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When working or exercising, we always turn to the shoes for structural support and cushioning. What we forget is that the right socks provide a lot of that too. When hiking, hunting, or just doing manual labor, a good pair reduces foot fatigue, wick away moisture, and keep your feet fresh and comfortable.

Omni Wool Socks are a supportive pair that does just that. Their wool and synthetics blend makes it soft and thermoregulating. Meanwhile, underfoot cushioning and stretchy arch bands provide structural support. Their biggest flaw is that they run large in size, but for work or outdoor exploration in spring, summer, autumn, and light winters, they are a good pick. They are comparable to Smartwool’s Hike Crew socks but are more affordable. Read on to learn about their features in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Soft Merino wool
  • Affordable
  • Size runs large
  • No color selection
  • Not insulating


Sock material determines a lot about a pair’s features - for instance, comfort, breathability, and warmth. However, each type of material has its pros and cons. That’s why a blend of different materials is often better than having 100% of the same material.

Omni Wool Socks are made of a blend of wool and synthetics. It consists of 75% Merino wool, 24% nylon, and 1% lycra. The wool gives it its excellent softness and thermoregulating properties while the nylon reduces its weight and the lycra makes it stretchy. Because of the blend, it also doesn’t feel itchy like typical wool.


Exercise or manual labor puts a lot of stress on our bodies, especially our feet, which must carry all our weight and movement. Usually, we count on shoes to provide support. But when socks have it as well, you get twice the amount of support to keep you comfortable.

Omni Wool Socks have an arch band to provide arch support. Besides that, it also improves circulation and helps to keep the sock in place rather than twisting around. (Though how effective they are at doing the latter is debatable - see our ‘Size’ section.)


The word “wool” might make you think of ultra-warm, ultra-toasty socks that don’t let your feet breathe. But that’s not the case - Merino wool has excellent thermoregulating properties. It wicks away moisture when you’re sweating, keeping your feet fresh; and traps in warmth in chilly weather so that you stay warm. It keeps you comfortable regardless of the seasons.

Omni Wool Sockss also have ventilation panels for additional moisture management. The wool is even naturally odor resistant. The breathability prevents blisters and uncomfortable, sweaty feet.


Omni Wool Socks have a cushioned footbed. The cushioning is at the heel and front toe where most of the shock impact goes. Since it absorbs some of the shock impacts of your footfalls, you’re less likely to feel fatigued. That’s why cushioning is so important for people who are on their feet all day.

The cushioning here is also long-lasting. One reviewer noted that walking on it all day didn’t make it compacted. Instead, it remained cushion-y all day and was effective at combatting foot fatigue.


This model only offers two sizes: medium and large. Medium is suitable for men’s shoe size 6-8 and women’s 6-9. Large is suitable for men’s 9-10 and women’s 10+. The major downside with the sizing of Omni Wool Socks is that they fit large, so unless you size down, they’ll probably bunch up at the toes or twist around your foot. If you have small feet, this pair probably won’t work for you.

For most everyday cotton socks, size doesn’t matter much because the stretchiness makes them accommodate different sizes anyway. But in supportive socks like these, the wrong fit means the arch support is in the wrong place, so you don’t get the full benefit of their supportive features.


Omni Wool Socks are great for people who are always on their feet, especially if they’re also outdoors. Many of their reviewers do manual labor or outdoor activities and have very good feedback. Their medium weight and thickness make them good for wearing inside work boots for construction work.

However, because the Omni Wool Socks are only medium thickness, they’re not suitable for freezing winter weather. There are skiing socks or hunting boots that are more reliable for keeping you warm. Or you could also opt for heated socks like these. This pair is more suitable and practical for casual occasions.


Exercise and work wear socks down in no time. Reviewers have stated that Omni Wool Socks are long-lasting. With similar materials and support, these are comparable to Smartwool’s Hike Crew socks, but some reviewers say these are a better deal because they’re more long-lasting.

Others, however, say these wear down quickly. It might just depend on how much walking you’re doing during the day. The downside to this pair is that they don’t even offer reinforcements at the toe and heel the way Smartwool’s hiking socks do. The cushioning is there, true, but it may not hold up for strenuous activity.


OMNIWOOL doesn’t sell the Multi-Sport Hiker socks individually. They come in bundles of three. Within each bundle, there is one pair in each color: blue, grey, and brown.

All three of these colors are dark neutral shades. As a result, you can wear Omni Wool Socks with anything and they don’t look tacky. (If tacky is what you want, check these out instead.) The downside is the lack of options since you only get that assortment of colors and no other assortment.


To wash Omni Wool Socks, turn them inside out before machine washing. Then hang them somewhere and let them air dry. Leave them overnight and they should be dry by the next day.

Reviewers noted that there was no piling, which is great. They also said they don’t shrink, which can be both good or bad. If your pair fits too large, then they won’t shrink down to your size. If they’re just perfect, though, you can be sure they stay that way.


As we already mentioned, Omni Wool Socks are comparable to Smartwool’s Hike Crew socks. They have similar features and similar materials. However, one advantage of this pair is their inexpensive price. For the same price, you get three pairs of these and only one pair of the other. They also last longer, which is a bonus.

However, Smartwool’s are more suitable for hiking and other serious outdoor activities compared to this pair. What’s more, the brand is also more well-known. So if you’re willing to spend the extra bucks for guaranteed quality and support, consider the other pair as well.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Omni Wool Socks are supportive and comfortable for work and outdoor exercise. Their cushioning reduces foot fatigue, and their arch supports reinforces the arches. What’s more, their wool and synthetics blend make them thermoregulating, soft, and stretchy. The major downside is that they run large in size, but sizing down gets you around this issue. They are suitable for wearing inside work boots when doing manual labor and for outdoor activities like hiking and trekking, hunting, and skiing so long as it’s not too cold outside.