Danner Mountain Light II Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

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Editor’s Conclusion
These boots aren't my style, I find them a bit too militant and not very flexible, but on a performance level, they're a pretty decent pair of Danner boots.

They offer a durable exterior and boast a Vibram Kletterlift Outsole which is great for rough terrain. The leather uppers are strong and long-lasting. The whole exterior of these boots offers great stability and durability, what they lack is flexibility.

On a positive note, they are waterproof and the GORE-TEX liners let out unwanted moisture and sweat. The fact they are a smaller boot, only having a 5" height, also helps with the weight.
Danner Mountain Light II Gore-Tex Hiking Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


GORE-TEX lining

Airthotic Footbed


Tight fitting

Bland style

Key Features


Well, the Danner Mountain Light II boots are a competitor in the performance field. The technology used on them is purely to ensure your feet are getting the best performance possible.

The GORE-TEX lining is always beneficial for any hiking boot, allowing for unwanted moisture to get out and none to get it. The Airthotic footbed is brilliant for cupping the foot, giving cushioning, and supporting the arch of the foot.

The outsole, always one of the most important aspects of any hiking boot, is made of Vibram Kletterlift, specifically designed for comfort and durability. It will provide you with a firm step, whether that be on wet or dry surfaces, and will be a decent stable outsole on unwarranted terrain, which you will surely come across. The lace-to-toe system gives more stability and keeps in warmth.


So I mentioned a spoiler earlier, truth is these boots just don't do it for me but I can appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into them and the beautiful materials used.

They exhibit full-grain leather uppers giving a nice finish to these boots, also meaning they are waterproof. They also use Retro One Piece Leather Upper design, meaning no seams and no tongue opening. This isn't something I like, but there are advantages to it, such as debris not being able to enter the boot and a smooth finish.

The Danner Mountain Light II boots are quite militant looking. They have a solid outsole - I would dare say would be a tough cookie to bring any disrepair to.

As with most Danner boots, they flaunt the Danner logo along the side, which makes people aware that when it comes to walking boots, you only buy from premium brands.


I can't sugarcoat this. These boots are expensive. As I said, the Danne Mountain Light II are rock solid, so they aren't going to wear down easily. You will, without doubt, get your money's worth.


Danner is a top brand in the hiking field. They have a reputation spanning as long as they have been founded and they are experts in making boots that are fit for purpose. Danner boots are meant for the extraordinary. They are powerhouse footwear and deserve to be used for adventure and exploration.

Danner has a multitude of hiking boots, so if like me, this style isn’t one you would pick, don’t judge the brand too quickly, you will be happily surprised with the different options available to you!

Comparison to Similar Boots

If the Danner Mountain Light II boots just don’t do it for you, or maybe you want a different style of shoe, then I've got two different options for you.

No.1 – Vasque St. Elias GTX. These boots are a more hiking trainer, lightweight, and less bulky than the Danner Mountain Light boots. They have a great platform outsole, a nice lift from the ground, and an added protection from the terrain you may encounter. The Vasque St. Elias boots are also waterproof and dustproof, they give a fantastic level of comfort and cushioning and the price is very reasonable.

No.2 – RockRooster hiking boots. Now the RockRoosters are a boot fit for purpose, they are waterproof and made from Nubuck Leather, a material that is known for its durability and strength. They boast COOLMAX technology to help water and moisture and the fabric is also made with PORON Xrd giving further protection, comfort, breathability, endurance and are lightweight.


Honestly, the Danner Mountain Light II is my least favorite boot I have come across. They are too narrow for my liking and although the Retro One Piece Upper Leather may be valuable for keeping out debris and water, along with keeping in warmth, I just don't like the style.

As a performance boot, they have all the best technology that you would want in a hiking boot, but they are quite bulky. The price is what I would expect from Danner, but for me, there are plenty of other boots with a nicer design that I would prefer to purchase.