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If you are an adventurer who is always on the go and want your shoes to match your lifestyle, then look no further. Reef specializes in active footwear and has designed their Landis 2 TX with the wandering surfer in mind. The sneaker features a lightweight and breathable construction with Reef’s groundbreaking Swellular Technology for all-day support and comfort no matter the activity. Furthermore, this incredible canvas sneaker is very affordable and will be your best friend for the summer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and breathable construction

Swellular technology

Contoured EVA sockliner with anatomical arch support and heel cupping

Swellular Traction


Simple, timeless design



The upper lacks support


Reef is very well known for their wandering surfer-inspired footwear and the Reef Landis 2 TX is an excellent addition to their heritage. Since their shoes are meant to be worn while strolling down the beach, hiking on the coastal area, and any other activity one might take up when outside, Reef wanted to make sure, that they provide the wearer with enough cushioning, durability and protection. That is why they introduced a new innovative, three-part sole design featuring their Swellular technology. This three-part sole design consists of a cushioning foam deck, a medium-density Swellular midsole for support, and a durable, high-density cushion rubber outsole with Swellular Traction to keep the wearer comfortable and steady in their every step. Inspired by the ocean waves, the tread pattern on the Landis 2 TX will provide excellent grip and traction on most surfaces, be it dry or wet. This makes this canvas shoe perfect for anything from walking on the beach, hiking on rocky trails, or just everyday use, which is what Reef intended this shoe to be: suitable for any occasion while on the road and perfect to just throw on and not think about it.


As part of Reef’s Swellular Technology, the Landis 2 TX features a medium-density Swellular midsole. This midsole was specially designed to provide the wearer with cushioning and support, that lasts all day. Besides supportive cushioning, the medium-density Swellular midsole comes with excellent shock-absorbing qualities as well, that will keep your feet protected from the shock of impact, no matter the activity. This means, that you can take on any adventure with light and springy steps, not having to worry about sore feet or getting fatigued. Completing the three-part Swellular Technology sole unit, is the soft contoured EVA foam sockliner, featuring anatomical arch support and heel cupping, for enhanced support and all-day comfort. This sockliner has been specifically designed to follow the contours of the feet perfectly, providing excellent arch support, while the heel cupping helps the feet stay stable, comfortable, and pain-free. The Landis 2 TX canvas sneaker is ideal for traveling, which includes a lot of walking and hiking, as it will keep your feet comfortable and sore-free all day, so you can enjoy all the activities you want.


The upper of the Landis 2 TX is made of premium linen, which is a lightweight and highly breathable material, perfect for those warm months. The linen panels are stitched together, and there are some additional stitching details on the rear and around the eyelets, as well as leather logo details on the collar and tongue, which add some interest to the overall simple design. The eyelets are made of metal, making them more durable and stylish, while the lacing system is quite standard, but with a twist, as the laces are made of military-inspired rope. For additional convenience, Reef added a cotton webbing heel tab to the Landis 2 TX, making it easy to slip into the shoe and be on your way. Inside the shoe, Reef included a soft cotton canvas lining, which helps keep the shoe well-ventilated, for a dry and comfortable ride. There are two additional perforations on the inner side, for even more airflow, helping with temperature regulation and protecting against unpleasant odors, for a healthy in-shoe environment. These no-fuss canvas sneakers from Reef are great for those warmer months spent at the beach or traveling, and are very easy to clean: just put them in the washing machine and let them air dry, and they are good to go.


Canvas shoes are well-known for their superb breathability and are everybody’s best friend during spring and summer. The uppers are usually made of either linen or cotton, which are both highly breathable materials, that help keep the feet dry and cool during the warm season. The Reef Landis 2 TX is an excellent low-top canvas shoe, inspired by surfers, who are always on the go for their next adventure. The upper is made of premium linen, featuring a soft cotton canvas lining, as well as two perforations on the inner side of each shoe. This ensures maximum breathability and temperature regulation for all-day comfort and a healthy in-shoe environment without unpleasant odors or moisture buildup.


Made with the active wearer in mind, the Landis 2 TX packs a lot of great features, and comfortability is one of them. Thanks to Reef’s Swellular Technology and soft, breathable materials, the Landis 2 TX is a very comfortable sneaker. It features a high-density cushion rubber outsole and a medium-density Swellular midsole for a comfortable and supportive stride. It also comes with a contoured EVA sockliner, equipped with anatomical arch support and heel cupping, which ensure, that the feet are comfortable and supported throughout use, eliminating the risk of foot pain. While the upper is relatively minimalistic-looking, it is nothing short of comfortable, so much so, that this sneaker can easily be worn without any socks too. The highly breathable and comfortable linen upper, together with the soft cotton canvas lining, provides a well-ventilated in-shoe environment, for comfort that lasts the whole day, no matter what you are doing. This sneaker is excellent for warm weather and will serve you right, whether you are traveling, hiking or just hanging out at the beach.


Designed as active wear, the Landis 2 TX is incredibly flexible, from its sole unit to the upper. The sole unit consists of a three-part Swellular Technology: the high-density cushion rubber outsole, the medium-density Swellular midsole, and the contoured EVA footbed, all of which are very flexible, for a comfortable, unrestricted ride. The contoured EVA footbed especially is anatomically engineered to follow the contours of the feet, and move with their natural bending and flexing. The upper, which features a low-top silhouette and is made of soft linen, conforms to the wearer foot shape and allows for a wide range of movement, making this sneaker great for all outdoor activities.


Reef is known for their functional, yet attractive footwear and the Landis 2 TX is no exception. Featuring a breathable linen upper, this canvas sneaker rocks the minimalist look, with its simple, but appealing details, such as the stitching and the leather logos on the collar and tongue. The cotton webbing heel tab is another great example of Reef’s functional aesthetic, as it makes slipping into the sneaker easy and fuss-free while adding some interest to the design at the same time. The Landis 2 TX stuck to the minimalist appearance when it comes to colors as well, as it is available in two basic, but attractive colors: dark and light grey, making these sneakers very versatile and easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and pair well with jeans and shorts, or even with some dressier trousers.


As a sneaker made for active outdoor wear, the Landis 2 TX has a ton of support to offer to its wearers. First off, the high-density durable rubber delivers excellent traction on most surfaces, dry or wet, providing a firm footing for the wearer. The Swellular midsole offers support, that lasts all day long, while the contoured EVA footbed comes equipped with anatomical arch support and heel cupping, keeping the wearer supported and comfortable in their every endeavor. For their upper, Reef concentrated on breathability and freedom of movement more than support, however, that does not mean, that there is no support at all. The linen upper comes with a standard lacing system, which, when laced up, delivers a custom snug fit to the wearer without obstructing their movement. The Landis 2 TX is excellent for people with high and low arches, as well as people who struggle with plantar fasciitis, as the heel cupping helps eliminate foot pain, for worry and pain-free stride.


Thanks to their Swellular Traction, a tread pattern, that mimics ocean waves on a high-density durable rubber outsole, the Landis 2 TX has excellent traction on most surfaces, wet and dry alike. It will keep you steady and firm in your every step, be it on the shore, the boardwalk, or hiking along rocky trails, as the wave-like tread pattern grips firmly onto the ground and eliminates the risk of slipping induced injuries for a sure, worry-free ride. This makes this sneaker great for all the summer adventures waiting for you.


The Reef Landis 2 TX weighs 24 ounces in total, making this canvas sneaker quite lightweight. The majority of the weight is concentrated in the Swellular Technology sole unit, namely, the high-density rubber outsole, medium-density Swellular midsole, and the contoured EVA footbed. Reef kept the upper super lightweight and breathable with a soft, but durable linen material on the outside, and a soft cotton canvas lining on the inside. Made to be the go-to shoe, when on the road, this super comfortable and lightweight sneaker will keep your steps springy and light, and will not cause any foot pain or fatigue, making it ideal for traveling, walking, and hiking.

Bottom Line

Reef has made a name for themselves thanks to their superb active footwear, and the Landis 2 TX does not fall far from the tree in this case. This lightweight and highly breathable low-top canvas sneaker is excellent for anyone with a knack for adventure and will make for the perfect summer shoe to just throw on and be out the door. Featuring Reef’s innovative Swellular Technology, the sole unit is made up of three key components: a high-density cushion rubber outsole, a medium-density Swellular midsole, and a Contoured EVA footbed with anatomical arch support and heel cupping. These three elements combined together help deliver soft and cushioned steps, and all-day comfort, and support to the wearer, no matter the activity. The upper’s breathable linen together with the soft cotton canvas lining, keep the feet well-ventilated and odor-free throughout the day. While the underfoot is well-supported, the upper sacrificed some of its support in favor of breathability and lightness. That said, the Landis 2 TX still packs a lot of great features for your summer adventures and comes with a more than affordable price tag, that makes it hard to pass this sneaker up.