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Jeffery Campbell is no stranger to edgy style but his ideologies are anything but tough. A brand with a melting pot mentality that strives to empower and compliment every single body who wears it, Jeffery Campbell wants to shake the whole industry up. With the desire to dress all types of people from all walks of life and backgrounds, his designs are unique, accessible, and fashion-forward. His Legion embodies the casual but fierce style he has developed over the years. Black, platform, and breathtaking, the Legion by Jeffery Campbell has all the makings to stun a crowd while still keeping with that funky vibe. Lugged outsoles and contrast stitching around the sole at a price that doesn’t keep them out of reach; the Legion is a sassy but sweet way to show off your tough side.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stable Block Heel
  • Thick Rubber Lugs
  • Zipper Closure
  • Gorgeous Sheen
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Heavy
  • Not Supportive


The ensemble possibilities are endless for this Legion platform boot. The shiny upper gives almost a vinyl or latex appearance. Whether you’re dressing for a mascarade ball, a costume party, or just a night out, this boot completes a look ensuring you are dressed to thrill. The lacing system is sexy and works for club-going and art shows. If you are trying to put together a high fashion ensemble, a great place to start is killer platforms. The Legion is tough but not too tough, its slim fit giving a feminine appearance and remaining delicate through all the harder details. The visible lug pattern on the bottom of the platform is reminiscent of industrial closet staples from the nineties. Aspiring video vixens will feel just as at home in this boot as a
New York socialite, or reserved book nerd. The Legion brings out the character of the person wearing it, completely lifting a look from drab to fab with its height, sheen, and lacing


Reviewers absolutely raved about the comfort on this bootie. It may look pretty intimidating, but truth be told the Legion is much easier to wear than it appears to be. Padded insoles offer a bit of cushioned support into the shoe, which is crucial for anything with height. The way your foot is fastened into the boot gives you an advantage on alignment. The heel hits exactly where it needs to, the arch is lined up just right, and the toe box has a little width to allow your toes to wiggle while walking. Reviewers were stunned at how the look of the shoe deceived the feel so greatly. Block heels alone do wonders for the overall comfort of a shoe. It disperses the pressure from the heel of the foot to a greater surface area, lessening the pressure point and all around discomfort associated with a normal heel. Patent leather may need a short period to break in, but it will get a little give over time, and this shoe will feel even more right for you.


Patent leather is an awesome material that came to the United States in 1818 when they found their way to an inventor in Newark. New Jersey who perfected the method and formula. These days, many patent shoes can be a bit lackluster, regardless of their shine. This Legion is made with genuine leather, it isn’t faux or plastic. Patent gets its shine from linseed oil, and the treatment of leather where it is coated with this glossy covering makes this nearly waterproof. These can be worn out in a drizzle without concern for their integrity. Furthermore, this shoe has panels that reinforce certain sections of the shoe itself. Not only do they add to the overall look, but they create greater durability for the shoe overall. We see them overlayed onto the eyelets in the lacing system. This stunning lined appearance it creates is a total hit too!


One thing Jeffery Campbell fans agree on is the attention to fit in the manufacturing of his favorites. The Jeffery Campbell catalog has loads of extravagant shoes that are beloved by those who see them. The look is nothing without a perfect fit, however. This Legion has a lacing system to get the fit on point, but for convenience, a zipper is added on the inner side panel for easy on and off. Lacing up a shoe just right takes time, especially for booties or higher rise options. Generally, moments are spent pulling and redistributing laces to get a just-right fit. That isn’t even an issue with this Legion. Not to mention, reviewers pretty much unanimously agreed the shoe is true to size! While a couple individuals with wider feet noted sizing a half size up, which may be necessary for others with wider feet, overall the shoe fit true to size and those who bought it stated they were very pleased with their purchase.


This heel screams “va-va-voom”. If you want a sexy black platform bootie to spice up your wardrobe, this very high-heeled option is a delightful choice. The stacked black block heel is high, yes, but the heel to drop isn’t too bad at all, and the lugs give it great grip and relieve the arch of the foot from the strain. A four-inch heel is the highlight of this shoe, with the platform coming in at three-quarters of an inch. This makes the heel feel like it is merely three inches, really reducing some of the strain on the most delicate parts of your feet. This heel is chunky and synthetic, in a style that is very popular currently among many different style-scapes. Easy to wear pieces that are still bold and make a statement are so important to integrate into a wardrobe that is dying to stand out without making beauty hurt.


With this kind of height, it is necessary to be working with an extremely functional outsole. If it is impossible to walk in the Legion without slipping or falling, it isn’t a practical option, whether to wear just for fashion or otherwise. Luckily, its lugs lend to both the appearance and the function of this shoe. The bottom of this boot has very traditional heavy-duty lugs that will blow you away considering it is a fashion bootie. The block heel itself has ribbing to catch every step when walking. The lugs are also a soft, synthetic material that absorbs shock and minimize overall impact when walking and dancing. What Jeffrey Campbell achieves with this shoe and the platform itself is a stable, reliable, and knockout shoe. The thicker platforms allow for so much more forgiving when walking than other similarly high heels.


For designer duds, you usually have to be prepared to pay a pretty penny. These Jeffery Campbells are oozing sophisticated style at a price that is accessible. The materials are not flimsy either, but rather carefully selected to supply their customers with a beautiful boot at an even more beautiful price. Every feature of this pair of boots presents as a luxurious high-profile pick. The Legion is in the low range for its reputation. Jeffery Campbells are coveted for their gothic adjacent style. The brand often puts out high vampy heels and boots, and with the release of the Legion, it is clear that style profile is in mind. Compared to other designers with similar prestige and quality, this Legion is a steal. You can afford to get a to-die-for little black dress after you snag these lovelies! However you wear them, you will be glad you did after you realize their quality and worth for such a bargain.


Regardless of the fact this Legion may not be very supportive, it is intensely stable considering its height. The lugged sole lends itself to this, giving confidence in every step. Another great factor that contributes to this Jeffery Campbell is its thick and chunky block heel. Stacked heels help with overall stability and security of wear, and the width allows a firmer, more stable base while wearing the shoe. This is a great pick for those looking to expand their boot collection and need to avoid stilettos and similar-style thin heels. The close to the ankle style of the rise on this boot also helps stabilize the ankle while wearing them, their lacing makes them fit like a glove, and the stiffer than normal patent blows softer canvas or leather boots out of the water in terms of ankle support. This Legion is a really fun pick that can be worn by a variety of shoe-aficionados.


While this boot is relatively comfortable, it isn’t a stand out in terms of overall support. It still has a very high heel and very minimum padding. The midsole is nearly non-existent, and it is clearly not a shoe for any grand excursions. What it lacks in support it makes up for in overall appeal, as it really is a wildly gorgeous shoe in person. Most note falling in love at first sight in their reviews, but it just isn’t made to be a heavily supportive option. This really isn’t that much of a problem considering very few “platform boots”, besides significantly lower-heeled work boots, are going to be supportive. The material isn’t padded on the upper and the overall make of the boot isn’t intended to offer anything byways of supportive wear. Great boot for a show, but absolutely not a bootie to be worn if you require a shoe to truly support and cushion your foot.


Due to its lug sole, the Legion by Jeffery Campbell is absolutely heavier than the average bootie. The patent weighs a bit more due to it utilizing real leather as opposed to plastic or other various synthetic materials. This isn’t going to make or break most peoples judgments on the bootie itself, however, it needs mentioning because it will create a problem for people who walk with a slight drag to their feet. The combination of the weight, traction, and height, means that each step will have to be deliberate in the Legion, which isn’t a natural gait for a lot of people. Very few reviewers complained about the weight specifically, but as it is above average for similar booties, it is something to consider.

Bottom Line

If you love Jeffery Campbell’s badass fashion influence and ambitious marketing goals, this black platform bootie is a great place to start with integrating him into your wardrobe. With very little frills and outlandish details, this straightforward black platform is chic and cool all at the same time. Though a bit on the heavy side for a shoe lacking support, many won’t be wearing it for its benefits to the foot, but rather its cutting-edge couture appearance. If you are a seasoned heel wearer, these are a total must for so many outfits. Jeffrey Campbell does it again with this absolutely stunning black platform!