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The People Socks are perfect for those who love adventure. If you're looking for a comfy and cozy pair of socks to take along with you, then you've come to the right place. 

The People Merino wool socks are super comfortable. The wool is soft and feels great on your feet, not scratchy like traditional wool. They'll keep you toasty in the winter months and cool and fresh in the summer. 

The might be lacking a little in the durability department, but that doesn't stop customers from loving the socks. They are so comfortable and offer a decent amount of support. The best part, the price is right! 

No matter what you're doing or where you are going, the People Socks are the perfect choice for most consumers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fantastic breathability

Dries quickly


Nice arch support

Great fit


Prone to holes

Not for small feet


People Socks came to fruition in 2012 when the founder was tired of his feet freezing in the cold New York City winters. He was planning a trip to Iceland where it would be even colder at that time of year, and he needed a good, thick pair of socks. After shopping around at a couple of different stores, he was appalled by the high cost of thick, wool socks. He knew that there had to be a better way, a more affordable solution for customers like him.

After research and planning, they figured out a way to make their socks in the United States and to sell online, directly from the manufacturer. This cut costs all the way around, keeping the price tag affordable for you, the customers.

The People Socks got their start in Brooklyn and are manufactured in North Carolina, keeping everything here in the USA. They are proud of the fact that they're 100% American made socks.


When you think of wool socks, you probably think winter wear, but that isn't always the case. The People's Merino wool socks are great for any weather, hot or cold.

The use of Merino wool will keep your feet warm and toasty when you're heading out in the winter. Whether you're hitting the slopes, going for a winter jog, or just trying to stay warm, this product will get the job done.

On the other hand, if you want to head out in the summer heat, these will also have you covered. They offer stellar breathability that will cool you down in warmer temperatures. Whether hiking, running, or looking to stay comfortable during your everyday activities, the People Socks are a must.

No matter what you are doing, regardless of the temperature, these socks are an excellent choice.


One thing that customers can agree on is that the Peoples Merino wool socks are exceptionally comfortable. Some reviewers even went as far as saying they are some of the most comfortable socks they've ever worn.

The Merino wool keeps them feeling soft and cozy on your feet. They're going to keep you either warm or cool, depending on what you are doing and the temperature outside. They'll keep you toasty during the winter, but the breathability makes them perfect for summer use as well.

The thick socks give you a little extra cushion underfoot to provide you with additional comfort throughout the day. They even have bands around the middle of the foot for added arch support.

The People Socks have a great fit as well, contributing to the overall comfort level of the product. Most customers stated that they fit perfectly and weren't too big. Yes, there were a few who mentioned they were a little large for their liking, but it didn't take away from the comfort.


When you're active, and on your feet for long periods of time, you want to have a little support under your arches. This will not only keep you comfortable but help prevent pain in your feet at the end of the day.

The good news for those who choose People Socks is that they offer some arch support. It might not be a lot, not what you would get from a pair of shoes, but it is something. Every little bit helps.

There is a band around the midfoot that compresses around your arches, giving you the support and comfort you need for your adventures.

There are some customers who dislike the fact that People socks have no built-in arch support. They commented that if you have little to know arches it just gets in the way. However, if you have strong arches, they are perfect. If you don't like the idea of arch support, then these socks might not be the right option for you.


There isn't a lot to say about the look and style of the People Merino wool socks. They are quarter socks, which means that they will peak out above your shoes and cover your ankles entirely. This is appreciated by hikers, and other such customers, since it's the perfect height to weight with boots.

There is a couple of color options that you can choose from so you can pick your favorite. The available options are brown, charcoal, navy, green, or a combo pack of two charcoal, one gray, and one brown. The socks come in packages of four, so you can enjoy a couple of pairs.

Regardless of the color (or colors) you choose, they go a little overboard on the banding. They have the PS logo on the cuff of the socks, so it is visible above your shoes. Additionally, written across the bottom of the socks are the words People Socks. Some customers aren't impressed with this level of branding, stating the company name on the bottom of the socks are pointless, and they weren't a huge fan. To be fair, the company uses word of mouth and customer satisfaction for their marketing techniques, so they're all about anything to get the word out.

Overall, the People's Merino wool socks have a simple design, but it works for most customers. They are more focused on the comfort of their socks than the way they look.


When buying socks, you want to make sure that you're finding something that fits. If you wear something that is ill-fitting, then chances are you're going to be uncomfortable throughout your adventures, and nobody wants that. At least most people don't.

The good news for People Socks customers is that their products have a great fit. The majority of consumers can agree that they are the perfect size for optimal comfort.

The People socks are thick and cozy, keeping you feeling great while you're out and about. The fit fantastically in your boots or your running shoes, whichever you prefer. All around, they seem to be a great size and perfect fit.

There are, however, a few consumers who felt the socks were a little too large for their liking. This is generally the case with customers who have rather small feet, which would make sense. If your feet are smaller than a men's size five or a women's size six, you might want to consider a different option for a better fit.

The People's Merino wool quarter socks are only available in size small-medium. This is ideal for those with shoe sizes between 5 and 9.5 for men and women's sizes 6-10.5 if your feet don't fall between those sizes the socks probably won't fit you properly. Some of the companies other socks, in different cuts, are available in a larger size if that is what you are looking for.


People uses a stellar blend of materials in the making of their socks. Of course, as the name suggests, they use Merino wool, but there are other materials in there that help make the socks great. They use 71% Merino wool, 21% nylon, 7% polyester, and 1% spandex.

The use of Merino wool keeps the People socks super soft and comfortable. That is one of the most significant selling points of the People Socks. They'll keep your feet warm and toasty on cold winter days and feel great while doing it. This is fine grain wool that comes from Merino sheep. It's very similar to classic wool with one big exception, the luxurious softness. You don't have to worry about the itchy and scratchy feeling you get with traditional wool. Another great thing about Merino wool is it will hold it's shape and size better than most so they won't stretch or shrink.

The use of nylon in the makeup helps with the overall durability of the socks; the same goes for the polyester. They are both strong fibers that will not rip or tear easily. It increases the overall longevity of the socks so you can keep them a little longer. The little bit of spandex (and the nylon) give the socks a bit of a stretch for a better fit.


When you're heading out on your outdoor adventures, you want to make sure that your socks are well ventilated. Whether going out in the cold or the heat, being able to get air flowing through your socks is essential to keep you comfortable and dry.

The good news is that the People's Merino wool socks have a fantastic amount of breathability. They are going to allow air to flow right through them so you can stay cool in the summer. Even during the warmest weather, customers had no problems with their feet sweating and overheating. They were able to stay both cool and dry with ease.

Of course, even though the People Socks are breathable, you still want to make sure that your shoes, or boots, are well-ventilated as well; otherwise, the airflow is pointless. If you can't get air into your footwear, it isn't going to be able to get to your feet.


When you're spending money on socks, you are going to want to try to find a pair that will last you. If you are an active person, you'll want a pair that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

The unfortunate part of the People Socks is that they aren't the most durable. Customers who wear the socks regularly have experienced holes in the toes and heels after only a few months. Yes, the socks are reinforced in both of those places, as they are high wear areas, but it just doesn't seem good enough.

If you are planning on wearing the People's Merino wool socks for casual use or the occasional adventure, however, they will be perfect.


People Socks strive to bring customers a great pair of socks at an affordable price. Their whole company revolves around this goal. These Merino wool socks are a decent value for what they are. Yes, they might look a bit expensive, but when you're comparing them to other wool hiking socks, the price is actually reasonable.

They come in packs of four, so you will get more than one pair with each order you make. The price per sock is very affordable, coming in low on the price spectrum when compared to the competitors.

If you can get past the durability issues of the People Socks, then they are a great deal. If you're planning on wearing these all day, every day, then they might not last you as long as you like and might not be entirely worth the cost. Other than that, customers love the socks and would recommend them.

Bottom Line

Are you a hiker? An adventurer? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you looking for a thick and comfortable pair of socks? If you answered yes, then you might want to take a look at the People Socks.

Don't let the fact that they are made of wool fool you. They are super soft, not scratchy like your traditional wool; it is comfortable and feels great on your skin. The socks are also extremely breathable. The People Socks are perfect for your winter adventures but are an ideal fit for the summer as well.

The affordable price tag draws customers to the People Merino wool socks, and the fantastic level of comfort keeps them coming back. The one problem with them, however, is the durability. They are prone to holes, so keep that in mind when purchasing them.

Regardless of what you are doing or where you're going, let the People Socks take you there.