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Is there anything more stylish and versatile than a pair of ankle boots?! Ladies, you’re in for a treat with Marc Fisher’s Yale boot! It’s the perfect choice for wall and winter wear thanks to its smooth finish and adaptable design. This bootie sits just above the ankle and offers the kind of look that’s ready to take on both casual and professional occasions with ease. If you enjoy looking sophisticated without having to wear a full dress shoe than this is a great choice to consider.

Made from your choice of leather or suede and available in multiple colorways, the Yale feels like it was designed just for you. Its low-rise heel height is easy to walk on thanks to its chunky shape that lets you move more naturally than a thinly shaped spike for effortless wear. Go ahead and step right into this pair without having to worry about lacing it up because it’s a pull-on boot complete with side gore panels that keep it securely in place.

I've highlighted some of the good and the bad qualities that this pair has to offer for you to have a read through. Hopefully, it will help you to feel confident and well-informed the next time you're shopping for a fashionable pair of ankle boots. Keep reading below for a complete review of Marc Fisher LTD's Yale boot.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 1.57" Heel
  • Pull-On 
  • Rear Pull-Tab
  • Side Goring
  • Pointed Toe
  • Higher Price
  • Slippery Sole


Marc Fisher’s Yale is a stunning bootie that is perfect for both casual and professional occasions. It offers a pointed toe that helps to give the illusion of a slimmer foot and a low-rise chunky heel that’s easier to walk on. This boot has a laceless design which lets you get out the door that much faster without having to waste time with tying your shoes. Its rear pull-tab makes for effortless on-off wear and side gore panels ensure that your boots won’t slip off your feet. The Yale is a fashionable Chelsea boot that looks amazing with practically any style of clothing and makes for the perfect go-to addition to any wardrobe.


No one likes to struggle while they walk which is why Yale’s low-rise heel is just so alluring! It stands just over 1.57-inches tall and is chunky by design. Thicker heels are so much easier to walk on than their skinny counterparts and they encourage you to stride more naturally. Wearing a thin heel can alter the way you walk and eventually cause you all sorts of aches and pains. Ladies can’t stop raving about the free feeling they get while wearing these boots and are impressed with how fashionable they are despite the wider heel shape.


The Yale is made with one of two upper materials. You can choose from leather or suede which gives the ability to pick a boot that’s really suited to your tastes. A manmade outsole offers a comforting ride, though it isn’t the best in terms of traction. At the sides, gore panels help to keep this laceless pair nice and snug so they don’t accidentally slip off your feet. All around, this is an excellent combination of materials that offer an enjoyable feel.


Marc Fisher Footwear is a now infamous brand that specializes in fashionable shoes. There are two brands which operate under the Fisher name, including the Yales’s Marc Fisher LTD. This line is all about the modern woman and offers smooth, fresh, and effortlessly-chic looks. Described as being the “new casual luxe” this brand is full of styles that are perfect for both casual and professional wear.


The Yale may seem like a minimalistic pair at first glance, but it’s all in the subtle details. Take the pointed toe, for example, it adds a kind of uniqueness to this pair that makes it almost seem even more alluring. Or, the discreet metal detailing along the toe that adds an air of class to this simple physique. These finer details help to bring this pair to a crisp finish that makes them a must-have for fashionable ladies.


These booties come in a ton of different colorways and the great thing is that most are neutral shades so they’re easy to match with nearly any kind of clothing. Choose from colors like Ivory Leather, Light Brown Suede, Red Multi-Suede, and Natural Multi-Texture just to name a few. These boots are very effortless to style with any kind of wardrobe thanks to their adaptive colors that blend well with most other shades.


Is there anything more versatile than an ankle boot? I mean really, they’re just so easy to match with all of your favorite looks and best of all, they’re super comfy too! This adaptable choice of footwear can be worn for both work and casual occasions thanks to its smooth finish and professional demeanor. The low heel height lets you walk wherever you choose without causing any discomfort or difficulty.


This boot is known to fit true to size which is often hard to find in a boot, especially one with a pointed toe! Most women find that they have no issues with the fit and feel quite comfortable while they wear them. It's important that a shoe fit properly because if it's too big or small you're going to end up in a world of hurt. Whether it's pinched toes or blisters from rubbing material, if your shoes don't fit right you can expect to suffer in the long run.


One of the downsides to this pair is its price tag. Unfortunately, good things usually don’t come cheap and while it’s not insanely pricy, the Yale does cost more than your average pair. Don’t let the price tag turn you off from owning a pair though, they’re certainly a worthwhile investment that delivers in both style and wearability.


Despite the well-designed heel, this pair offers little in the way of traction. In fact, the outsole is a little bit slippery. While this is fine if you’re careful, but don’t move to fast in these because you’ll likely take a tumble. There are a couple of ways to try and tone down the slip by making them a little grippier which I’ve highlighted below.

  • You can try to scuff the soles on a hard surface which will give it better grip. Some of the best surfaces for this are concrete, rocks, and gravel. The concept behind this method is that the shoes will be less slippery once there are small marks and scuffs on the soles because they grip to the surfaces beneath you better.

  • Another handy method is to try using sandpaper to scuff the soles. This is convenient if you aren’t near any concrete or just want to be more discreet while you’re scuffing. This can be done inside your home without anyone else having to see you.

  • If all else fails, one of the easiest options is simply to use store-bought grip pads. These little pads are textured and designed specifically to help make your shoes more grippy. They’re discreet and easy to use.

Bottom Line

Ladies, if you’re in search of a trendy pair of boots for the fall and winter months then look no further! Marc Fisher’s Yale is an excellent choice that’s both stylish and practical. Designed with a low-rise chunky heel, this boot is incredibly easy to walk in and won’t cause you any troubles while you stride. A minimalistic upper with discreet detailing is what makes this a must-have choice of footwear for almost any occasion.

Marc Fisher has become a trusted name is fashion footwear over the past decade and is synonymous with casually luxe designs. Women look to this line for shoes that are ready to take on anything with ease and that’s exactly what the Yale is all about. It’s a versatile choice that can be worn with practically any style of clothing thanks to its gorgeous looks and sleek structure.

Forget about wearing those sky-high stilettos that are just so darn uncomfortable to walk in! The Yale is an easy-wearing and super comfy choice of footwear that won’t have you limping home once the day is done. In spite of it’s higher selling price, this boot is a worthwhile investment that will serve as your go-to bootie that looks good with everything in your wardrobe. The only downside to this shoe is its somewhat slippery sole, though there are some easy hacks to help them grip a little better.