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Calvin Klein is the product of a beautiful friendship. Seriously. Calvin Klein and his childhood friend Barry K. Schwartz founded Calvin Klein Limited in midtown Manhattan back in 1968. The next year, the brand was featured in Vogue magazine and the rest is history. The exposure in the fashion Bible really reached millions of Americans, with heir clean minimalistic aesthetic in their designs.

They promoted provocative campaigning and heavy but memorable marketing. And it worked. For the past 50 or so years, the Calvin Klein ads are memorable. You may not remember all of their merchandise, but you do remember their ads. Especially the 80’s and 90’s ads that caused plenty of controversies in the general public.

However, that simplistic clean minimalism that has been dominating in the Calvin Klein designs for decades now is ever so present in the shoe that’s a subject of our review. The Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford shoes. Hope you'll like this review.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightly cushioned footbed

Box leather upper

Polished silhouette

Lace-up closure

Rear pull tab

Round Toe




The synthetic outsole that graces the bottom part of the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford is thin but highly durable. With the classic block color, the outsole has a significant rise in height at the front area, near the toes, and in the heel area, way back at the end of the shoes. Everything in between is thin but highly durable outsole. It’s worth mentioning that the same size, design, and color are featured in every color that you’ll choose. Regardless if the upper is black, blue or grey, the outsole will remain black, and with the exact dimensions. Oh, and last but not least the giant Calvin Klein logo is slathered across the bottom of the outsole.


Probably one of the most interesting areas of the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford shoes. The shoes have a box leather upper with a polished silhouette, and no detailing other than the heel tab on the back. This is a simple clean upper, with clean lines and that’s what makes it so wonderful.

The synthetic lining the coats the inside of the upper offers pleasant soft feeling when wearing the shoes, and the lining is there to regulate the moisture-wicking properties as well. The lace-up closure is done with thin black laces that sit comfortably on the upper’s center, and on the back is a rear pull tab made from textile. It also has the Calvin Kline logo but with smaller font and the tab is actually inserted to make the putting on the shoes more comfortable and pleasant. Oh and because of the entire shoe blends between two styles. But more on that later.


Right above the outsole sits the bright white and bold midsole. It’s a lot thicker in size, but just like with the outsole of the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford, the midsole don’t change the size or color. If you chose an upper that has a dominant blue color, the midsole will remain white. The midsole is also reinforced with slight padding, which only accentuates the comfort, and makes sure that is provided all day long. The padding isn’t too grand, but the fact that it’s there is provided is a plus for the comfort portion of this shoe. Oh, and when you look at the inside of the shoe, just like in the case with the outsole, the words Calvin Kline are also found in the footbed’s entire surface. With big and bold lettering, just in case you forget the first time.


Because of the box leather upper with synthetic lining, and the thick contrasted outsole, the comfort that these shoes provide is quite high. Even with the slight padding in the midsole. After all the slight padding may be enough for some, while others that have more pronounced problems with the arches or the heel will need to insert an external footbed for that. However, the comfort is pretty high even without external help and you should definitely check it out.


The sturdy leather upper paired with the sturdy thick soles really play a huge role in delivering the support that these shoes need. Of course, the secure lace-up closure is a nice finishing touch in the support portion of this review, but when you think about it, the support is a team effort here. Ever little bit helps. Even the small pull tab on the back of the shoe. But there’s no denying that the midsole and outsole aren’t pulling the most weight in providing the support from the bottom part of the outsole. Both of them are nicely glued together, and they get the most of the job done in distributing the weight of the person that’s wearing the shoes. A team effort at its best.


Having high-quality leather and rubber on your feet is always a good sign of durability, but of course, isn’t always solely about the quality of the materials. Calvin Klein prides itself on delivering well-made shoes with those materials, and the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford shoes are just a great example of that fine craftsmanship. The stitching that’s done of the shoes upper is also minimalistic (that seems to be the recurring theme here), but it works in keeping the craftsmanship barely unnoticeable with a naked eye. The gluing is also done masterfully and plenty of the customers that have purchased the shoes singled out the merging of the upper with the sole and how it was done. Because there isn’t any visible stitching in that area, the connecting of the upper with the midsole is done in a way that ensures that there will not be any splitting, falling off at the edges or damage of the outsole.


Sadly, because of those sturdy, thick, durable materials used in the making of the shoes, the Calvin Kline Company has forgotten about the flexibility and how it’s extremely important to a shoe. There is some flexibility to the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford, but it’s on the bare minimum, and for a shoe that sits in the idle of two different styles (elegant and sporty) deserves a lot more. The soles have barely any minimum, and the upper is far worst in delivering it. Mostly because of the sturdy leather that’s been used in the making of the upper, and mostly because of the fine craftsmanship. If you’re looking for flexibility in these shoes, you won’t be able to find it at great lengths.


However, the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford is bursting at the seams with stability and isn’t too shy about it. Almost every part of the shoe is well equipped to deliver high doses of stability, and it’s hard to pinpoint which part do that better. Whether it’s the thick rubber outsole, the padded midsole, the box leather upper or the lace up system. All of the parts find each other, in order to deliver the best possible comfort to your feet and that’s what’s amazing about it.


The leather in the upper is a natural product that ensures the airflow occurs naturally. The nature of the material is providing the airflow to a certain extent, but other than the leather’s natural ability to give a breather to the shoes, there isn’t any other venting system to these shoes. There are no perforations to any part of the upper or any other venting system that allows air to fluctuate in and out of the shoes. The airflow is also minimal in this shoe, and if you’re looking for shoes that have a much bigger amount of airflow, you should look elsewhere. You won’t find it here.


Yes, with a price tag that’s reaching 140 dollars, these are some pricey shoes, there’s no denying about that. But if you’re willing to invest in some quality footwear why not do it with these. They’re made with high-quality materials, they’re versatile in style and options and the craftsmanship is exquisite. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth when purchasing these shoes.


The outsole of the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford sadly doesn’t have any pronounced ridging. The bottom of the outsole in entirely flat, which could make these shoes quite dangerous when they’re worn on flat, slippery or wet surfaces. The soles are quite thick, but there’s nothing significant on the bottom of the soles that could ensure the security and stability when you’re on unstable surfaces. The traction is non-existent and you really should be a lot more careful.


Calvin Klein has been building the reputation of delivering functional, minimalist and quality products for more than 5 decades, and they’ve perfected that stylish minimalism down to a T. Those same clean, simplistic lines are visible here in the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford shoes, but the style is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.


Probably the first thing you’ll notice in the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford regarding the style is how it’s undetermined. It's sitting in the middle of sporty and elegant, and that’s the idea behind it. It supposed to blend and bend style conventions, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. The thick rubber soles along with the pull tab on the side of the upper pull the shoes on their more sporty side, while the clean upper with lace-up system brings back the shoes to their more elegant roots.

The style mash-up works in favor of the person that will purchase the shoes, as they offer more style options. Because of the sports infusion, the shoes are perfectly capable to be worn with more casual outfits, but if you’d like to spice things up and to display a more elegant attire, they blend easily with the elegant style of a smart suit. Yup. The best of both worlds.

Bottom line

What shoe is without a flaw? Very few are actually without them. But thankfully in the Calvin Klein Patsy Oxford, the good things outweigh the bad, and what you’ll be getting with this purchase is a solid, high-quality shoe that has the Calvin Kline craftsmanship behind it. The light padding in the midsole offers comfort, the thick soles deliver stability and the elegant upper really accentuate the elegance that you’ll need with you night time outfits.

The blend of the two separate styles (elegant and sporty) offers a multitude of wearing options, which only amps up their cost per wear value. When you have a shoe that you can wear with just about anything in your closet why go and buy different pairs of shoes for different occasions? The Patsy Oxford will do the trick in a pinch and will save you a lot of unnecessary purchases afterward. It’s a smart elegant shoe that knows no ages, and limitations. The world is your oyster when wearing Patsy Oxford, and you should take full advantage of that.