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UGG brand has prided themselves on using the best materials and possessing an unwavering attitude towards quality and craftsmanship. All of their materials are vigilantly selected and masterfully crafted with elegant precision. This mastery and signature wearing-experience, paired with the West Coast style, put one in mind of the relaxed captivation and ease of California.

The Sammy Chevron is jaunty yet charming for all of your casual outings. These shoes feature a HyperWeave chevron knit upper with a round toe. Goring in the shoe upper allows easier slipping on and off. The lining is a soft and breathable leather. The shoe is ultra cushioned with a PORON and EVA insole that offers ultimate shock absorption, providing all day comfort. The outsole is a durable rubber with leather overlay.

UGG’s best-selling Sammy sneaker is back in a new, trendy chevron pattern. It delivers a positively weightless and well-ventilated experience. The Sammy Chevron sneaker is perfect for everyday wear and can pair well with anything in your wardrobe.  

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Casual yet versatile
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • No ankle support
  • Not waterproof


The UGG brand was founded on the shores of Southern California by a young Australian surfer in 1978. Thanks to his Aussie roots, he had a strong love for sheepskin. He was determined that the rest of the world would share his feelings one day. The UGG brand had started gaining momentum by the mid-1980s with surf shops up and down the coast, becoming a symbol of relaxed southern California culture. Oprah declared in 2000 that UGG was one of her favorite things. UGG then gifted 350 pairs of boots to Oprah’s studio audience.

During the early 2000s, UGG dove right into the New York Fashion world and turned heads by evolving from boots and slippers to trendy luxurious footwear that blessed the pages of Vogue. When UGG debuted their baby blue and pink classic boots in 2003, they were an instant success. The brand exploded overnight because this was the first time ever that the iconic boot was available in pastel hues. In 2006, the brand’s first retail store opened up in Soho, joining in the fashion capital of the world. New York ended up being the perfect place to provide fans with a powerful physical expression of their favorite products and offering a hands-on experience of the full breadth of the line.

A notable feature of UGG’s website: When you are looking at an item on the website, there is a button that says “Find Your True Fit”. If you click on that, it takes you to another window. Click “Get Started”. The tool will then ask you a series of questions, and in about 60 seconds you will be provided with your suggested shoe size.


The Sammy Chevron sneaker features a PORON insole. This is an open cell urethane with an unbelievably amazing feel that helps prevent calluses. The insole provides stellar, long-term cushioning and shock absorbency. PORON does not compress or break down quickly and is generally durable for the life of the product it is adhered to. Orthotic devices have never seen the level of comfort that PORON provides because of its flexibility, lightweight feel, and smooth material. Since PORON is open cell material, it is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry and cool.

This insole provides an outstanding degree of shock absorption and consistently beats competition to offer the best cushioning and impact absorption. Because of all of these characteristics, PORON insoles are perfect for people who suffer from foot conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. The insole alone offers so many positive features that make these shoes worth a little extra cash. You’ll be able to rock you UGG’s all day without worrying about being distracted by throbbing, uncomfortable, hot feet.


This shoe was designed with breathability at the forefront of the plan, it seems. From top to bottom, you won’t feel constrained or suffocated in these shoes. The industry-leading HyperWeave knit upper combines smooth cotton with nylon to maximize breathability without forfeiting durability or flexibility. The inner lining of the Sammy Chevron is leather. Leather permits air flow, which lets moisture evaporate, allowing your foot to breathe.

Leather is the only lining material that can boast about being able to absorb up to three times its own weight in water. Leather is superior to other high-tech materials because it contains tiny fibres and open pores. People who have sweaty feet should closely consider purchasing shoes with leather lining. Leather lining is also optimal for going barefoot in shoes in the summertime. Lastly, we have the PORON insole. It is open cell material, so it is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry and cool. It’s safe to say that with the upper material, lining, and insole, the Sammy Chevron sneakers pass the test for breathability.

Animal Welfare

Sheepskin is a staple tool for UGG. Just like leather is the treated hide of a cow, sheepskin is the treated hide of a sheep. There are sheep that are raised for their wool and sheep that are raised for food. UGG only sources those that were raised for food. For the farmer, about 90% of the sheep’s value comes from selling the meat, leaving less than 10% for the sheepskin itself. UGG insists that suppliers verify that the sheepskin comes from sheep that have no been mulesed. Mulesing is the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the buttocks of a sheep.

UGG will only source sheepskin from Australia, the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Spain. This is because these countries regulate the treatment of animals. UGG brand does not raise sheep and they will only buy from those suppliers who comply with their strict animal welfare policy, which can be found on their website, and use humane animal treatment in order to prevent animal abuse and cruelty.


The Sammy Chevron shoes are so brilliantly and beautifully, simply sophisticated. Every single color pops-from the sole, to the stitching, to the upper, to the heel support-in beautiful contrast. That rings true in all 3 color options available. The design is so chic yet casual that you can wear them to so many different occasions and environments. The color of the rubber sole goes beautifully with the rest of the shoe, and it is not too thin or too thick. It is proportional to the rest of the shoe.

The flawless stitching is in high contrast to the rubber and fabric, making the perfection much more noticeable. The knitted upper is gorgeous in so many ways. Not only is the color flawlessly simple, but the gaps in the weave are perfectly spaced, and the chevron pattern is absolutely stunning in the most subtle way. The heel support being the same color as the trim is also a gloriously attractive detail. This shoe is the absolute definition of the perfect trendy, casual, comfortable footwear.


The Sammy Chevron shoe has rubber soles. Rubber soles are exponentially more comfortable and flexible than leather soles. They are also thicker and made for exploring and adventuring. Some people prefer leather soles when walking indoors. They also like that they allow your feet to breathe. But then again, a pair of rubber-soled shoes are versatile enough to wear in all seasons. Rubber soles come in handy when you’re walking on wet roads or snow-covered sidewalks because they provide much better traction on wet surfaces. The chance of slipping is greatly reduced with rubber soles. Rubber soled shoes are economical and practical, making them an excellent choice for footwear.

However, rubber does not breathe as well as other materials. Thankfully, the Sammy Chevron shoe has many other breathable features. Some people prefer leather soles because they aren’t as thick and are more classic. Eventually, you may need to resole your shoes, which may require you to send them back to the manufacturers, or you may not be able to resole them at all. This isn’t that big of a deal though because it should take years to wear out rubber soles.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can wear wherever, whenever, then you should consider going with rubber soles.


The upper of the Sammy Chevron sneaker is HyperWeave knit. It is a blend of cotton and nylon that offers unbeatable breathability, durability, flexibility, quick dry time, and feather-light weight. There is virtually no break in time with this material. Athletes rave over the support and protection they get from knitted sneakers that feel more like a lightweight sock than a shoe. You get to combine the comfort and responsiveness of playing barefoot with the protection of a traditional shoe design.

Knitted shoes are aesthetically pleasing because designers are able to utilize more creative approaches to textures, patterns, and colors. This makes it more possible to embrace today’s trends. One of the biggest advantages to knitted footwear is that is dramatically reducing the footwear industry’s carbon footprint. Because it is knitted instead of sewn, there is almost no wasted material. The ability to knit the fabric to increase structure in certain areas and reduce it in others is such a desirable characteristic because it leads to way more comfortable, secure, and flexible shoes.


Having a lightweight shoe in your closet is ideal. There are so many benefits to wearing lightweight shoes. The Sammy Chevron only weighs 8 oz because of the materials it is made out of. Thanks to the shoe construction, they are much more breathable. And, although these shoes don’t provide ankle support, they do provide support for the soles, ball, and heel of your feet by being flexible and durable. They will also be more comfortable for walking and running.

This is one lightweight shoe that you absolutely do not have to sacrifice one shred of style for. With these lightweight shoes, they have a modern style that can accompany any wardrobe choice and give you the freedom to be more active throughout the day. No one wants to walk miles in heavy shoes. Having lighter shoes will cause less pain and strain and discomfort when you’re in them for longer periods of time. It is more than worth the investment for a high quality lightweight shoe. Your feet and, ultimately, your body will thank you!

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the intricately simple beauty of the design of these shoes is just about enough to justify the price tag all by itself. Who knew a shoe could be so subtly stunning? The Sammy Chevron shoe is a delicious combination of trendy fashion mixed with casual comfort that can be worn for just about any occasion with just about any attire. These shoes are also worth the money for other reasons though! Don’t forget that these shoes are focused on breathability, comfort, versatility, durability, and flexibility too. There truly is not a whole lot left to be desired from these shoes.

Yes, they could use some ankle support, but some people prefer this style that doesn’t reach your ankle. No, they aren’t waterproof, but some people wear specific shoes knowing they won’t be going near snow or water. You can always wear boots on your way to your destination and keep your Sammy’s in the car for when you arrive, if you’re going somewhere dry or indoors. There’s no denying that these shoes are a thing of beauty and mastery. If they fit what you’re looking for, they are worth a shot!