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The CC Corso Como brand was inspired by the simple and elegant styles that are found on most European streets. They are known for creating fantastic footwear for women. They are made out of high-quality materials and constructed for all-day use their shoes to finish off your office wardrobe and transition well into your evening attire.

The Denice pumps are a great pair of shoes with a short kitten heel that is perfect for almost anyone. Whether you're a teenage girl just getting comfortable in heels or you're a businesswoman who wants the height without going overboard, these two and a half inch heels are going to be perfect for you. They have a great look that will go great at any formal event and could look right at home in the office setting if paired with the right outfit. Unfortunately, some customers have stated that they are on the most comfortable for all day wear, but as long as you're not doing a lot of walking around, then you should be just fine. Additionally, they are built tough, but they tend to bend at the toes when you're walking, leaving a noticeable crease on the vamp that can discourage some people from wearing them out. If you need a pair of pumps to wear for a few occasions, then these might be the perfect choice for you, however, if you need something for long time wear you might want to think about a different option.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Stable kitten heel

Beautiful style

Multiple color options

Available in wide width


Creases at the toes

High price tag

Uncomfortable for extended wear

Can easily step out of your shoe


The CC Corso Como's feature a low wrapped heel that measures in at about two and a half inches, which is enough to give you extra height but not too tall that they become unstable and uncomfortable while you are wearing them. The elevation is based on a size nine shoe and can vary depending on the size you purchase.

They have a cute little kitten heel that curves near the top of it, close to the foot, and comes down into a stiletto point, giving them a classic kitten look. They are perfect for those who want to wear heels but might not feel comfortable in taller ones or for teenage girls who are just learning how to walk in them and aren't suitable enough for the high stilettos. Whether you're a young girl with your first pair of heels or an older woman who wants some height while maintaining comfort and stability, the Denice's might be the perfect choice for you.


The rest of the outsole, at the forefront of your foot, is made out of man-made materials that gives you a great deal of durability and flexibility. There is a slight wavy treat pattern on the bottom that will provide you with a little bit of traction, but they might not be the best at keeping you upright so you'll still want to be careful when encountering a slick surface such as ice or a wet spot.


The midsole provides you with a decent amount of comfort thanks to the lightly padded footbed. Some customers have had some problems with there not being enough underfoot cushioning, especially at the arches and balls of your feet, but if you aren't wearing them for extended periods of time, then the lack of padding doesn't really bother a lot of consumers. It only becomes a problem when doing a lot of walking or standing for long periods.


The uppers of the CC Corso Como Denice's are made of various materials depending on the color and style you decide to choose when purchasing. The material includes leather, suede, and other synthetic and textile fabrics. No matter what upper you go with you can rest assured that they are going to be soft and comfortable as well as highly durable, no need to worry about them tearing while you're on the go.

The heels feature an elastic asymmetrical strap located over the instep that is designed to help keep your feet locked into the shoe and give it a more elegant look that you will love.


When you are wearing the shoe for long periods of times or out dancing the night away, you want to try to ensure you're wearing something that will give you some good air flow into the foot chamber. This is going to help keep you from overheating as well as reduce your foot sweat, giving you a healthier and odor free in-shoe environment. The air can flow in and keep you fresh, and the sweat will be able to evaporate and leave the shoes with ease.


When you're looking for a pair of shoes, you want to try to find something that is going to lock your feet inside, hugging your feet to reduce the risk of slipping and sliding around while you're on the go. This can be especially important if you're hitting the dance floor or doing a lot of walking. The strap over the instep is designed to help keep you secure. Unfortunately, they don't seem to do a good enough job. Some reviewers mentioned that their heels are frequently slipping out of the shoe while they're walking, causing them to step out of their shoes if not careful repeatedly. This can become very frustrating after a couple of times and eventually causing discomfort.

The slip-ons are also lacking in arch support. They have a little padding in the midsole, but not enough located under the arches. If you have higher than average arches, then you might not want to wear these shoes or opt to purchase an additional insole or insert so you can get the support you need.


The short kitten heel helps give you a decent amount of stability while you are wearing them. Since they're so short, it makes them easier to wear and makes them a perfect option for women who might not be comfortable wearing higher heels. They do, however, have a thin stiletto heel on them so you should use caution when you're walking outside, especially if you are going to be cutting through the grass in your pumps. The thin heel can easily sink into the ground or get stuck in a crack or grate. This can potentially cause you to fall and hurt yourself, or snap your heel, so be careful. You can always choose to add heel stoppers to the tip of the stilettos if you want, this will give you a broader base so you won't have to worry when walking around outdoors. That being said, most women find that unnecessary with these kitten heels and have had no problems walking in them.


There are some issues that customers have with the overall comfort level of these shoes. The pointed toes of the heels tend to push your feet into the tips of them which can cause you pain throughout the day when you are walking. Additionally, even though there is some padding in the midsole, they lack cushioning at the balls of your feet and the forefront. If you aren't going to be doing a lot of standing or walking in the shoes, then there are going to have a sufficient amount of comfort for you throughout the day, but otherwise, they might not be comfy enough for you. It is possible to purchase an additional insert or insole for the inside of the shoe, but they might not fit in there correctly unless you go up about a half size to make room for it.


When it comes to your shoes falling apart, you aren't going to have very many problems with the CC Corso Como Denice's as they are designed with good quality materials and have a decent construction. The uppers will not tear easily, and the heel is sturdy enough that it will take a lot of force to snap it off.

The one problem that customers have with the pumps is that the materials of the upper can leave a crease in the toes after you've worn them for a while. The pointed toe bends with your feet while you are walking, but it will leave a crease along the vamp where it is repeatedly bending. This may not happen with all of the colors and materials, but it happens enough that it can lead to disgruntled customers.

When you see the high cost of the shoe, you will hope that they would last a while before you have to replace them. It is unfortunate that there are some styles that crease, damaging the shoe by ruining the overall look of them, causing them to be unwearable and need to be replaced. There are some consumers out there who do not believe that they are worth the price tag and don't make a very good investment.


Making sure that your shoes fit your feet properly is essential to your overall comfort level and support they can offer. You want to make sure that the pumps hug your feet and keep you locked in, but you're still going to want enough wiggle room that they aren't cutting into your skin or causing blisters. There are some resources to aid you in choosing the perfect size, such as size charts. You can always take a little peek to make sure you're getting the perfect fit the first time. That being said, some customers have commented that they are running just a little bit on the large side, so they recommend getting about a half size larger, so you make sure you have enough room in them.

One of the useful features about the pumps is that they are available for purchase is wide widths, which can sometimes be difficult to find in dress shoes like these. The width, however, is running true to size, you should have no problems with this aspect of your size preference.


The CC Corso Como Denice heels have a slip-on design with a pointed toe silhouette, and they also don an asymmetrical stretch strap over the instep to help give you added support and an aesthetically pleasing look. They have a low wrapped kitten heel that measures at about two and a half inches high, giving you some added height without reducing your comfort or stability. The covered heel matches the color of the rest of the shoe, so you have a more unified look throughout the whole thing.

They come in a variety of color options, which are available in different materials depending on what you choose. You can get them in black suede, black (more of a shiny finish), champagne leather, cherry red, greystone, and nude leather. Some reviewers mentioned that some of the colors are not accurately depicted in the photos online, so that is something that you might want to bear in mind while you're ordering them.

Bottom Line

The CC Corso Como Denice pumps are a great pair of shoes for those who are not used to wearing high heels or for women who might not feel very comfortable wearing anything too high. The short kitten heel gives you added stability and a higher comfort level, even though they are thin stiletto type heels. These are going to be the perfect addition to any formal event, whether you are heading to prom or attending a wedding. They have a higher price tag than many would like to pay, and even though they aren't going to fall apart for a while, they do tend to crease at the toes making the slip-on virtually unwearable and in need of replacing. They might not be the best shoes for you if you're looking for a long lasting pair of dress shoes, but if you want something to last you a handful of events, then they are going to be just fine. Unfortunately, they're not the most comfortable, so if you are on your feet for extended periods, your feet will not be happy by the end of the day. Overall, they have a fantastic look and would look great at a formal event, but many consumers feel like they are overpriced and uncomfortable in general.