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Calling all runners and people who would love to have a little extra support in their socks! If you’ve never tried a pair of stockings that have a compression band in the arch, you have come to the right place and should consider purchasing a pair. Countless people have experienced huge benefits from the compression and now will wear no other type.

The Accelerate from Rockay is anti-blistering, moisture-wicking, tight and secure, guaranteed for life, and made of a blend of high-quality materials that work together to provide you with premium breathability, support, and comfort. They even have a secret little feature on the back of them to keep you safe at night. There is a reflective logo.

There’s no reason you need to be a runner in order to wear compression stockings of any sort. Anybody can benefit from them. Who couldn’t use more circulation? More support?

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Pain relief
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Permanent elasticity
  • Arch support
  • Water-resistant/Breathable
  • Slightly expensive
  • Too snug for some


Rockay is a brand that is wholly dedicated not only to premium quality products but also to being environmentally friendly. Rockay is making an enormous effort to become entirely made of recycled materials. They source fabrics which are able to be recycled as well as plastic that is able to be turned into fabric. They are not at that point yet, however they are working tirelessly to get there!

Achieving this goal will in no way, shape, or form compromise the integrity of the company’s commitment to quality. Rockay is very dedicated to producing the best for runners, and they prove so by offering a no questions asked lifetime guarantee.

Daniel Chabert founded Rockay because of his passion for running and for helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Daniel came to the conclusion that the world needed a high quality running brand and he had a way to provide that while doing his part. Plastic amounting to as much as eighty million tons is thrown overboard every year, and a way to start chipping into that mountain is to take the plastic and turn it into textile which can then be turned into clothing.


The material that a pair of socks are made from is actually pretty important. Socks will make or break your experience throughout your day. You need to be comfortable and able to breathe. You need socks that will work to help you with odor, blisters, irritation, and pain. The material is a large part of what will deliver these benefits.

The Rockay Accelerate is made from thirty percent organic merino wool, sixty-six percent polyamide, and four percent elastane. There are benefits to each of these materials being included in the construction of this sock.

Wool has natural properties that will help fight against odor, blisters, and irritation from rubbing. It also will keep your feet insulated, even when wet. This is beneficial for sweaty feet. Wool is able to absorb moisture, up to one-third of its own weight in fact. And it takes up until that point to begin feeling wet against your feet.

Polyamide is known as nylon also. It is a manmade material manufactured from plastic via a process involving intense heat and pressure. This material is what gives the sock its’ moisture-resistant property. This helps protect your feet from outside moisture threats.

Lastly, elastane (more commonly known as spandex), will provide you will permanent elasticity. When this material is stretched, it doesn’t stay stretched. Elastane will revert back every time. And if it fails to do so, Rockay will replace them.

Lifetime Guarantee

Speaking of Rockay replacing socks, they actually come with a lifetime guarantee. This is a hard promise to find from a company these days. Everything is being designed for quick, easy sales instead of long-lasting quality. Well, not with Rockay. They are committed to producing socks that are going to run miles and miles and miles with you and still give you the comfort and support you need.

There are no conditions to this guarantee. There will be no questions asked when you request a replacement. However, every single inch gets tested thoroughly. To guarantee maximum durability, these socks were tested via extreme conditions such as obstacle courses and marathons.

There was a consumer who experienced a pair of Rockay socks that had a seam come undone on the second time they wore them. They reported this to the company, and without hesitation, two new pairs were sent out. This consumer was pleasantly satisfied with the customer service and had no issues with the new socks.

This proves that nobody is flawless, not even a company who works endlessly trying to be. It also is a testimony to the fact that Rockay stands by what they promise and strive for customer satisfaction above all else.


Blisters are caused by friction and/or heat. They are sacs filled with fluid that can become extremely uncomfortable and/or painful if not taken care of. It is possible to take steps to prevent blisters though. Minimize rubbing and shifting of the sock against the skin by ensuring the proper fit. Take care of your skin. Make sure your feet stay dry and cool. And always check your feet for areas that could turn into blisters and tackle them before they can.

The compression of the Accelerate sock and the padding that is included in the heel and toe are going to provide you with a comfortable, secure fit to minimize friction and give you support. The anti-slip design is going to protect you from chafing as well as blisters. The fact that this sock is made with a seamless construction just helps even more in the fight against blisters and chafing.

The wicking ability of the wool material in the sock is going to help keep your feet dry and cool. If it does come to the point where your socks are drenched and uncomfortable, be sure to change your socks. If you’re going to be out for a long time, pack extra socks with you. You will thank yourself for the inconvenience when it becomes a necessity.


The fit of your sock is just as important as the fit of the shoe on your foot. They will both determine how you’re going to feel at eight in the morning, at lunchtime, at dinner time, and at bedtime. Why not consciously purchase socks that are going to work all day long to keep you comfortable?

Strong compression in the middle of the sock (at the arch) is going to give you the feeling that you’re wearing an extension on your foot while you’re running. The compression is strategically placed in the arch area and evenly across the rest of the sock. They are designed to not pinch in uncomfortable spots and they do not have any extra compression at the toe.

When it comes to socks that are cut low, they have the tendency to gradually slide down the heel inside the shoe. This causes annoyance, irritation, and a waste of time because you have to stop, bend down, adjust, and start again. If you don’t take the time to fix it, you’ll be dealing with a blister. Neither of these situations is fun.

So choose a sock that isn’t going to slide. The Accelerate is snug enough to stay where it’s supposed to be; all day. An added benefit to the snugness at the top is that it will help prevent dirt and debris from getting into your sock, which is not only annoying but can be rather irritating to your skin.

The Accelerate is available in sizes extra small through large. It is important to note that there is a designated right and left sock. They will not feel right if you put them on the wrong feet.


No matter how much airflow you get out of your shoes, it won’t make that much of a difference if you’re not wearing socks that support the cause and assist in keeping your feet dry, cool, and comfortable. The materials used in the construction of the Accelerate work to provide ventilation, temperature control, and protection against foot odor and disease.

There are zones that are strategically thinner material to provide optimum breathability without sacrificing any support. In the parts of your foot that need the most airflow, the material is thinner. In the parts that need more support, the material is thicker.

Even in the parts that are thicker to provide support, there are properties that will aid in keeping your feet dry and cool. The wool is extremely moisture-wicking. It is able to hold up to one third its own weight in moisture. So, wherever your feet aren’t able to breathe freely, the wool will pick up the slack. For extra sweaty feet or long journeys, always pack a spare pair of socks to protect your feet from irritation, abrasions, blisters, rashes, odors, and diseases.


Rockay worked from top to bottom, front to back, in order to provide comfort in every way possible. The materials used all have their own properties that work in different ways to help you.

The elastane (spandex) will stretch and move naturally with every movement of your feet, and it will always go back to its original form. The wool will feel soft against your skin, but it’s not just the touch you’ll like. The wool is what will wick up the moisture from your feet. It will also protect you from blisters due to friction. The polyamide (nylon) portions provide you with moisture resistance in order to protect you from moisture coming from outside of the shoe.

Additional comfort measures include padding on the bottom of the sock and on the heel at the opening and a compression fit at the arch. The padding is going to provide additional support and a more secure feeling. Placing the padding at the heel is going to protect your skin from irritation caused by the back of the shoe. Additionally, there is snug elastic around the opening, which will hold the sock in place and keep dirt and debris out. The compression fit provides support in order to lessen injury severity and help with discomfort related to foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.

Compression Benefits

There are many benefits to owning a pair of socks that include compression bands. The well-known theory as to why compression socks boost performance is that the compression allows more oxygen to be delivered to your muscles. This improves your circulation. Compression socks may also decrease vibrations in the muscles due to impact. The lessened vibration intensity can decrease the amount of soreness a person experiences. It will also give the person more leg power.

Compression fit can also protect and support feet and arches in order to lessen the seriousness of injuries. They can improve the pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis as well as work to reduce swelling and inflammation. The snugness helps because it puts pressure on and stretches your muscle called the plantar fascia. This even works while you’re at rest. So, while you’re sitting at work, or even sleeping, you can be providing therapy to your feet by giving them a circulation boost, thus decreasing any fatigue, pain, and swelling you may be experiencing.

Bottom Line

Some may look at the price tag on this sock and instantly be inclined to keep scrolling. However, if you’re a runner, or if you have any kind of pain or discomfort in your feet, it is well worth it to give it a try. Compression socks can make a huge difference in your day to day comfort. And Rockay offers a lifetime guarantee, so really what do you have to lose?

It is very important to know the proper care for these socks because of the materials used in the construction. Do not use bleach, do not get them dry cleaned, do not put them in the dryer, do not try to iron them, and wash at thirty degrees Celcius. You can also wash them by hand with cold water. Always allow them to air dry because heating them up will shrink them and they won’t be able to do their job to their fullest ability.