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Do you want the classic style of a boat shoe? Do you require the protection and support of a work boot? If your answer to both of these questions was yes, then you might want to take a look at the Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye boat shoes. They have a stylish look that can fit in almost anywhere, but they have the outsole and construction of a pair of great work boots. The thick lugged outsole will help you keep quite the grip on most surfaces, making them an excellent fit for the work site or a trek in the woods. They have a 360-degree lacing system to give you a secure, locked-in fit to ensure you will have the support that you need while you are out. One of the best parts about them is that they are utterly comfortable with two layers of foam in the midsole that sit under a leather lining to give you an all-around pleasant experience. Don't let the moderate price tag scare you away; they are actually a pretty decent value, as they are incredibly durable and will not need to be replaced for quite a while. If you want style and function, then these might be the perfect pair of shoes for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Highly durable
Incredible comfort level
Supportive and Secure
Great protection
Fantastic traction


A bit on the heavy side
Moderate price tag


The outsole of the boat shoes is designed with deep lugs and is made out of robust rubber to ensure they are going to be extremely durable and not wear down on you too quickly. In addition to the exceptional durability, they are also going to provide you with immense traction. The grippy rubber and the deep lugs are designed to be able to keep their hold on a plethora of surfaces, keeping you upright almost anywhere you venture off to. You will not have to fear to slip and to fall in these great Timberland's as they will being able to keep you upright throughout the day. Don't let the overall design of the shoes fool you. They might look like a boat shoe, but they have the same outsole that you will find in workboots.


The Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye's have a leather-covered footbed with light padding underneath, giving you a reasonably comfortable feeling under your feet while you are out walking around. Under the leather lining sits a midsole that is made out of a full-length EVA foam insert as well as an additional layer of Poron foam located under the forefront for a little extra cushioning at the front of the shoes. The Poron foam, unlike the rest of the EVA, is designed to keep its original form, no matter how many times you wear the shoes. They will let your feet sink in and cradle your feet, but will always bounce back after you take them off, going to back to their shape, helping prevent them from losing their cushioning and keeping you comfortable for much longer. Unfortunately, the Poron is only located in under the front of your foot so you may run the risk of the foam under your heels molding to your foot shape and eventually losing a good portion of the padding there. If you find that they do not have a good enough insole for your wants or needs, you can always choose to purchase an insole of your choice and place it inside of them, giving you greater comfort, although most consumers will not need to do this as they seem to be just fine right out of the box.


The uppers of the Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye's are made out of premium full-grain oiled leather to deliver you a comfortable and durable pair of footwear. They are designed to resist against abrasions, protecting both your shoes and your feet from injury while you are hitting the trails or walking to work. They have a handcrafted look to them thanks to the handsewn construction that has contrasting stitching for an appealing look. The three eyelets are made out of corrosion resistant materials so they will last just as long as your boots will. They have a functional 360-degree lacing system with rawhide laces to give you a locked-in and secure feeling. Finishing off the uppers is a cushioned collar which will help prevent rubbing and blisters on your feet and increasing your overall comfort level.


The Earthkeeps have an internal lining that is made of a combination of both leather and other synthetic materials to give you a soft and well-ventilated feeling on your feet. It may not seem very important, but ensuring your shoes allow for a decent amount of air flow can be crucial to your overall experience while wearing them. This product is going to help keep your feet fresh while you are walking, especially on warmer days or you are hitting the trails for the day. You will not have to worry about overheating because your shoes could not keep you cool. Additionally, it will help keep you relatively dry, allowing the sweat to escape the foot chamber which can also help reduce the risk of odor-causing bacteria.


One of the biggest downfalls of the Timberlands is that they are cumbersome, being comparable to a pair of work boots and definitely weighing more than other boat shoes on the market. They come in at a whopping one pound and eight ounces. This is for a single shoe, not both of them, and is based on a men's size 13 medium. Keep in mind that the weight will differ depending on the size you order.

It is to be expected that they have some weight on them, however, because of everything that they offer you. The thick and robust outsole is lugged and can give you excellent traction for trekking through the woods or hitting the streets. That much rubber in the sole is going to provide you with superior functionality, but it comes with the price of adding a decent amount of weight to them. Customers do not seem to have too much of a problem with the weight, but it is worth noting that they are on the heavy side when compared to similar products.


One thing that these Timberlands do well is offer you an immense amount of support. You need that is this type of footwear as you need to know that your feet are going to be safe and secure while you are hitting the trails or going to the job site. They may not be work boots, but they are going to offer you almost as much support and protection as a pair might. They have a 360-degree lacing system that will not only tighten the laces at the top of your foot, but it also comes around and circles your heel, locking you in all the way around. The rawhide laces are, so they will not snap as you tighten them up and secure yourself in the foot chamber.

Arch support is pretty spot on with the Earthkeepers as well. The cushioned midsole can give you a decent amount of cushioning under your arches. If you purchase the product and find that it is just not suitable enough for you and you require more padding, you can always add an insole to give you what you need. The majority of consumers, however, are not going to need to take this extra step as they are adequate right out of the box.


When you are going to be walking around all day, whether on the city streets or a wooded path, you want to try to make sure that your footwear of choice is going to be comfortable so your feet will no hate you at the end of the day. Thankfully, these are going to provide you with just the right amount of comfort to keep you satisfied with your adventures. They have a lightly padded footbed that is covered in leather and a soft interior liner to give you an all-around pleasing in-shoe experience while you are walking. The padded collar is going to help alleviate any kind of discomfort you might experience while you are out and about, helping prevent irritating rubbing against your skin which can lead to painful blisters. The excellent ventilation of the shoes will help with climate control in the foot chamber and keep you nice and fresh all day long, and the sole has a decent amount of flexibility so you won't feel like your movements are being restricted. Everything about these boat shoes is designed to keep your feet happy and prevent discomfort while you are in them.


At first glance, you might not expect these Timberlands to be flexible, but they actually offer a decent amount of flex so you won't feel restricted with each of your steps. The sturdy sole will bend easily with your steps, giving you a more natural and freeing feel when you step.


The Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye's are incredibly durable, not falling apart quickly at all. The sturdy leather upper and exceptional rubber sole will last you quite a while and will not fall apart prematurely. The uppers are stitched right into the leather midsole, and that is cemented into the outsole. They are help together in more than one way, keeping them from falling apart at the seems. No matter what you are doing while wearing them, you can rest easy knowing that they can take quite a bit of abuse. They are designed for those who work hard, and they will work just as hard.


When you're shopping around for something to wear on your feet, you want to try to make sure that you are getting a decent deal. You are going to be spending your well-earned money on a product, so you want to ensure that you are getting your monies worth out of them. The Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye's have a moderate price tag that may seem a bit steep at first, but it is actually not that bad, all things considered. As mentioned above, they are exceptionally durable, so you are not going to have to replace them for a while. They are going to part of your shoe closet for quite some time. This is going to make them a pretty decent investment and will ultimately save you some money in the long run. Customers do not seem to regret their decision to spend the little extra cash up front for a superior product.


If you want the most out of your footwear, it is crucial that you get the correct size for the perfect fit. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to figure out what you should order when you are purchasing online, but you can always take a quick peek at a sizing chart to help you decide what is going to be the best option for you.

The Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye boat shoes are running true to size so that is going to help make your choice easier as you will just have to pick what you would typically wear and all should be clear. They are available in sizes eight through eleven, including half sizes but much to the dismay of some people, they are not available in wide widths.


The Timberlands bring you the look of a boat shoe with the functionality of a work boot, blending both style and protection into one fantastic product. They have a handsewn construction with contrasting stitching to give them the illusion of being handcrafted. They do have rawhide laces that not only lace up the front of the shoe but also wrap around the back of the heel, giving you the security you desire while adding to the overall aesthetics. There are not a lot of color options to choose from so you are stuck with what you can get, although that does not deter customers from flocking to them and falling in love. They have the iconic Timberland logo stamped on the side, finishing off the look.

Bottom Line

If you want the classic style of a boat shoe with the protection and support from a work boot them the Timberland Earthkeepers 3 Eye's might be the perfect choice for you. They have a fantastic outsole that will give you exceptional traction and incredible durability throughout your adventure. They have a rather comfortable midsole, and the leather of the uppers hug your feet and feel great. Whether you are hitting the trails or walking around the city, these shoes are going to be both functional and stylish.