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Ryka Sky Walk Reviewed Review Facts

Ryka really mastered the women's shoe category with their Sky Walk model. This walking shoe was specifically engineered to meet the needs of women's feet. And it succeeded in doing so, since the Sky Walk is extremely comfortable and supportive, due to the materials used in the production of this shoe, such as a durable rubber outsole, a lightweight molded EVA foam midsole with a TPU shank in the midfoot for arch support, a memory foam footbed and a very breathable mesh upper with leather overlays for extra support and structure. To top it all, the Sky Walk is very stylish and inexpensive and an all-around great walking shoe to have in one's collection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Roomy toe box
  • Breathable and lightweight upper
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Accommodates various foot conditions
  • A bit of a narrow fit
  • Lacks sufficient arch support


The outsole of the Ryka Sky Walk is made of a durable rubber material with a special pattern and rubber treads placed on the high-abrasion areas for longevity and traction. The outsole also features Flex Grooves for enhanced flexibility, following the feet’s natural flexing and bending for a natural and effortless stride. Thanks to the design of the outsole and the highly durable rubber material it is made of, this walking shoe will serve you well on many different surfaces, even wet ones. Some reviewers reported using them in the gym for various workouts, on treadmills, some even took them hiking, and the feedback was positive.


Since the Ryka Sky Walk is a walking shoe made specifically for women’s feet, comfort and support are very important factors. The midsole features an EVA molded foam, a lightweight, yet supportive cushioning foam. This type of foam not only keeps the feet supported during use, but also absorbs the shock of each foot-fall, thus allowing for springy and light movement that will not tire the wearer. The midsole also features Flex Grooves for excellent flexibility. The midfoot has a TPU shank for extra support in the arch area. Furthermore, the underfoot features a memory foam footbed that molds to each individual’s foot shape and provides a supportive cushioning exactly where it is needed, making them incredibly comfortable to wear.


The upper of the Ryka Sky Walk sports a breathable mesh material, that enables free air flow throughout the shoe, keeping the feet comfortably dry. Besides the mesh material, the upper also features stitched-on leather overlays in important structural areas, like the sides of the shoe, lacing system, toe box, and heel, to keep the feet locked in position and supported during use. The Sky Walk has a soft mesh lining to enhance breathability and give a comfortable feel inside the shoe. As mentioned above, the footbed is made of memory foam, that molds to the wearer’s foot shape, providing a customized cushioning experience.

This shoe has a standard lacing system, which can be adjusted to fit as snug as it needs to be, depending on each individual’s needs. The tongue and collar of the shoe have extra padding for a comfortable and stable fit without the risk of blisters. One customer with bunion issues reported the shoes felt very comfortable, while another would recommend sizing down half a size.


The Ryka Sky Walk weighs around 9 ounces, which falls in the neutral weight category. Thanks to the molded EVA and the mesh upper, Ryka was able to keep the weight under check. It is certainly a very lightweight everyday walking shoe that will not leave your feet tired after long hours of wearing it.


Even though the upper features leather overlays, it does not take away from the overall breathability of this shoe. The lightweight and breathable mesh material on the upper lets the feet breathe and helps with temperature regulation, so the feet do not get overheated. The lining is also made of a soft mesh material, which further enhances this shoe’s breathability and provides a comfortable fit inside the shoe.


The Ryka Sky Walk, as the name indicates, makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. Thanks to the molded EVA foam cushioning in the midsole, combined with the memory foam footbed, this shoe provides superb comfort for the wearer, be it for walking, working out, hiking or everyday use. And the comfort does not stop there. The soft mesh lining with the padded collar and tongue deliver an excellent comfort level inside the shoe without causing blisters or irritation. One customer used this shoe for work, where she had to stand for long hours, and said that she no longer experienced foot pain. Another customer who underwent many foot/leg surgeries also recommends this shoe as being one of the most comfortable out there.


The Ryka Sky Walk is specifically designed for women, which can be seen at first glance. The shoe looks very feminine and chic with its curves and color schemes. However, many reviewers noticed how similar the Sky Walk looks to regular running shoes. While that may be true, it is in fact designed for walking and light exercise, but features some characteristics of running shoes, like supportive cushioning, that give this shoe the kick that it needs. Although, not everybody’s cup of tea, this walking shoe is quite stylish and can be worn many different ways and for many different purposes.


Due to the rubber outsole that the Sky Walk has, this walking shoe is very resistant to abrasions and lasts for a very long time, even after extensive use. Not only that, but it also has excellent traction on many different surfaces, dry or wet, making them ideal for a variety of activities, from walking and exercising to hiking or standing in for long hours. The outsole is the main durability component of this shoe, however, the midsole and upper are also quite durable. The midsole features a molded EVA foam like many quality running shoes do, so durability is guaranteed. The upper is made of a breathable mesh material with leather overlays in crucial places, thus ensuring durability, especially around the toes and heel. The laces are pretty sturdy as well, so you do not need to worry about ripping them.


The Sky Walk offers a good amount of protection for the wearer. First of all, the rubber outsole has excellent grip and traction, minimizing the risk of slipping. The molded EVA foam in the midsole provides a supportive cushioning and help stabilize the heel. It is also excellent at absorbing the shock of each foot-fall for a springy stride that does not tire you out. The upper features leather overlays, which help keep the feet locked down in their right position, preventing slipping inside the shoe. The standard lacing system allows the wearer to tighten the shoes to fit as snug as they want them, while the padded tongue and collar help cushion and support the ankles to prevent injuries such as sprained ankles. Many reviewers reported that the Sky Walk walking shoes helped them with painful knees and even planters fasciitis.


The Sky Walk does not lack in support. The midsole features a lightweight molded EVA foam in the heel pad that absorbs the shock of each foot fall and provides a supportive cushioning for the underfoot. The midfoot area implemented a TPU shank for additional arch support, which, while does not cure overpronation, certainly helps support the arch of the foot. Moving upwards, the upper incorporated leather overlays in important places, such as the sides, the toe box and the heel. These overlays help keep the feet in their proper place and prevents sliding inside the shoe, which can lead to injuries. The padded tongue and collar keep the ankles cushioned and in place throughout use, without causing blisters or irritation.


Specifically designed as a walking shoe, the Sky Walk is best suited for flat surfaces, like roads, pavement, gym or treadmills. However, some reviewers reported taking them on hiking trails and light jogging, and had no complaints. Since the outsole is made of a very durable rubber material with excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces alike, this shoe is truly versatile. Although, one should keep in mind that the Sky Walk is meant primarily for walking, and even though it may look like a durable running shoe, it should not be used for long-distance running or trails.


The outsole of the Sky Walk is made of a durable rubber material with rubber treads and a special rubber pattern for enhanced traction on dry and wet surfaces alike. This walking shoe is best used on flat surfaces, like roads, pavement, gyms or treadmills. The shoes have performed well on hiking trips and light jogging, according to some customers, but we would not recommend taking them on trails or long distance running since they are not designed for that. As long as you stick to the intended surfaces, you will enjoy excellent traction from the Sky Walk.


The Sky Walk is very flexible, as it was designed to move in accordance with the natural movement of the feet. The midsole features a lightweight molded EVA foam with Flex Grooves along the sides for enhanced flexibility. The mesh upper is quite flexible as well, even with all the leather overlays. When the laces are tied, the upper wraps around the feet and conforms to the natural flexing and bending of the feet, making it very comfortable to wear.


For a walking shoe, the Sky Walk has proven itself very stable. Starting from the outsole, the durable rubber outsole has excellent grip and traction on a variety of surfaces, dry or wet, keeping the feet firmly grounded and preventing slipping. The molded EVA foam in the heel pad absorbs the shock of impact of every foot-fall and keeps the heel in place and stable, preventing injuries. The upper has great stability qualities also with its leather overlays that keep the feet locked in position. The padded heel collar and tongue not only cushion the ankles but keep them stable as well, minimizing the risk of spraining them. Most reviewers wore this walking shoe for long hours and had no issues with it whatsoever.

Key Features

  • Durable rubber outsole with great traction

  • Lightweight molded EVA foam midsole for shock absorption and a supportive cushioning

  • TPU shank in the midfoot for additional arch support

  • Flex Grooves for a natural stride

  • Breathable mesh upper with leather overlays for structure and support

  • Memory foam sockliner for a customized cushioning support

  • Padded heel collar and tongue

  • Standard lacing system
  • Bottom Line

    Ryka really perfected women's walking shoes, as can be seen in their new model, the Ryka Sky Walk. As the name suggests, it delivers a feeling like you are walking on clouds, thanks to its molded EVA foam cushioning and the memory foam footbed that literally molds to the shape of your feet, providing a customized cushioning. In addition, it is also very lightweight, due to its mesh upper and foam midsole combination, making sure you will not feel tired even after long hours of use. The upper features leather overlays on the sides, the toe box and heel for additional support and structure, adding to the overall durability as well.

    The rubber outsole is very durable and grippy, making this shoe an excellent everyday shoe, that you can take to work or on errands, as well as workouts. Thanks to the padding in the collar/tongue, the Sky Walk provides excellent cushioning around the ankles and helps prevent injuries while not causing blisters. As for arch support, it has a TPU shank inserted in the midfoot to help with that. Many customers use the Sky Walk specifically for work, because of its excellent cushioning and support, while some wear them to suit the pain in their feet and legs. A few reviewers even took them on hiking and were very satisfied with the performance of the Sky Walk. Not to mention the attractive design and color schemes this shoe comes in. If you re looking for quality walking shoes that will last you a long time, but do not have big bucks to spare, this affordable pair will definitely not disappoint you.