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Editor’s Conclusion
There are some brands that will forever be in your top 5 favorites, and for me, UGG is one of them. I suffer terribly from the cold, I can't bear my feet feeling cold, it doesn't bode well with me. So, is there any wonder that UGG has a special place in my heart?

UGG crafts not only warm shoes but also have the most stylish designs (a popular brand among many celebrities too). Let's be honest, if they're good enough for celebrities, well I'm sure they're good enough for everyone else.

Made with cow suede and sheepskin lining, the Ugg McKay boots are not only warm but most comfortable too. They have a Treadlite rubber outsole providing comfort, flexibility, and traction.
Ugg McKay Boot Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Stylish and versatile

Comfortable and cushioned



Sizing can vary


Key Features


Design is a major factor when looking at any boot, especially a casual winter boot that you intend to wear to finish off your outfit. The UGG McKay are a delightful choice for any outfit that you may pair them with. This is a delicate ankle boot with a suede strap with whipstitch detailing for further style.

Made with soft cow suede, which is pre-treated to repel moisture and stains, they are more than comfortable - a kind of slipper that you get to venture out of the house in! Cute right? Suede is also great for movability, your feet will have room to move.

Another great fact is the sheep's fur lining will provide great cushioning and warmth, ideal for winter weather that is going to be biting at your toes. It stretches the entire length of the boot and up the shaft so warmth will not only cuddle your toes but up your ankle too and keep the heat in.

The UGG Treadlite outsole is great for both wet and dry surfaces and will give you more flexibility and comfort when walking, especially if you are planning to wear these boots on a shopping trip or for a full day out.

They aren't waterproof, which might be slightly off-putting to you, but they are moisture repellent and stain resistant which is a great reassurance should you get caught in a light shower. There is nothing worse than a pair of suede boots that stain and turn green due to water.


I’ve covered quite a lot of this already, and I don’t want to repeat myself but UGG, as a brand, prides itself on their boots being worn for years and years and keeping their consistency. They use materials that wear well and continue to give your feet all they require from a casual boot.

The UGG Treadlite outsole is lightweight and durable, has great traction, and is flexible enabling you to wear and wear these boots with no discomfort in sight!

Suede is a likable material, pleasant on the eye, as well as soft and flexible, but it is not as strong as leather, so be mindful of that. When considering which boots you want to purchase, it is paramount that you have an idea of what type of activity they will be used for and in which season.

For example, the UGG McKay is not suitable for a wet hike, it is intended for a more casual purpose, perhaps a trip down to your local with friends or an outing to the shops.


The beauty of the UGG McKay is they are lined with sheep wool, a great cushion that now lasts for 25% longer. The outsole is perfect for flexibility, another aspect that will bring great comfort to your feet when they have been working tirelessly to carry you around all day.


UGG's have been a popular choice with many celebrities since they were founded in 1978. When celebrities who are worth megabucks are fashioning UGG, it's no wonder they are priced in accordance.

The materials that UGG use are expensive themselves so it would be daft to expect them to be a cheap boot, plus quality requires a price.


I said in my opening statement that UGG is one of my favorite brands and I stand by that, they are comfortable, durable, offer great warmth, and will last well beyond the price you pay for them.

The only downside to these Ugg boots is the fact they aren't waterproof, but this is something that you cannot escape when you are buying suede. I find them feminine and the fact you can wear them with just about anything is a real winner.

I would urge you before buying any UGG boot to make sure the seller is legit; many people sell counterfeit UGGs and unfortunately, you might not know the difference but they will not last as long and will not be made from quality materials you expect.