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Walking in the rain without a pair of waterproof boots is just no fun at all! When the weather turns gloomy you need a boot that’s going to keep you nice and dry even during the heaviest of downpours. Jeffrey Campbell’s Cloudy boot is a versatile choice of footwear that will look good with practically anything in your wardrobe. It's made from quality materials and offers a comforting ride that most ladies felt was enjoyable to wear. An adaptable 1.75-inch chunky heel lets you walk with ease and won't cause you all sorts of aches and pains like a slender heel would. 

Jeffrey Campbell is a well-known name in fashion footwear that is synonymous with quality designs for an affordable price. With the Cloudy, Campbell promises a durable pair of boots that will keep your feet dry in both snow and rain. While it delivers nicely on the water-proofing, this pair leaves something to be desired in terms of longevity. Never the less, this pair of boots offers some excellent features that help to make it a reasonable choice.  Ladies who are shopping on a budget, but who aren't willing to sacrifice on style will love this choice that offers a trendy look and comforting feel.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lug Outsole
  • 1.75" Chunky Heel
  • Raised Platform
  • Issues With Durability
  • Limited Colorways


This boot has one sturdy sole! Its raised platform and lugged tread offer superior traction for both wet and slippery conditions. A lugged sole is made with deep grooves which make different patterns. These grooves allow for better grip and help to prevent any accidental slips or falls. This makes Jeffrey Campbell’s Cloudy the perfect choice for rainy days or even for slippery winter conditions because they’ll help to keep you safer while you’re out and about.


The Cloudy boot has a 1.75-inch raised heel which makes for a more stylish and feminine look. You don’t have to worry about it being difficult to walk on though because of its chunky shape. A thicker heel like this won’t cause you any problems and is as natural to walk on as a flat sole. When you wear a thin heel like a stiletto, it’s tough to stride like you normally would. This can lead to all sorts of problems like foot and lower back pain. It also makes it easier to lose your footing when you're wearing a pair with a heel that’s too high. The Cloudy was made with an ideal lift that is still comfortable and looks amazing too.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most commonly produced synthetic material. It’s often used in footwear because of its versatility and affordability, considering it’s much less expensive than rubber. PVC is also lighter overall, though it’s also known to be less durable too. The Cloudy boot uses PVC in its upper rather than the sole which is a good idea considering this material isn’t as long-lasting as others when used for the outsole.

Side panel goring helps this slip-on pair to stay firmly in place and helps to keeps them from slipping off so you can be more comfortable. This elasticized material is excellent at this task and is one of the best choices of material that could replace the normal fastening systems.

Synthetic materials make-up the sole and lining of these boots which is a comforting and versatile choice. You won’t find that your feet overheat thanks to the cooling feel that this lining offers. It also wicks excess moisture away from the skin which prevents a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria.


This boot has an upper unit that’s made from faux-leather for comfortable wear. While not as good as the real deal, imitation leather is a good choice for footwear because it offers some similar benefits as the actual hide. It’s excellent for repelling moisture and water which makes this option a good choice for those wet and rainy days. Also known as leatherette, this material is vegan-friendly which is a hit among many wearers who prefer not to wear animal-derived products. There are two types of synthetic leathers, PVC and PU. They’re both similar to one another and both offer a flexible fabric that’s good for use in footwear.


The Cloudy is a Chelsea-style rain boot that delivers a smooth finish and bold profile. An exaggerated outsole makes this boot feel reminiscent of the disco era only with a more modernized shape. You can wear these for all of your fall and winter outings thanks to their fashionable appearance and functional design. A 9.5-inch leg opening fits perfectly on any sized ankle thanks to its stretchy gore panels that make for a comfortable fit. You’ll have no trouble pulling this slip-on boot up thanks to its rear pull-tab that makes for effortless entry.


Don’t you just hate it when your boots don’t fit right! Well, you won’t have to worry while you’re wearing a pair of Cloudy’s because they offer a great ride! This boot fits true to size, which can be tough to find in a pair of rain boots. Most women were happy with the amount of room in the toe box, as well as, the length which ran par with their normal size of footwear. If you have wider feet you should still be quite comfortable in this pair thanks to its rounded toe which allows for more room in the forefoot.


The Cloudy is a great choice for rainy days thanks to it's water-resistant upper and heavy-duty sole that prevents leaking. No one wants to walk around in a pair of wet boots! It’s uncomfortable and can even make you more susceptible to catching colds and flu. This pair is made to withstand wet conditions with ease and it delivers nicely on its promise of a waterproof ride.


You would expect a boot like this to cost a pretty penny but the only thing pretty about this pair is its fashionable exterior. Anyone shopping on a budget will love the affordability of the Cloudy that makes it an accessible option. Overall, it’s well-made and comfortable to wear making it an excellent value for a reasonable price. Shoppers who don’t want to spend a fortune on their footwear but also want a functional pair that looks good too.


This option doesn’t offer much in the way of colors! It comes in your standard dark hues which are still a good choice for the fall and winter months. Black is the best choice for this pair because it really suits the style of boot. The great thing about black is that it looks good with practically any color so you’ll have no trouble matching these with all of your favorite outfits.


Unfortunately, as with everything, there are certain aspects with the Cloudy that don’t live up to expectation. The main point of concern with this pair is durability. Some women found that the sole tends to crack or to separate entirely from the upper. If this happens you can take them in to have them repaired by a professional, or try to mend them yourself (probably not the greatest idea unless you know what you’re doing though). This seems to happen after only minimal wear and tear, though some wearers haven’t had any issues at all. Just be sure to take extra care when walking in these boots and don’t over do it.

Bottom Line

Overall, Jeffrey Campbell’s Cloudy boot is a solid choice for rainy weather. It offers a water-resistant upper and waterproof manmade sole that ensures your feet will stay nice and dry despite the weather. This boot is a stylish choice that will easily blend in with almost any kind of wardrobe. The Cloudy comes with a 1.75-inch chunky heel that is easy to walk on and won’t slow you down while you stride. This is important because wearing a heel that’s too thin or too high can cause all sorts of discomfort.

You can wear this boot to work or while you’re at play thanks to its versatile appearance and smooth finish. Elasticized side goring helps to keep these slip-on shoes securely on your feet and their laceless design makes for easy on-off wear.