surrounded in excellent cushioning and comfort. They might even become one of the most comfortable and professional shoes you have ever bought for work!

Some customers noticed that the collar rubbed on their ankles and caused them blisters. Others had no such problems. Many wearers who are on their feet for long hours recommend the Timberland Killington Oxford style to prevent backaches caused by standing for an extended period of time. This is due to the superior cushioning provided by the OrthoLite footbed, which also creates a healthy environment for your feet. The amount of cushioning in this model by Timberland has worked for some to relieve stress and pain from their lower back.


You can find the Timberland Killington Oxford design in both men and women sizes. Men can choose from a size range 7 to 13, while women have the option to get sizes 7 to 12 US both in medium width. Many customers agreed that this model by Timberland runs true to size. However, there were some that complained about the narrow fit of the design, despite its lightweight and comfort. According to reviewers, the model has a narrow toe area and also rubs against the heel. So, for all of you with wide feet, you may want to pay special attention when choosing a pair. It is recommended that you try a half size up for a better fit. For the rest, if you want to keep your foot locked in a snug fit, the Killington Oxford design features a lace-up closure with durable rope laces. This can help you customize the fit to your preferred tightness.


The SensorFlex™ technology is Timberlands baby. It is a comfort system that they spent decades on perfecting it, and they have certainly a reason to be very proud of it. What it does for the Timberland Killington Oxford is considered to be the vital part of the model. SensorFlex technology is a complex innovation that consists of three parts: stability, comfort, and traction. While the firm upper ensures stability and support, the second layer delivers ample underfoot support and works as an excellent shock absorbent.

All parts work together to provide great flexibility for a smooth ride on any type of terrain. Equipped with a suspension system, this pair of Oxford’s flex with each step to create a softer ride and long-lasting comfort. Timberland’s goal was to apply the best possible qualities to a shoe that will not only perform well but will look stylish too. The SensorFlex comfort system is also seamless so you won’t be able to notice anything but the chic, classic design of your Killington Oxford.


Timberland is a proud manufacturer of styles that provide ultimate all-day comfort and support. When it comes to their insoles, they hardly make any mistakes. This time around we are talking about the use of an eco-friendly OrthoLite® PU footbed made from 5% recycled rubber. This open-cell foam insole is very lightweight and highly breathable. It is possibly one of the best insoles on the market right now. It is famous for the ability to compress 5% less than traditional foams, so not only does it absorb shock, but its fit, cushioning, performance and comfort remain the same throughout the whole time. The OrthoLite insole also has a moisture control system with antimicrobial treatment. Therefore, you can rest assured your feet will remain cool, dry and odor free, wrapped in a nice and healthy environment.

Key Features

The model consists of many unique parts. Starting from the premium leather from LWG silver-rated tannery overlaid on recycled mesh material, the upper does not only bring about the classy look of the Killington Oxford, but it plays a crucial role to support the foot, keep the design durable and maintain all-day freshness. On the inside, the foot is surrounded with comfort, cushioning and support. First, there is the mesh lining, made of 50% PET recycled materials, which regulates temperature and breathability. Second, the highly popular Ortholite footbed that maintains an odor-free environment for all-day comfort, freshness, and support.

A vital part of the Killington Oxford model is the SensorFlex technology that delivers underfoot support and flexibility and traction. The bottom features a durable outsole made of 34% recycled rubber that has decent traction on hard and smooth surfaces. Weighing approximately 230 grams, this model classifies as a super lightweight shoe, which means it can be worn for an extended period of time while ensuring great comfort levels throughout the day.


Timberland’s Oxfords collection consists of many rugged waterproof leather boots and casual models in leather and mesh. With this collection Timberland achieved to balance form and function, creating pieces that are perfect in both comfort and style.

The outsole of the Timberland Killington Oxford is durable and made of 34% recycled rubber and doesn’t differ much from the Killington Super Oxford design. The dynamic SensorFlex™ technology is in charge of creating superb support, suspension and flexibility on any type of terrain and weather conditions. According to some customers, the sole still has its grip even after a few months of wear. Thanks to this SensorFlex technology in the sole, one is confident to walk in comfort all day long.


The Killington Oxford by Timberland brings footwear to the next level. If you are looking for style, support, comfort, and lightweight feel, this model ticks all the boxes. It is quite possible that you may forget you have shoes on thanks to the superior comfort it provides. But that’s not all! This model features an athletic and sleek design, making the Timberland Killington Oxford shoe the perfect wardrobe staple. The upper features a combination of leather accents that give that luxurious vibe to the overall design, while the mesh on the other hand, gives the model a refreshing touch.

The Killington Oxford by Timberland is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down and worn for any occasion whether that may be for the office, clubbing, after work parties or coffee time with your friends. This on-trend design can be easily paired with jeans, pants or shorts, while women can style the Killington Oxford with leggings, skirts or shirt dresses. On a hot summer day, this model looks great with shorts and a polo. The color palettes work wonderful together, and they make a perfect blend with shades of blue, aqua and white. With a perfect combination of dressy and casual, you can not go wrong in adding just a little bit of class and style to your outfit. We all appreciate a stylish and a versatile sneaker at an affordable price too!


Many people with flat feet avoid sneakers because they often don’t have the foot support they need. However, this is not the case with Killington Oxford. According to a number of buyers they have proven to be very comfortable for walking around all day or standing on their feet for long hours at work.
Due to the SensorFlex technology, the Killington Oxford model by Timberland offers excellent underfoot support and ample flexibility. This ensures for a smooth ride over any type of terrain. In addition, the durable, abrasion-resistant upper also provides support to the foot, while on the inside the OrthoLite insole ensures all-day cushioning and support.


Possibly the best feature of this model is the abrasion-resistant upper, made of mesh in combination with leather that gives the design a sporty, yet luxury vibe. The premium leather is Leather Working Group (LWG) Silver-rated tannery, while for the knitted mesh Timberland uses their proprietary ReBotl material. This material uses recycled material created using discarded plastic bottles making the Killington Oxford desirable amongst eco-conscious customers. Some reviewers reported that the upper gets dirty fairly quickly, but it is easy to maintain clean with a soft, damp cloth.

This model uses a lace-up closure, making it easy to self-adjust to preferred tightness. The logo is placed at the back, and there is minimal branding on the tongue. There is a pull-on tab at the back of the heel, which makes it easy to put the shoe on. On the inside, the design features a 50% recycled PET lining, which is also comfortable, breathable and environmentally conscious. Moreover, the upper is the main culprit of the design, making the Killington Oxford style a perfect combination between casual, sporty and classy.

Bottom Line

Overall, we can all agree that the Killington Oxford style by Timberland is here to stay. It has quickly become a staple thanks to its casual and trendy design. The combination of mesh and premium leather works perfectly for those seeking both class and comfort. This on-trend design can be easily dressed up or down and makes an ideal choice for work, a night on the town or for the busy city streets.

Timberland applied some of its technology to ensure smooth stride, long-lasting comfort, and support. Many Timberland fans agreed that this Oxford model works great for all-day use. Some reviewers experienced issues during the break-in period, but once it was broken into, the Killington Oxford didn’t strain their feet.

Many buyers are familiar with Timberlands technology and recycled materials, and they consider this pair to be an excellent combination of all. The recycled rubber sole is durable and provides ample flexibility and a decent grip while the 100% PET lining ensures breathability and regulates temperature. Moreover, the OrthoLite insole adds to the comfort and support while controlling moisture and creating a healthy surrounding for the feet. All of these features are highly beneficial to the feet as well as to the environment. With an affordable price and comfort like the one Killington’s Oxford delivers, many Timberland fans will be well pleased.