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Though many associate Clarks with a classic style that any anglophile would love, more modern options have begun to enter into their collection. The Cloudsteppers Collection by Clarks has brought updated casual options for your everyday life. This supportive option, called the Arla Jacory, is perfect for those who want to stay cool and comfortable. Thick straps make a bold statement, perfect for topping off your next summer look.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great Wedge Heel

Riptape Backstrap

Intensely Cushioned

Very Lightweight

Fantastic Traction



Runs Small


While Cloudsteppers can sometimes look a bit disjointed to their primarily grey soles, regardless of the color of the shoe, this one is quite cohesive. Similar to a retro nineties sandal, it is chunky without being too thick or unattractive. A wave of grey in the outsole actually gives quite a nice appearance. That being said, there is heather on some of the colored uppers of the Arla Jacory. Though some like the look of heather colors, others may think it looks a bit old. Modern styles tend to translate a lot better in clean, bold, solid colors. Heather makes colors appear softer and often can make a lot less of a statement than a consistent hue. The upper of the Arla Jacory is two thick straps across the foot, which helps give it more of that 90s aesthetic. Platform sandals in this style are definitely making a come back in many brands, so it is interesting to see Clarks pursue that design as well. The slingback heel looks carefree but doesn’t affect the overall appearance of the Arla Jacory much since it matches the front straps in color, making it more subtle. Clarks has a whole line of shoes called the Arla, but this one is definitely one of the more modern imaginations of it.


Open shoes have better breathability just by virtue of being open. A lot of your foot is still exposed in these, even if they allow for a bit more modesty due to full-coverage straps. Unfortunately, these straps fail to offer breathability in the fabric, which is a shame for the wearer. The straps are made of a slightly stiff, woven material. This kind of material is mostly made of synthetic fibers which can seriously impact the breathability of the shoe. Clarks Arla Jacory is still a viable option for warm weather, but if you need something soft that your foot will stay cool in, and struggle with perspiration and chafing, you probably would benefit from a natural fabric sandal. Cotton or other natural fabric uppers will work better for feet that frequently sweat. If you are just looking for a shoe to stay comfortable in during purely leisure activities, this will certainly be breathable enough. For travel, this might not be the most forgiving in terms of a lot of walking in high heat.


One feature to love about slingback casual sandals is that their back strap is often adjustable. A feature that isn’t so lovable is it is often adjustable in the form of a hard to reach buckle. The Arla Jacory defies slingback expectations by making the fastening on their backstrap out of rip tape. The Arla Jacory is a really great shoe for people with mobility problems or arthritis because of this. It is incredibly easy to get on and off and, more importantly, adjust to your ideal size. Clarks on a whole does run small and narrow, however, so be mindful when buying. On online retailers, Clarks usually have a selection of wides, so that shouldn’t get in the way of you bringing these Arla Jacorys home. Due to the straps cutting straight across, those with sensitive bunyons may want to choose a less restrictive option in the straps. Otherwise, these are a great style that has a well-reviewed fit. It all depends on your foot’s individual needs.


Thick soles can offer wonderful support and a sturdy feel when walking but they do have their limitations. Flexibility is definitely one of them. The Arla Jacory is a very structured shoe. The straps sit high and round even when you’re not wearing them. Though this shoe looks incredibly stretchy, the fabric has very little give. In product images of people actually wearing the Arla Jacory, you can see that the fabric really doesn’t bend or shape to the foot well at all. This, in addition to a very thick midsole and platform, makes for a shoe that is far less flexible than a more flat-based sandal utilizing different materials. Flatter sandals will of course lack in the support that the Arla Jacory offers, but there are certainly ones out there that still have a good amount of movement in them. For many, flexibility does not come first and foremost, but for summer sandals, most of us want to forget we are even wearing shoes. This Arla Jacory is probably a bit too structured to allow for that to happen.


While this Clark has its obvious benefits in terms of comfort and height due to its heel, first let’s address just the look of it. If you want some lift incorporated into a look, a wedge with a large platform like on the Arla Jacory is ideal. This shoe will help to elongate your leg and bring you to new heights, without feeling like a medieval torture device! Heels help to slim the leg and improve your posture, so this is a fabulous option for those who want to walk with a bit more confidence. The wave of grey and white on the heel is an interesting style choice that is on many of Cloudsteppers sandals. It breaks up the shoe from looking bland, adding another feature that emulates the curves of the foot and flatters the wearer. Having too great of an incline can really ruin a comfortable stroll in the perfect sandal, as well, so these are a nice and forgiving footbed for every type of person. Thanks to the modest heel but a fashion-forward appearance of the wedge, this pair from Clarks combines two of the modern girl’s favorite sandal features. Slip on this Arla Jacory and you will be forced to admire their functional but fashionable height.


You can’t really expect much when it comes to traction on sandals. Luckily, in shoes like the Arla Jacory, that means you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of traction and durability of the outsole. On this Arla Jacory, there are waves that are raised and intersecting on the bottom of the sole. This makes for a lot of contact points and grip to connect with the ground and keep you firm in your footing. The material looks soft and won’t squeak when walking on shiny surfaces, but it also won’t slide all around on the soft ground. Clarks can often make the outsole an afterthought on their more basic styles, but the Cloudsteppers are far from forgotten when it comes to matters of their wearability. Their grey outsole works its way up from the bottom of the shoe a bit, which helps to diminish signs of scuffing or scratches on the white section of the sole. Clarks thought of everything with this Arla Jacory.


Normally, Clarks shoes are pretty pricey. There is no way around the cost of Clarks, many are accustomed to having to spend big bucks to take a pair of this brand of shoe home. Most people don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of cash on a shoe for the summer. Surprisingly, this Clark defies those sky-high price tag expectations. The Arla Jacory is well within an incredibly reasonable price range. Buyers will be excited to see it at an ultra-affordable price that everyone can love. Reviewers were completely enamored by its cost and style, as well as its overall performance when out for a stroll. Due to its high-quality materials which are stiffer than the usual sandal, this will also hold up well for longer periods of time. That means the Clarks Arla Jacory is a bargain at its price point. It is rare to see this kind of value on a Clarks shoe, so enjoy it while it lasts!


This shoe ranks pretty low in flexibility. That may seem like a bad thing in the long run, but it really helps improve the overall stability of the shoe. Stiff fabric in the upper helps your feet stay in place. The top strap touches all the way to the ankle, offering some support in that area as well, coupled with the backstrap, it makes quite a stability duo. Both straps are very thick, which means your foot stays exactly where it is intended to be in the shoe, and it is guided into a proper position for comfortable wear. A very thick sole and fantastic grip on the outsole only enhance the stability of the Arla Jacory. Wide soles help to support a person's natural balance, and the heel makes sure to not be too high for comfortable and stable wear. If you need more than just a flip-flop or slide, but feel insecure in wedge sandals intended purely for fashion, shoes like the Arla Jacory will be optimal. The stiffness of the upper may rub or chafe some people at first, but very few reviewers had problems and regarded the Clarks Arla Jacory as a very sturdy wedge sandal.


Support is so intensely hard to find in a summer shoe. You need arch support, comfort for the ball of the foot, heel cushioning, ability to maintain firmly in the shoes, and so much more. Many people just opt for less than comfortable sandals that are totally lacking in the support department. The Clarks Arla Jacory can absolutely change that. Their wedge heel has the perfect amount of lift for your actual heel. This will support the arch comfortable without straining the rest of the foot or feeling unnatural. In addition to arch support, Cloudsteppers foam is throughout the footbed for intense cushioning that will feel like absolute bliss on your feet. Layers upon layers of cushion soft foam will complement every step you take in the Arla Jacory. Cloudsteppers converts rarely go back to their other comfort sandals, so for shoe-lovers who are in desperate need of a sandal that pays attention to all the right places, this particular Cloudsteppers pair is worth a try. A backstrap around the ankle only adds to its full-package of comfort in each step. It is time to make sure that sandals that do absolutely nothing for you get left in the past. Looking towards the future, it may be time to get into a pair of Cloudsteppers.


If you have any experience with athletic sneakers, you have probably heard of EVA foam. EVA has a ton of uses, from arts and crafts to more practical uses, like packing material or padding for shoes! Most shoes utilize either injection-molded or compression-molded foam. Though the processes to make these two types of EVA are slightly different, the results are the same. Those results are incredibly light and energy-returning midsoles or footbeds. This Arla Jacory utilizes EVA in its footbed. This creates a lighter-than-air experience for the wearer of this Cloudsteppers pair. Lugging around a too heavy sandal can be the bane to many beach lover’s weekends. Thanks to the Arla Jacory, people can feel as light as their shoes are.

Bottom Line

There are few downsides to this sandal by Clarks. The Cloudsteppers line continues to create imaginative shoes that make you want to take them for a spin. If you have long-awaited a practical, but bold, style option from one of your favorite comfort brands, this might be it. They may run small and be a bit stiff but the positives here greatly outweigh the negatives. Clarks has come a long way from making slippers from leather cut-offs, that much is clear from their sandals like the Arla Jacory. For strappy sandal enthusiasts that require a bit more coverage and a lot more comfort than the average option, Cloudsteppers like this one is here to stay.