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From a company dedicated to being environmentally friendly as much as they are to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, comes the Rockay Blaze compression sleeves. Whether you’re a runner, a sports fanatic, a Zumba mom, or just someone who takes casual strolls-compression products could benefit you in major ways.

Compression products encourage blood circulation, allowing for more oxygen to reach your muscles and decreasing fatigue levels. They can reduce inflammation and swelling due to prolonged periods of sitting, standing, or walking/running. They will also work all day to wick up the sweat you excrete in order to avoid producing odor-causing bacteria.

The Blaze sleeves are made of a combination of elastane and polyamide, otherwise known as spandex and nylon. These two materials are a great team that can work together to offer premium compression, stability, and durability. They feature ventilation zones to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Health benefits
  • Quality materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Moisture-wicking
  • No washing required
  • Competitively priced
  • No nude color options
  • Skin irritation if improper fit


Rockay is a brand that is wholly dedicated not only to premium quality products, but also to being environmentally friendly. Rockay is making an enormous effort to become entirely made of recycled materials. They source fabrics which are able to be recycled as well as plastic that is able to be turned into fabric. They are not at that point yet, however they are working tirelessly to get there!

Achieving this goal will in no way, shape, or form compromise the integrity of the company’s commitment to quality. Rockay is very dedicated to producing the best for runners, and they prove so by offering a no questions asked lifetime guarantee.

Daniel Chabert founded Rockay because of his passion for running and for helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Daniel came to the conclusion that the world needed a high quality running brand and he had a way to provide that while doing his part. Plastic amounting to as much as eighty million tons is thrown overboard every year, and a way to start chipping into that mountain is to take the plastic and turn it into textile which can then be turned into clothing.


The material used in the construction of products such as these is very important. You’re looking for support, comfort, pain relief, etc. So you want to make sure your product can deliver, and that the materials are high-quality. This compression sleeve is made of elastane and polyamide. In other words, spandex and nylon. These materials work as a team to provide you with optimal compression, stability, and durability.

Polyamide (aka nylon) is manmade by taking plastic and putting it through a process involving high temperatures and pressure. This material is what will give the sleeve its’ moisture-resistant property. It’s going to help protect your legs from rain, puddles, etc.

Elastane (aka spandex) is going to give you the joy of permanent elasticity. When spandex is stretched, it won’t stay stretched. No matter how many times you pull it, it will come back time and time again to its’ original form. If it happens to fail to do so, Rockay will replace them, no questions asked.

Rest assured knowing that Rockay is dedicated to choosing only the best quality materials and making as much of it come from recycled materials as possible. Rockay is working very hard to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising any feature desired out of these products.


This compression sleeve has been tested and is a documented graduated standard (over the counter) level of compression at 16-23 mmHg. The measurement “mmHg” means millimeters of mercury, which measures pressure. The term “graduated” means the compression starts out the strongest at the bottom, near the ankle, and becomes lighter the farther up the leg you climb. This special technique for knitting the stocking allows for better blood circulation. You want to make sure that the compression always goes away from your feet, not towards.

Standard compression stockings are great for fatigued and swollen legs from long periods of standing, sitting, or traveling because they encourage better blood flow. The material will wick away sweat from your legs while the compression keeps them tight, compressed, and comfortable. The sleeve is also going to work hard to reduce the intensity of the vibrations you feel, allowing you to save more power for longer runs.

Compression stockings don’t just allow for better circulation and prevent swelling. They can also help prevent blood clots from building up. If you struggle with spider veins, varicose veins, or have recently undergone a surgery, your doctor may be inclined to prescribe you a pair of compression stockings.

Polygeine Stay Fresh Technology

Whether you’re a runner, play sports, or just take the occasional stroll down the street, you’re susceptible to dealing with sweat and odor; not just your feet, but your legs as well. However, when you’re wearing the Rockay Blaze compression sleeves, you don’t have to worry yourself all day about whether or not your legs are going to be sweaty, stinky, and uncomfortable.

Everyone sweats naturally and sweat itself is odorless. It’s when sweat mixes with textiles that it creates a warm and moist environment. This kind of environment is a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes odor.

Polygeine Stay Fresh stops and prevents the production of bacteria that causes odor and fungi. When the textile is in the final stages of production, the treatment is then applied. The product then goes through tests to prove premium odor control. The Polygeine technology is only applicable and active on the material itself.

Even better news, with this technology, the only washing, and drying that needs to be done is as simple as taking them off and hanging them up somewhere. This is great, not only for your wallet but for the planet as well. Just think of all the water you’ll be saving. Pair this technology with the ventilation zones, and rest assured that your leg is going to feel safe from sweat and odor.


One benefit of compression sleeves is their healing properties. Recent scientific studies have shown that compression products help people with a plethora of struggles. They can help prevent injuries and they can help heal injuries.

Rockay designed the Blaze compression sleeves to work nonstop to reduce and hopefully even eliminate pain, discomfort, or fatigue you may feel in your legs after an activity, or even just at rest. Runners and athletes are always encouraged to take a moment to rest and let their bodies recover.

What better way to recover than to slip on compression stockings and get your blood circulating? Better circulation means more oxygen being delivered to your muscles. Compression stockings can get you in the game and keep you in the game, time after time.

Compression stockings also come in handy for expectant mothers, travelers, and nurses (or any other profession on their feet all day). Pretty much anyone of any age and any background could benefit from the healing properties of compression products. Who couldn’t go for extra blood flow and less pain and fatigue?


No matter what team you represent or what your favorite color is, or if you just don’t have a preference at all, you’re sure to find a color combination you adore in the Rockay Blaze compression sleeve. There are seven brilliant color combos available. These colors are black/pink, royal blue (two shades), orange/white, Bordeaux/blue, black/red, black/blue, and black/neon green.

If you just can’t decide on one color, why not buy two pair? Honestly, it’s hard to choose. If you play on a team, your choice should be easy. But if you’re buying them for other activities or purposes, it will be based a lot more on personal taste.

You can choose the more bold options and pair them with neutral clothing. Or you could opt to be extra bold and pair them with loud clothing. You could also decide to choose the more subtle colors and pair them with either a loud, or equally subtle, outfit. No matter what color you choose and what your style is, you’re going to be able to enjoy all of the health benefits of the sleeves while looking great at the same time.


The amount of airflow you get out of compression stockings is just as important as the amount of airflow you get from socks and shoes. No matter what piece of clothing it is, you want your skin to be able to breathe. If it’s not able to it’s just going to create discomfort and possibly odor and bacteria.

When it comes to ventilation, the Rockay Blaze compression sleeves have you covered. Not only are they moisture resistant and moisture wicking they also include additional ventilation panels as well as lightweight mesh areas to allow for more breathability. The Polygeine Stay Fresh technology also lends a hand in ensuring airflow by keeping the ventilation zones unclogged and sweat free.

It’s especially important to have airflow in compression sleeves that you’re going to be wearing on your legs. Gravity is going to be working all day long to pull those sleeves down your leg. However, if you’re being kept cool and dry, there is no reason that the sleeve should move whatsoever. Therefore, with the Blaze having fantastic airflow, you can rest, walk, or run with confidence that your sleeves won’t fall down.

Lifetime Guarantee

Rockay products actually come with a lifetime guarantee. This is a hard promise to find from a company these days. Everything is being designed for quick, easy sales instead of long-lasting quality. Well, not with Rockay. They are committed to producing products that are going to run miles and miles and miles with you and still give you the comfort and support you need.

There are no conditions to this guarantee. There will be no questions asked when you request a replacement. However, every single inch gets tested thoroughly. To guarantee maximum durability, these socks were tested via extreme conditions such as obstacle courses and marathons.

There was a consumer who experienced a pair of Rockay compression sleeves that had a seam come undone on the second time they wore them. They reported this to the company, and without hesitation, two new pairs were sent out. This consumer was pleasantly satisfied with the customer service and had no issues with the new socks.

This proves that nobody is flawless, not even a company who works endlessly trying to be. It also is a testimony to the fact that Rockay stands by what they promise and strive for customer satisfaction above all else.

Bottom Line

As far as compression products go, the Rockay Blaze compression sleeves are not unfairly priced. Considering the quality of the materials used and the many benefits they provide, they are worth the extra change. Not to mention, if they do end up wearing out, they come with a lifetime guarantee. What do you really have to lose there? Think of all there could be to gain.

If you struggle with your legs swelling at any point during the day or night, with shin splints during any level of activity, or with pain, discomfort, or fatigue in your legs, you may want to consider investing in a good pair of compression stockings. They are proven to help with circulation, oxygen delivery, inflammation and swelling, pain, discomfort, fatigue, sweat, odor, bacteria, etc. Surely you can benefit from something these sleeves have to offer.

These sleeves are offered in sizes small through extra large. Size small has a circumference of 11.4-13 inches. Size medium is 13.1-15 inches. Large is 15.1-17 inches. And extra large is 17.1-19 inches. Keep in mind when measuring, you want the sleeve to fit tightly. Also, to reiterate, you do not need to wash these. If you insist on doing so anyway, do not use bleach, do not get them dry cleaned, do not put them in the dry, do not try to iron them, and only use cold water.