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Columbia prides itself in keeping those who love the outdoors the most where they feel at home, outdoors. Their rough-and-tumble products and weather-specific gear meet the mark for those looking for a shoe that is perfect for their lifestyles. Since 1938, Columbia has crafted outdoor wear that revolutionizes the market. This sporty hiking shoe sums up the kind of footwear expected from Columbia. Waterproof and light, the Crestwood is a durable option for those who can’t seem to keep off the trails. Techlite in the midsole and fantastic traction complement each other on this practical pair from Columbia.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Durable Material
  • All-Terrain Traction
  • Techlite Midsole
  • Highly Responsive
  • Inconsistent Quality
  • Inconsistent Sizing


While this shoe utilizes a waterproofed suede and mesh upper, designed to wick moisture and keep the foot cool, some reviewers felt it held in heat. It is hard to say if this shoe was effective in regulating temperatures because reviewers had used it in a variety of ways. Raves about its performance while shoveling snow makes it hard to track down how breathable this shoe really is, despite its intentions. It seemed some found it to trap heat and get too hot too fast, but there wasn’t an overwhelming number of these complaints. The shoe, however, may just be a little too full coverage to comfortably wear in the summer. If you have no previous issues with temperature regulation and you wear breathable socks, even if they’re just plain cotton, I would think these shoulds are still worth a try. If any heat retention has been an issue for you in the past or you have a tendency to get very warm very fast when engaging in activities outdoors, a lighter pick would be the superior choice.


One thing that reviewers were absolutely sold on was the comfort. The ultra-responsive midsole really delivered in terms of performance. The slight heel cup stabilizes your foot quite well. Cushioning and mesh on the upper make it feel soft and it is overall very flexible. However, this is the type of shoe that needs to be broken in. One purchaser immediately wore these on a six-mile walk and felt it was a bit excessive in their new shoes. Try these on during short leisurely wear first so that you can get a feel for them and break them in a bit. This will also help you see if the Columbia Crestwood are the right size and hiking shoe for you. Promising a cushioning experience that lasts as long as the whole shoe does, this won’t require additional insoles to feel great. One of Columbia’s greatest innovations the Techlite is well utilized in this casual hiking footwear.


Waterproof suede has really amazing longevity. This shoes upper has reinforced panels of suede coming together with mesh into a tougher-than-nails upper. The base of the shoe has a durable midsole that is encased in a rubber outsole coming up onto the toe and heel to maintain integrity in high contact areas. Beyond the outsole’s parameters, there is a toe guard that goes across the whole front and sides of the toe box. Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors understands the importance of reinforcement in these vulnerable areas. When getting leverage on an incline, that is the area that hikers are using the most. The suede overlays are waterproof to avoid staining and degradation. This is the kind of shoe a hiker can grab and just wear out the box without worry. They maintain extremely well with little to no maintenance at all.


The fit is a bit shaky with the Columbia Crestwood. It comes in both wides and regular width, and many reviewers adored that they were able to purchase it for their greater widths. Conversely, it seems that is where the agreement stopped. Some found that it was a short and narrow fit, uncomfortably pinching the sides of their feet. Others found it was too wide, whether that be an ordering error or the shoe itself, we aren’t sure. This is a very similar phenomenon as with the mixed reviews on the model of the shoe. This could also be an issue of quality control at Columbia. Disagreement on whether this Crestwood runs true-to-size, large, or narrow, remains unconfirmed. Many found sizing up a half-size was sufficient, but with so much conflict in the opinions of sizing and fit, it feels insincere to say for sure. One consistent opinion was that the tongue may be a bit narrow, so if you have a high instep, you may struggle with the tongue completely covering the top of the foot. This could possibly affect the water resistance as well.


On a hiking option, a supportive midsole is necessary. There needs to be a material that has great responsiveness without bulking up or weighing down the shoe. Techlite is used to create the coveted hiking design that you see here. The cushioning you get from Techlite midsoles is outstanding compared to competitors options. Columbia defines their greatest achievements by the technology they develop and utilize. Enhanced impact absorption is a key component of this Techlite midsole. The cushioning is incredibly light and has a seriously high level of energy return. It is easy for your muscles and legs to get exhausted well before you are on the trail. These will help prevent that half-point slump from happening. Any compression under pressure will quickly be bounced back into your step.


Columbia is a brand that is widely known for its outdoor options. A reliable source for sportswear needs, their customers expect greatness with every shoe release. Unfortunately, it seems the jury was out on whether this Columbia was up to par. Many reviewers disagreed as to what this Crestwood is capable of. Loyal customers found this model to be slightly disappointing. Some replaced aged out old pairs of hiking shoes or boots with hopes that their new footwear additions were up to snuff and were disappointed. Other reviewers thought the Crestwood was another hit from Columbia. This probably means there are some quality control issues with this model. That creates a bit of risk when looking at these for purchase. The most commonly cited problems were issues with how the shoe ran, its durability, and the quality of the laces that were included with the shoe purchase. Disagreement surrounding such important factors can make any shopper weary.

Notable Features

It was already mentioned briefly but these shoes are wonderfully waterproof. The waterproof suede works in a fantastic way to keep the wetness out. Perfect for those morning hikes with due still on the grass, or damper climates. The Techlite midsole also deserves a mention, it out-performs many other similar technologies in its same wheelhouse. Columbia’s Crestwood also benefits from its awesome Omni-grip outsole. Their toe guard looks rugged and helps the shoe protect its fabric from scuffs and tears. For the waterproofing on this Columbia Crestwood, the brand uses its Omni-Tech to create a quick-drying and resistant material for rain and wet environments. Multiple layers achieve this and to put the icing on the cake of this protected hiking style, there are sealed seams to ensure water stays out. Ensuring that nothing permeates the seams and creating this resilient fabric upper is a sure-fire method of having a dry and comfortable hiking option.


For those who love the outdoors, one lesson is learned quickly: despite the minimalist nature of nature, the gear to properly explore the world can get pretty expensive. The Crestwood is a true steal. Unless you’re buying a large outlier size like a 16, this is hands down one of the most expensive options on the market right now. It almost makes the slight inconsistencies seem much less important considering what a deal these Crestwoods are. The lightweight construction won’t weigh on your legs or your conscience considering their affordability. If you’re just getting into hiking and are new to the outdoors, this is a pair that will perform with a lot less commitment than a pair with a triple-digit price. Accessibility is always important, the more people that get to experience a worthwhile shoe, the better, and this is a price that really does make this Columbia that much more appealing.


The support on this shoe comes from the aforementioned midsole. High-energy returns on each midsole are crucial for any shoe you’re going to be active in. When hiking, you expend so much energy, and it can become extremely hard to keep pushing once you are tired. The Columbia Crestwood alleviates some of the strain and fatigue that comes with every hike. Absorbing a high level of energy reduces impact and pain on the joints. Hiking can be hard on the knees without the proper equipment. Columbia’s abundance of high-quality, innovative technology ensures that you will be able to last as long as your gear does.


Omni-grip is a fantastic feature that makes all the difference while hiking or spending time outdoors. This is a truly all-terrain hiking shoe. It may not look like much, but the Omni-grip utilizes unique methods to ensure a secure hike on absolutely all surfaces. How they do it is pretty complicated. They incorporate lugs and rubber compounds for a diverse grip experience which works with each other to grasp difference textures and surfaces. Not only will this perform on rocky and rough trails, but Omni-grip will also help you keep your footing even on sand and gravel. Yep, it even grips the loose ground. Stability when switching up terrains is guaranteed with Columbia’s Crestwood. The unique shapes and patterns on the bottom of the shoe make it optimal for wet or dry conditions. This hiking shoe can take you anywhere. If your biggest concerned is overall grip and stability, the Columbia Crestwood is a true crowd-pleaser. A grip designed for any environment often isn't found at an affordable price as with this Columbia.

Bottom Line

It isn’t every day that people go shopping for a hiking shoe. For those in the business of finding something new to wear while exploring the great outdoors, this Crestwood from Columbia is a solid option. It definitely poses some risks in terms of consistency but the overall consensus is a happy one. Omni-grip is outstanding for all types of terrain, and the light waterproof upper is great for an incredibly versatile outdoor shoe. Techlite puts a skip in the wearers step too! Though sizing can be tricky, the price is an absolute knock-out, and this Columbia deserves a fair chance at that kind of deal.