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Reebok Workout Low Top Review Facts

Reebok is known for creating designs for their shoes that go well beyond what wearer’s need. The stability and cushioning incorporated into the various midsoles allow wearers to have what they need whenever they are engaging in a high-speed activity. The Reebok Workout is a shoe that, as the name suggests, can be used for various physical endeavors. The shoe has the staple Reebok design with the only change being in the fact that it makes use of a low-top cut that doesn’t really go over one’s ankles whatsoever. So, if one is looking for a shoe that can be used when they go to get a lift in or, for a shoe that they rock with whatever outfit that they please, don’t hesitate to give the workout a try, you won’t regret it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Cushioned
  • Stable
  • Runs large


The outsole of this revamped version of the L13 by Reebok features a highly-abrasive rubber compound which enables the shoe to provide high levels of grip on whatever surface that the shoe is used on. The shoe features a multi-directional pattern along its outsole, one of the major reasons why it is able to perform so well on the various terrains that it’s used on. The design of the outsole is also done in such a way that allows it to provide the wearers with what they need in terms of longevity mainly because of the thickness with which the rubber along the outsole has been placed.


The midsole of the Workout low is designed from mainly an EVA material which allows it to provide wearers with what they need in terms of energy return. Reebok decided to place their insignia all along the length of the midsole which, in a sense, makes sure that passersby know exactly who made the shoe. One of the great qualities of this material is that it allows the shoe to provide wearers with what they need in terms of rebound; if the shoe is used for its intended purpose this quality will definitely come in handy. Another great thing about the EVA foam in the midsole of this shoe is that it’s stable enough to be used for hitting the weights; this means that one’s feet won’t sink into the ground if they want to do a few light reps of overhead presses or deadlifts.


The upper of this shoe is designed from the classic leather material(Reebok is known for their use of patent leather in the making of their shoes). The entirety of the upper makes use of this material and, very much like the midsole, is branded with the Reebok logo. Nothing fancy has really been done with the design of the upper of this shoe; the lacing is relatively standard, as well as the rest of the shoe. This model being a low top has a relatively low cut meaning that if the security of the ankle is what wearers require, this may not be the best choice.


Here’s something that may surprise you about the design of this shoe, it isn’t the lightest shoe in the world. When initially shipped, these shoes weigh in at roughly 2 pounds s; this is mainly because of the fact that they’re being weighed as a pair and they make use of a rather thick cut of EVA foam in the midsole. In addition to the sluggishness that the EVA foam in the design of this shoe, the use of leather in the design of the upper of this shoe also adds quite a bit of weight to its design. With that being said, as we progress through this review, one will see that the weight that comes with its purchase is definitely justified.


We must keep in mind that the entire upper of this shoe is designed from leather; there isn't much room for this shoe to provide its wearers with anything that is remotely close to airflow(at least, not in the heel section and forefoot). To compensate for the lack of circulation that the solid leather construction of the shoe brought to the table, the toe area has various perforations. These perforations allow the shoe to provide its wearers with what they need in terms of airflow and actually do a rather good job of it. Something to keep in mind about the airflow that these shoes provide to the wearer’s feet is this; while they are relatively breathable due to the perforations in the toe box, they do not have many, if any, moisture wicking properties. The lack of moisture-wicking properties implies that wearing these shoes without socks is simply out of the question.


The snug fit that comes with the purchase of these shoes allows wearers to have what they need in terms of comfort from this shoe when in use. One of the things to keep in mind with the purchase of this specific pair of shoes is that they are lined with textile; this means that the material won’t be very comfortable if one decides to wear the shoes without socks. The EVA foam in the midsole of the shoe, on the other hand, will definitely provide wearers with what they need in terms of comfort simply because of its ability to compress when weight is placed on it.


These are a very, very retro pair of running shoes. The design of these shoes stems from a design that Reebok put out a bit over a decade(actually more like 2) ago. This actually keeps in line with the pattern that fashion has consistently been reproducing over the years; wearing throwback clothing items. These shoes are a fashion statement as well as a pair of running shoes; they are versatile and can be worn both on and off the track or the weight room without worry. Also, and this is a great thing about the design of these shoes; their low cut makes wearing them with any type of jeans a breeze; they work the best when worn with skinny jeans though.


If you’d taken a look at the materials that the design of this shoe is comprised of, you’d simply assume that this shoe is incredibly long-lived. The design of this shoe is one that provides its wearers with what they need in terms of functionality for a relatively long time due to both the leather exterior and the materials that make up the sole unit of the shoe. The abrasive rubber in the sole unit, as well as the intricate pattern that it features, works wonders to increase the time with which the shoe lasts. As many know, EVA foam is also a relatively long-lived material and lasts for a decent length of time.


The leather material used in the design of the Reebok Workout’s upper is incredibly thick, allowing the shoe to provide wearers what they need in terms of protection while the shoe is in use. The thick material has an incredibly high level of stopping power. The same goes for the thick sole unit that the shoe’s design has; the EVA and the abrasive rubber will definitely manage to stop various objects (such as glass) that can come into contact with the wearer’s underfoot.


While the upper of the shoe and the leather that’s used throughout may not be the most responsive, the midsole will definitely manage to provide wearers with what they need in that respect. The design of the workout makes use of EVA foam in the midsole section; this material conforms relatively easily to the movements of the wearer’s foot and provides ample cushioning for the high-pressure areas. This becomes incredibly important when one considers the activity that the shoe will be used for and the various movements that the foot undertakes during.


Here’s a great thing about the shoe’s upper providing the wearer with a snug fit; wearer’s don’t have to worry about the side’s of the shoe feeling unsupportive. The leather exterior of the upper of this wonderful shoe provides wearers with what they need in terms of support for both the medial and lateral sides of the foot. In addition to this, the EVA foam that makes up the midsole works to give wearers what they need in terms of support for the arch and heel of the foot while in use. One of the great things about the support that this model provides to the wearer’s feet is that it does so regardless of the individual's choice of running style; this is important simply because of the added versatility that it brings to the table.


These are typically considered to be road-running shoes. With that being said, when one pays attention to both the brand of the shoe and the various features that the shoe itself has, it becomes relatively simple to say that the shoe can be used on various terrains aside from the road. The durability of the outsole itself allows the Workout to be used on indoor terrains as well with relative ease. In addition to this, due to the design of the shoe having the leather upper, it will also provide the protection that one would need from a shoe with such a cross-functional design.


When it comes to price, Reebok seems to always have their patrons covered. This shoe sells for a price that can be considered nothing short of inexpensive. The low price of these shoes highlights the various features as well as the durability of the overall design. Compared to the length of time that one will actually be able to wear the shoes, the purchasing price is relatively insignificant. The same can be said for the price compared to the features and comfort that the Workout low top is known for providing to the wearer’s foot; it isn’t very often that one is able to find a shoe that provides as much comfort as this model for such a low price.


The multidirectional pattern on the outsole of this shoe will definitely provide adequate grip on various different terrains. The forefoot of this shoe makes use of a series of crossed lines that run horizontally from each side of the shoe; this gives the shoe to the grip that it would need for swift lateral movements. The rest of the outsole makes use of circular sections that enable the shoe to provide wearers with what they need in terms of stopping power when in use.


When this shoe is purchased, it can easily be said that one won’t be getting the most flexible shoe in the world. These shos are designed in such a way that it can be said that stability was the main focus. The thick leather hide and tough rubber outsole are what makes these things relatively evident.


As mentioned in the previous section the design of these shoes actually promotes stability. The use of the thick cut of leather in the upper of the shoe, as well as the thick sole unit, ensures that wearers have a sense of security during any movement that they make while these shoes are in use.


No drop has been specified for the Workout but, in keeping in tune with the drops of the various other Reebok shoes, it would be safe to say that the drop is rather average.

Key Features

• EVA midsole
• Leather upper
• Toebox perforations
• Low top design


In whatever fashion one decides to wear these shoes, they will definitely provide one with what they need in terms of functionality. Whether it’s for working out (as the name suggests), or for casual wear, these shoes will definitely provide. The low price of the Workout makes their purchase a relatively thing to decide to and with the durability that the various sections of the shoe have present, it won’t hurt to try them out at all.