Kolcraft Sprint Pro Jogging Stroller Review

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Just because you have a little one at home does not mean that you cannot still hit the streets and get your workouts in. Let the Kolcraft Spring Pro jogging stroller help you get out of the house and back on the run. The large tires make it easy to travel over obstacles such as branches and stones while the fixed position front tire ensures that you are going to be able to move smoothly and safely. There are tons of features to keep you and your little one safe, including a tether strap, hand brakes, a five-point harness, and reflectors on the tires. Being a new parent does not mean that you cannot still head out on adventures. This buggy can go just about anywhere with ease and comes packed with lots of storage so you can bring everything you need. Customers love the stroller and have commented that it is perfect for their needs while heading out with their little ones.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Reasonable price tag
High durability
Great safety features
Comfortable for baby and runner
Large air-filled tires


Max weight of 45 pounds
No color options


You should not let the addition of a new family member prevent you from getting out of the house and hitting the road. Not being able to find a babysitter should not be an excuse to skip your morning jog. Thanks to the Kolcraft Spring Pro jogging stroller, there is no longer a good reason to skip the run and hang out at home with the baby. This stroller has 16-inch air filled tires with the front wheel being permanently fixed and wobble free, so you can head out with your little one and still get your workout in. Whether you prefer the paved running paths in the city or prefer to hit the more scenic routes, this stroller is going to be able to keep up and take on whatever challenge you throw at it.

Ease of Use

This jogging stroller is super easy to use, which is always helpful when you have your hands full with everything else going on in your life. Kolcraft strives to make your life just a little bit easier with the design of this product. It features large, air-filled tires with precision ball-bearings along with an aerodynamic and lightweight frame that makes is much easier to push than your standard stroller.

There is a removable child tray that comes with a cup holder for your baby. Sometimes this can become a pain when putting the child in and out of the stroller, but not with this one. It is removable so you can take it off and put it back on with ease.

Customers have stated that it is extremely easy to assemble once it arrives, so that will not be too much of a hassle either. It really is easy to use all the way around and new parents, and old ones, very much appreciate it.

One thing that can be a bit difficult at first when it comes to this type of stroller is turning. Since it has a stationary front wheel turning can be a little trickier than when doing it in a buggy with a pivoting front tire. There are two ways that you can make the turn smoothly with the Sprint Pro. Either lift the front tire up off the ground and spin the back wheels or you can simply turn the stroller without any of the wheels lifting off of the earth. If you keep all three tires on the ground, you will not be able to make sharper, more precise turns, but that does not seem to be too much of an issue for many users.


The large wheels on the buggy make it an excellent choice for a plethora of grounds. You are not limited to smooth, paved surfaces when heading out for your run. You will not have to hesitate when veering off the beaten path and taking the more scenic route. The tires are air-filled and have precision ball-bearings which makes it much easier to maneuver and will travel easily over obstacles that might get in your way. If you come into contact with a stone, stick, or root of a tree, you will be able to sail over it without hesitation, barely noticeable to you or your child.

Some consumers mentioned that they not only use this stroller for jogging, but it is their go-to when they want to head offroading with the baby. Taking a small trek through the woods can be a fun, and now you can take your newest addition with you without too much extra fuss.


It is essential when heading out for your run with your child that you are both as comfortable as possible, and thanks to the Sprint Pro you both will be. For the runner, it has an adjustable Smart Handle so you can move the bar into the perfect position to fit your stride, giving you a great deal of comfort. Additionally, it is made out of an aluminum frame that is both lightweight and aerodynamic, combined with the 16-inch tires, and it is going to move with ease and be barely an inconvenience. Of course, it is going to be a much tougher run when having to push along something extra, but this buggy strives to make it just a little easier and more comfortable on you, and according to customers it does a pretty decent job.

It is also going to be extremely comfortable for your child. It has a rooms seat so there is going to be plenty of room for him/her to move around so they will not feel overly crowded in the stroller. It has a multi-position reclining seat so whether the baby is sleeping or awake and enjoying the ride, you can position them wherever works best for them. Additionally, the jogger comes equipped with a large canopy which includes an expandable visor to give your child full coverage from the sun when heading out on warmer days, keeping them comfortable.


The Kolcraft Sprint Pro jogging stroller comes with a ton of features that are designed to make both the parents and the child happy. There are two trays equipped with the stroller, one for the child and one for the runner. The child's tray, as mentioned above, is removable so you can use it when you want and remove it when needed. Theirs comes with one cup holder for their bottle or sippy cup while you are on the go. The parent's tray comes with two deep cup holders and a small storage area so you can keep track of your water bottle and any other little essentials you want close by while you are on the run.

The buggy comes with loads of storage space. There is a large storage basket under baby that can hold all the essential things that you will need while you are heading out with a little one, such as a diaper bag and snacks.

This stroller comes with a hand brake and jogging tether for some added safety while you are out and about, as well as reflectors for when you are heading out in low light conditions. Kolcraft takes safety very seriously, and you will see that with this stroller.

The large air-filled tires are one of the better features of the jogger. The three wheels are 16-inches to give you better control when hitting the road or trail. Some consumer might be worried about the fact that they are air-filled tires and therefore are prone to popping, but that is not really the case with these. They are durable and will take a lot to pop while you are out and about. The wheels have precision ball-bearings to give you a better and smoother ride, making the babies experience more pleasant and allowing you to enjoy a better run.

The front wheel is permanently fixed which has mixed reviews. Some reviewers mentioned they would have preferred something with a swivel tire to make turning and maneuvering a little easier. If you are looking for something where you need more maneuverability, for shopping at the mall or walking in the big city, you might want to find an alternative stroller that has this feature. If you are strictly looking for something to use while running, then the stationary wheel is going to be just fine.


You are going to want to make sure that you are purchasing something that will not break down or fall apart, especially if you are mid-run. You have more to think about than just yourself when you are heading out now, so you want to make sure that a poorly put together stroller does not inconvenience both you and your baby. Thankfully, the Kolcraft Spring Pro is designed with durability in mind and will not suffer from premature wear and tear.

The tires, even though they are air-filled, will not pop easily. You are not going to have to worry about hitting a rock or branch while running and having the tire pop on you, leaving you practically standing with your child. It is going to be able to keep up with your active lifestyle with no worries.


When compared to some of the other jogging strollers on the market, this one is a pretty good deal. It is not the cheapest one on the market, but there are definitely ones that are far more pricey. It is great quality and is designed to last so you will be able to use the stroller as your child grows without a problem. It seems to be a decent investment and customers were happy with their purchases.


Safety is a big deal when it comes to your child. You want to ensure that the safety of both you and baby is a top priority, and Kolcraft strives to give you that peace of mind. The Sprint Pro offers a couple of different features to make sure that you are staying safe while hitting the road. The tires, as mentioned above, are large enough to easily roll right over many opticals that may get in your way, keeping baby safe and comfy. Additionally, the wheels feature reflectors so you can stay visible to others, even when you are running in low light conditions.

The stroller features a hand brake which can make stopping a bit easier for both you and your child. When you need to comes to a stop you can use this brake to help you slow down instead of just stopping and jarring both you and your little one. There is also a leash located on the handle which is recommended that you use, strapping it to your wrist while you are on the go. This will help if you stop and take your hands off the stroller, alerting you if it starts to roll away, keeping your child safe.

Finally, the seat features a 5-point safety harness to keep your little one safely secured in their position while you are out and about. They also have padded restraint sleeves for added comfort for your child. This is going to help keep your baby securely strapped into the buggy so you will not have to worry about him/her falling out and injuring themselves as you are running.


The Sprint Pro is a three-wheel stroller that is designed for runners. The large tires allow you to head out for your run or jog with ease. It is built out of lightweight materials that are aerodynamic so that you can run without any problems. The hand bar is adjustable so you can fit the perfect height for added comfort while you run. It appears to only come in one color which is black and blue, so if that option does not work for you, then you might want to consider a different option.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great jogging stroller so you can still get your workouts in even though you have a little one, then you might want to consider the Sprint Pro. It has large wheels that easily roll right over obstacles such as rocks and branches. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it an excellent choice for your daily runs. It is comfortable for both the runner and the child, making it a pleasant experience for both parties. It has a reasonable price tag and a long life span, ensuring that it is going to be an excellent investment. Customers love this stroller and would recommend it to parents who still want to get out and run.