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Reebok Rapide Reviewed Review Facts

Reebok Rapide is an upgraded version of the lightweight runner which was introduced by the brand in the mid-'80s. The company announced it as a fashionable sportswear best fit for jogging. Although the retro design of the sportswear differs a bit from that of its original design, it went through a bit of re-designing back in 1995. Reebok introduced the female counterpart of the shoe named as ‘Etoile’ which is a word for ‘star’ in French.  The versions of Reebok Rapide and Etoile that were introduced back in 1995 have made a comeback with the name of Rapide. With suede and mesh used in its making along with classy overlays, these shoes are a perfect blend of simplicity and stylishness. Four colorways have been released so far in Korea through the official store of Reebok, and all of them have been labeled as unisex.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sportswear provides flexibility and airflow
  • Lightweight makes the running effortless
  • Strong structural overlay
  • Variety of designs and color schemes
  • Shock absorbing tendencies
  • Economical price range
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Provides a classic vintage look.
  • Some problems regarding sizing
  • Lack of responsiveness
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  • The colors are vibrant and the shoes are very comfortable and lightweight. The Reebok Rapide is the ideal running shoe and for everyday.
  • I feel this is a good shoe, my size eight was too tight so I ordered the size nine.
  • The size for these ran big for me so I went a half size smaller and they fit perfectly. Love the quality and the colors.
  • With my narrow feet and arch I decided to order my true size and these shoes fit nicely.
  • I rate the classic design and the quality highly.
  • The color is not as expected, the shoe was lighter than the picture. However, the fit is perfect and they are comfortable.
  • These shoes can be used on many occasions and love the support and comfort.
  • Love the flexibility of these shoes. You can wear with friends, around the house or to the store and they are comfortable.
  • Like the combination of both retro and casual. The comfort is also great too although a little wide for me.
  • A comfortable classic.
  • Got compliments the first time that I wore these shoes. Got them for a trip overseas and they are extremely comfortable.
  • Read reviews about the sizing and was a little unsure so I stuck to my size and the fit was fine. But my feet are narrow so that might be something.
  • The fit is good. The mesh material makes this shoe light and comfortable.
  • The Reebok Rapide is a great sneaker, super comfortable and nice design.
  • Awesome purchase and very comfortable.
  • This shoes it great and they also fit well and are comfortable.
  • So my feet are narrow and these shoes fit snugly. Still very comfortable but they did break in after while with wear.
  • My sneakers are the best shoes in this world that have ever in touch my feet.
  • May not be the best look for people with flat feet.
  • The sizing is confusing, got a size up and they were huge.
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The rubber outsole of the sportswear provides an addition to its durability that definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. The high abrasion rubber in the outsole offers a tread for traction which ensures the endurance of these shoes for a decent length of time. The highly absorbent and resistant carbon rubbers make the shoes less prone to shocks thus ensuring the comfortability for the runner. The semi-curved outsole provides stability and a level of control for the runner effectively making it stress-free to run for miles.


The midsole is the most crucial part when it comes to a shoe and it has been well-designed and pulled off in the most efficient and effective way possible. The midsole cushion gives it multi-dimensions by giving it the look of a casual shoe while having all the precise features of a running shoe. The light weighted form based cushioning allows more durability. The midsole of the shoe is also well structured to give away the feeling of comfort as well as blessing the runners with the ease of running. The EVA midsole cushions every single step you take and the plays a key role in making it effortless to absorb shocks.


The upper of the shoe is comprised of leather and suede. It is formed to have a vintage and iconic Reebok design best fit for the '90s look. The upper gives it a unique look with the leather and suede making it perfect for casual wears as well as for jogging purposes. The various color schemes also offer a versatile look for everyone. The upper holds the foot in place due to its use of snug lacing and adequate structure. The strong-structured upper protects the foot from rocks, dirt, and stones. The synthetic leather included in the design also greatly enhances the look of the shoe.


This sportswear falls into the category of lightweight shoes. The weight of the shoe makes it ideal for running and doesn’t put a strain on the foot when walking for longer distances. The use of carbon rubbers, EVA, and other inconsequential materials makes the weight of the shoe light. The lighter the shoes are, the smoother and more convenient they are for the runner. The light weight of the shoe is often confused for lack of durability but thankfully, the Reebok Rapide offers a lightweight as well as persistence, all at the same time. The weight of the shoe assures lesser impact, and less fatigue.


These shoes offer breathability through their use of mesh. The mesh guarantees that the shoes are perspiration-friendly and the flow of air makes it effortless to deal with the sweating. The shoes are able of grasping a fresh feeling for the feet mile to mile. The mesh in the forefoot of the shoe somewhat takes away from the effects of the leather materials in the surrounding areas – this allows the breathability provided by these models to take affect. This sportswear offers an efficient level of air flow which greatly enhances the comfort they provide. The breathability of the Rapide helps in avoiding the discomfort caused by sweating and allows ease when it comes to running for lengthier distances.


Let it be the outsole, midsole or the upper, the Rapide works to provide comfort at every level imaginable. It comes with a removable sock liner which adds a significant part to the comfort level. Not only does the sock-liner provide an insurmountable Not only are they comfortable to wear, but the various factors that are discussed earlier contributes a portion to its comfortability when it comes to running for miles. The lightweight as well as the elements used for the formulation of the Rapide (such as the sockliner and the low cut), tends to ensure the highest level of convenience. Let it be running or casually wearing them, they are meant to provide the highest level possible of comfort.


The Reebok Rapide brings back the feeling of the ‘90s with its unique vintage design and old school look. The style of the shoes is just like that of the Rapides launched in the 90’s. The style of these shoes offers a huge opportunity for collectors. This sportswear has a low cut design. The Rapide provides an opportunity to relive the fantastic era of their original birth due to their classic design. They also feature a pop of eye-catching colors.


Let it be the EVA midsole, the strong well-structured upper providing a strong foundation for a long-lasting tendency or the outsole made out of carbon rubber that promises strength, resilience, and durability, these shoes have everything that it needs to be durable. The material used in the making and the technology combined make it one of the most durable sportswear on the market today. The durability of these shoes is another reason why people are going crazy over it despite the fact that it is sort of old-school.


The Upper of the shoes is made of robust materials. The material isn’t only comfortable but also offers the protection against rocks, stones as well as dust. Although some of the lighter colors might be more vulnerable towards dust, it doesn’t mean that the protection that they offer could be questioned. The shock absorbent features of this shoe protect the person from premature fatigue as well as strain.


The midsole cushion and shock absorption features of the Rapide means that the shoes are less responsive than typically seen. They have just the right amount of cushioning. This cushioning level ensures that the runner feels comfortable while walking for lengthier distances. Despite being less responsive and having more cushioning, the shoe makes up for it by providing more control and grip.


The Reebok Rapide is lighter and a bit more minimal than most other shoes, this makes them great for speed and superior at achieving ground contact. Whether you’re willing to run on tracks or for a hike (which isn’t recommended), the Reebok Rapide is the best when it comes to providing a supportive feel. Other areas to look at when seeking support are the midsole and the upper. The midsole and it’s EVA make provides individuals with a level of support because of its inherently cushioning nature – it cushions the sides and arch of the foot which allows for a bit less fatigue to be felt during runs.


The Reebok Rapide offers an all-terrain freedom. Let it be dust of the sand or the concrete of the road, this sportswear is made to deal with all kinds of terrain. The shock absorbing features helps it when it comes to hiking or climbing mountains. This all-terrain design is improved by the fact that they also make use of incredibly durable materials in their design. For instance, the rubber and the durable leather and mesh materials used will definitely provide individuals with the longevity they need. However, these shoes are not water resistant.


The prices of the Rapide are quite reasonable. Compared to other shoes with similar features, it becomes quite difficult to think that the price range of the Rapide doesn’t remotely provide value. Things such as the quality materials and the functionality provided ensures that wearers are able to make note of the features of the shoe and what they have to offer them. With the protection, comfort, and durability that comes with these shoes, prices are definitely reasonable.


The high abrasion rubber that forms the outsole of these shoes plays a key role in its traction. The upper of the shoes also contributes a major portion when it comes to the traction. The traction is ensured by the grip that is offered by the sole, almost making it slip-resistant. The excellent traction not only offers maximized versatility but also assures safety.


The Reebok Rapide is fashioned in a way specifically to fit for every demand of a runner. Thus, flexibility is a must. There is no question as to whether it offers the flexibility or not. The flexibility is guaranteed using elements and material that are flexible. From the midsole cushion to the mesh and textile used in the upper of the shoes, it is attempted to maximize the flexibility in every way. The maximization of flexibility is also ensured using softer materials allowing for a cushion for the product to bend. The carbon rubber instead of a blown rubber is another example of how the product is precisely designed while keeping in mind the flexibility. The product simply speaks for itself and the fact that the flexibility was carefully monitored and enhanced using several ways.


Reebok is known for their stability shoes and they have lived up to the mark with this shoe too. The stability of this shoe is ensured at every single level from the outsole to the upper. Unlike most of the common and widely known running shoes - which are affected by over pronation which eventually leads to knee pain and injury - the Reebok Rapide’s offers stability with the right amount of pronation. The right amount of pronation means that it would be suitable for most people. The stability of this shoe not only saves you from physical harm but also ensures that you’re comfortable and protected while using them.


The drop is one of the significant factors when it comes to deciding the running shoes. The Reebok Rapide offers a quite decent amount of heel drop. The heel drop is just appropriate, it’s neither too low or too high that could have made it difficult to run. The heel drop of this sportswear aids in running as well as contributing to the shock absorption.

Key Features

• Suede and textile upper
• EVA midsole
• High-abrasion outsole
• Removable sock liner
• Imported


The Reebok Rapide is a one of a kind model with its vintage look and ‘90s design. It might be deemed as a collectible item and the old school collectors absolutely love it for all the features and for being a re-designed version of the classic shoe which entered the market back in 1985. The shoe is available in various color schemes which means that it caters to the demand of various people and allows one to choose from a wide list of options. The shoe offers comfort, protection, stability and a long lasting durability all at one place. The best thing about both Reebok and the Rapide is that they are available at an incredibly reasonable price. It is definitely a bargain and I would recommend buying these shoes since the price at which they are offered the quality and features are unbelievable. It’s definitely worth more than what they charge for it.