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Reebok is a renowned athletic sportswear company that makes quality products, to which the Reebok Royal BB4500 is no exception. Heir to their famous BB4600 Originals basketball shoe, the Royal BB4500 delivers excellent support and comfort, not to mention it will last you a long time, thanks to its quality materials. Featuring a retro silhouette, the BB4500 brings back the good old days with a modern twist for a stylish, yet functional sneaker.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Durable and quality materials
  • Superb traction
  • Great ankle support
  • Classic retro style
  • Not flexible enough
  • Fit narrow


The Reebok Royal BB4500 is the new, revamped version of the Reebok BB4600 Original, a very popular basketball sneaker from the 1980s. The Original went down in history as one of the most durable basketball shoes ever made, and, although, featuring some changes, the Royal BB4500 kept the durability factor of its predecessor. The outsole of the BB4500 is made of a highly durable, abrasion-resistant rubber material, that will create excellent traction both on and off the court, while ensuring that the structural integrity of the sole stays intact. The rubber pattern on the outsole provides superb traction, enabling the wearer to move quickly on the court, without worrying about slipping accidentally.

One of the best features of this shoe is that, thanks to its durable outsole, it is not only a basketball shoe, but performs well in a multitude of other sports and makes a great casual shoe as well, making it a very versatile sneaker. Reviewers agree, that when it comes to durability, the Royal BB4500 does not disappoint, and many had the shoe for years with minimal signs of wear and tear.


The Reebok Royal BB4500 kept the classic silhouette of the BB4600 Original, creating a cool, retro-looking shoe. The upper is made of durable, high-quality leather with mesh covering the area around the ankles, namely, the tongue, collar, and heel. There are perforations on the toe box, ensuring proper airflow inside the shoe, as well as a soft mesh lining for a comfortable, irritation-free fit. The Royal BB4500 also features a removable OrthoLite foam sockliner for extra cushioning and comfort. It has antimicrobial properties, as well as excellent moisture absorption. Since it is also removable, it allows for the wearer to insert their own special orthotics, if they wish to do so.

The cushioning does not stop there, though. The tongue, collar, and heel have sufficient padding to ensure the ankles are supported and comfortably locked into position. The high-top design tilts towards the heel for ankle flexibility, which is important when playing sports, especially basketball. The Royal BB4500 has a standard lace-up closure, for a customizable fit, and it laces up all the way to the tongue, which can be utilized for maximum ankle support. Reviewers generally agree that, although the BB4500 are not the BB4600 Originals, they still provide excellent comfort and breathability, while being highly durable and supportive.


When it comes to breathability, the Royal BB4500 steps up to the plate. Although it might not look like it could be a very breathable sneaker, the upper being made of leather, Reebok made sure to include plenty of features to balance it out. Namely, the toe box has plenty of perforations to allow the air to go in and out of the shoe freely, keeping the feet nice and dry, which is especially important when playing any kind of sport where the feet are subjected to sweating. Further assisting with ventilation and temperature regulation inside the shoe, Reebok included a soft mesh lining, that is not only helpful when it comes to breathability, but is very comfortable as well and does not create irritation inside the shoe.

In regards to sweating, a removable OrthoLite foam sockliner has been added, which helps combat moisture buildup inside the shoe and gets rid of unpleasant odors for a healthy in-shoe environment. Reviewers who play sports, highly recommend the Reebok Royal BB4500, as it is considered one of the best basketball shoes on the market. Casual wearers also liked the shoe, but one reviewer said that it is a bit hot in the summer, due to all the padding it has. Regardless, he still liked the shoe very much.


What makes the Reebok Royal BB4500 so great is the fact that it is comfortable enough to wear playing a multitude of sports as well as for everyday use. Starting from the bottom, the midsole features a lightweight cushioning, perfect for any kind of activity, be it basketball or a stroll in the park, it ensures a comfortable ride. Moving on to the inside of the shoe, where most of its comfort comes from, the Royal BB4500 has a soft mesh lining, that is not only very breathable, but feels soft around the feet, creating excellent comfort inside the shoe. An OrthoLite foam sockliner has been included, which has antimicrobial and moisture absorbing properties, not to mention excellent cushioning, making for a comfortable fit.

The tongue, collar and heel also pack extra padding, for well-cushioned and supported ankles, without creating irritation or blisters. When laced up, the Royal BB4500 creates a comfortable, snug fit around the feet. Reviewers praised the Royal BB4500 as being super comfortable, whether for playing sports or wearing to work, standing for long hours or going for a walk, it did not disappoint.


One of the most notable features that made this basketball shoe so popular, besides the design and comfort, is its durability. This shoe not only looks durable, but actually is, thanks to the quality materials that went into making it. The outsole is made of a very durable and highly abrasion-resistant rubber material, that besides lasting a long time, also provides excellent traction. The upper is constructed out of high-quality leather, that holds up really good over time and is resistant to wear and tear. The padded tongue, collar and heel provide supportive cushioning to the ankles, as well as keep their shape and structural integrity throughout use. Customers praised the Royal BB4500 for how well it held up through different activities, with some saying that they had them for years before they needed a replacement. This goes to show that with proper care, this shoe will last you a long time.


One area where customers seemed to be disappointed is the flexibility that the Royal BB4500 offers. Namely, when Reebok opted for a durable design, they sacrificed some of their flexibility. The tilted high-top collar offers a good amount of ankle flexibility, which comes in handy when playing sports, however, the leather upper is not the most flexible of materials. Even so, most reviewers did not mind the lack of flexibility too much, since the shoe more than makes up for it in durability and comfort. Although, if you are looking for a basketball/ casual shoe with flexibility, you might want to try other models.


The Royal BB4500 is known in the basketball world as one of the best shoes when it comes to protection. The highly durable rubber outsole provides excellent traction on the wooden court, as well as a plethora of other flat surfaces, preventing slipping during games and avoiding the risk of injuries. The quality leather upper helps keep the feet locked down inside the shoe when laced up, while the padded collar area stabilizes and supports the ankles in a cushioned embrace. This prevents injuries, such as ankle sprains, which are quite common among basketball players. It provides excellent protection for many other sports as well, like volleyball, for example.


The Royal BB4500 is the revamped version of the BB4600 Originals basketball shoe, a very popular shoe in the 1980s. Although a newer model, it very much resembles the original in design, making for a retro looking shoe. People who loved the Reebok BB4600 were very happy when this new iteration came out. Featuring a classic silhouette, the Royal BB4500 is made of quality leather and rubber, with the famous Reebok logo on the side and a high-top design. This basketball shoe is very versatile, as it can be worn many different ways off the court as well, thanks to its timeless appearance. It looks great with jeans and a T-shirt, dressed up or dressed down, and can be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe easily. Reviewers all loved how the shoe looked, as well as the memories it brought back.


As a basketball shoe, the Royal BB4500 has great support. The area around the ankles, meaning the tongue, collar and heel all enjoy a good amount of padding for a cushioned support. When laced up, the high-top wraps around the ankles, supporting the feet inside the shoe, thus minimizing the risk of injuries, like ankle sprains. It is also excellent for moving fast on the court, since it keeps the feet secure in their position. A removable OrthoLite foam sockliner has also been added for a cushioned feel and moisture absorption. It also provides moderate arch support. However, since it is removable, the option of replacing the insole to better suit individuals’ needs is provided.


The width of the Royal BB4500 is what concerned reviewers the most. Reebok designed the shoes to be narrower on purpose, which left some people puzzled. The narrow fit is due to the extra padding that the shoe features for comfort and support reasons, while the leather takes time to break in. While many reviewers did not mind the narrow fit and thought that the cushioning was excellent, some found it unpleasant and irritating to wear for longer periods of time. This could be fixed by simply having the patience to break the shoes in, since many reported that they felt great after the initial breaking in period when the leather stretched out a bit. However, if you have wider feet, this pair of sneakers will probably not be your cup of tea.

Bottom Line

The Reebok Royal BB4500 is an excellent versatile sneaker. Although made with basketball in mind, the BB4500 is somewhat of a fashion sneaker as well, thanks to its retro design. An upgrade to the 1980s Reebok BB4500 Originals, the BB4500 has a very similar silhouette as its predecessor, but has a few improvements. The outsole is made of a heavy-duty rubber outsole with excellent traction on and off the court. The midsole is lightly cushioned, while the upper is composed of high-quality leather with perforations on the toe box for ventilation. It features a high-top collar design that tilts towards the heel, for better ankle flexibility. The laces are standard and lace up all the way to the top of the tongue, for maximum support. Inside the shoe, there is a soft mesh lining, that helps improve the breathability of the shoe, as well as keep the temperature at an optimal level.

Reebok included a removable OrthoLite foam sockliner with antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing qualities for a healthier in-shoe environment, which is very important if you are playing sports or plan to wear them for long hours. It also provides moderate arch support due to its cushioning effect, however, since it is removable, you can switch it for your preferred insole easily. The padded ankles also deliver excellent support, locking the ankles into position and preventing ankle sprains.

Reviewers praised the Royal BB4500 for its support, durability, and comfort, as well as its classic style, while others were not satisfied with the shoe’s flexibility and the narrow fit it had. Overall, the feedback for the Royal BB4500 was positive, but if you have wider feet or want a little more flex in your shoes, you might want to consider some other models, like Nike or Adidas.