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Clarks is a brand that its loyal customers keep coming back to. Those who love Clarks can instantly recognize their more traditional styles. This shoe-bootie hybrid called the Emslie Warren is so Clarks. From the stitching detail and hardware to the leather upper, those who see the Emslie Warren recognize it immediately as Clarks footwear. The modest heel and button detailing makes a simple fashion statement that loyal Clarks wearers will love.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Block Heel

Ortholite Footbed

Soft Cushion Technology

Breathable Leather Upper

Inner Zipper

Versatile Style


Slightly Heavy

Runs Small


While you may consider Clarks a more conservative brand when it comes to their iconic staples, this Emslie Warren has an edge to it. The bootie-shoe hybrid has an almost witchy appearance. Someone with a goth style profile will feel just as at home in the Emslie Warren as someone with a buttoned-up librarian look. That kind of versatility is really hard to find, so when you see it in the wild you know it must be a really integral wardrobe piece to be able to adapt what it is accessorizing like that. A short block heel creates that old-fashioned profile but the upper really cements its aesthetics. Two buttons on the outside of the foot act as toggles for two short bands around them. Stitching details the toe of the shoe as well as the side and heel. The line cutting across the top of the foot diagonally actually elongates the foot and the leg when wearing the Emslie Warren by Clarks. In rich brown, classic black, and navy, this Emslie Warren has leather perfectly accented by the filigree pattern on the buttons.


Any leather is amazing for breathability. There are so many synthetic materials in shoes nowadays, and though often times they are patented materials that serve their purpose, you can never go wrong with straight up leather from your favorite retailer. Leather, of course, was the skin of an animal, so it is going to have inherent airflow due to the nature of the material. One thing to look out for here is the fact that due to it being a hybrid of a shoe and bootie, it comes up over the whole foot and fits pretty close to the skin. This close encounter with the full upper of the shoe may cause some people to feel constricted or over-heated in the Clarks Emslie Warren. This isn’t really a shoe to wear in the hot summer months though, so I doubt this is a problem any buyers will need to worry about. If you are looking for a sleek option to wear with skinny black jeans or a slinky black dress, the Emslie Warren will give you that ideal look you’ve been searching for.


Clarks is an extremely trusted brand. Just from working in their store, it didn’t take long to figure out that those who love Clarks, stand by Clarks as regular patrons. Some consider their shoes some of the most comfortable in the business. While that is highly subjective, they have certainly gained customers from their consistent quality and intuitive style. Their classics like the Desert Boot or Wallabee are always in high demand. The Emslie Warren is the same way. This shoe has been in their catalog for an extremely long time. It has stood the test of time thanks to its fantastic durability, sexy style, and manageable heel height. Clarks doesn’t make many work-specific shoes, but the Emslie Warren is one that many people feel is perfect for a variety of job settings. Clarks has really outdone themselves with this style that displays everything people have come to love about the brand. For a company with such a rich history, these shoes that get back to basic are always a fun way to honor their past.


The Emslie Warren is often worn as a work shoe, which in my opinion is a testament to its overall comfort. This Clarks collection option has a soft cushion footbed. The cushioning is generous and feels great, but it isn’t merely cushioning that gives it that feel. The footbed is also anatomical, with a little bit of lift to the arch as well. Block heels are saviors when it comes to height without hassle. Block heels really help to distribute the pressure on your heel which in turn reduces pressure on the ball of the foot. Overcompensating for a particularly uncomfortable part of your shoe is so incredibly common that we often don’t even realize we are doing it. A total package option is ideal because you won’t be bearing weight or pressure on another, less strained area of the foot to protect the more at immediately uncomfortable areas. This allows for greater foot health in general, but will also improve the experience of every single time you wear this shoe-bootie hybrid. The Emslie Warren is a great shoe that can be worn to dress up a bit or casually, making it a diverse option to have in the wardrobe that maintains constant ease-of-wear.


Durability is often a hard feature to measure, you are often required to look past the immediate features of the shoe and really explore the materials and construction. The Clarks Emslie Warren is made of fantastic quality of the material. The upper is full leather, which is great for durability. If you care for your leather and treat it regularly, it can truly last a lifetime. One leather splits or cracks, there will be problems, but a great leather lotion can absolutely prevent that. A strong heel is perfect for nights in the city or days in the office. It is unlikely that this shoe wi9ll fall apart on you, it’s more likely you grow out of the style first. For fans of Clarks, this is a testament to their incredibly long lasting shoes. Their natural gum sole, or crepe sole, options tend to need re-soling after some time because although the gum sole is far more comfortable and shock absorbing, it is also much more susceptible to being worn down. This has a strong outsole. Utilizing rubber to cover the heel and the ball of the foot, this Emslie Warren will hold up to a lot of wear. Definitely, the type of shoe that takes care of you if you take care of it.


Clarks are really, really tricky with the fit. Their shoes run long and narrow, which isn’t great for a lot of shoe wearers. There aren’t really issues of length until you get into the sizes nine and up. For some reason, it seems instead of making the whole shoe larger, they tend to extend the length of the shoe with very little focus on the rest of its body. The Emslie Warren is completely closed all the way to the ankle, which means there really isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to first wearing this shoe or even first getting it on. Luckily, an inner zipper helps to make the process a bit easier. This shoe is leather, of course, so that means there will absolutely be natural stretching in this shoe to create a more comfortable fit. If you are familiar with your size in Clarks, particularly in their closed toe or Emslie varieties of shoes, then you will have no problem picking a proper fit for your feet.


Block heels are so wildly popular now and the reasons why are apparent. If you love heels and height, you know that they can be torture on your feet. In this day and age, with more women than ever working or going to school, and longer more active living further into people’s lifespans, it is crucial to have shoes that work in a variety of settings that are functional. This heel is stunning, it can give you a witchy appearance or a down to earth vibe. Also great for at the office or casual coffee dates, the Emslie Warren has a lot of practical applications thanks to its modest heel. If you love to have an elongated leg and a couple of inches of lift when wearing a casual shoe, but you also want to feel good and confident that you aren’t going to be in pain later, the Emslie Warren is a pretty phenomenal option to give a try.


This is a shoe-bootie hybrid, which means though it comes up and covers the whole foot, it does not come up over the ankle. For people that are looking for shoes that stabilize their ankles directly, this isn’t a shoe that does that. However, it does help stabilize gait and will not strain your knees and ankles by virtue of the construction on the rest of this sandal. This is an extremely stabilized shoe, even without coming up and over the ankle, one of our most vulnerable joints. The block heel is extremely sturdy, ensuring that you will walk with ease and grace every time you step into the Emslie Warren by Clarks. Heel lovers can rejoice if they are looking for a low-profile heel that they can fall in love with. This is a fantastic option for those who don’t want a stiletto but also are bored with the usual wedge or kitten heel.


So many features for support are included in the Clarks Emslie Warren. First, the soft cushion foam was mentioned in the footbed, and it is worth coming back to that feature. The soft cushion foam used on top of the Ortholite footbed goes with the shape of the foot. One amazing thing about more anatomical footbeds is that they are literally designed to support your foot where it needs it the most, as it is shaped to dip into the curves and nooks of your foot. Beyond their arch support that is included in the top layer of cushioning, there is even more support lying underneath. Ortholite is a fantastic material that has so many amazing qualities, from its lightweight nature to its temperature regulating abilities. The layers of support in this shoe will work together without totally smothering your foot in bulk. This Emslie Warren does come all the way up the foot and stops at the ankle as well, which helps to keep your foot placed perfectly in the shoe. As if arch support built in wasn’t sufficient, just the design of the heel and the thickness helps to better support your foot and arch, as well as dispersing pressure on the heel to cause less strain on your ball of the foot.


Many of the materials in the are designed to be light. Specifically, the materials included in the support and comfort features of the shoe. While this is awesome and does help to reduce weight, these still aren’t going to be an incredibly lightweight option from Clarks. On the Emslie Warren, the heel is pretty substantial in girth, meaning it is going to be heavier than a more delicate kitten heel. Leather tends to be heavier than a lot of synthetic, so despite its breathability, it may still feel a bit heavy on your foot when you’re strutting your stuff in the Emslie Warren. Ortholite and soft cushion foam are wonderful, and they definitely reduce the overall weight, but when you factor in the hardware, like the decorative buttons and functional zipper, and the materials otherwise, this shoe isn’t necessarily considered an intensely light option.

Bottom Line

Girls who love a block heel and shoe-bootie hybrids will certainly be impressed at the wearability of the Emslie Warren. Supremely comfortable, as long as you find your correct fit, this shoe is a great transition option into autumn or winter. While it won’t be the lightest option in your wardrobe, it will certainly be a welcomed addition. Clarks fanatics and comfort connoisseurs alike will flock to the Emslie Warren.