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If you have a little one at home but still want to be able to get out of the house and enjoy your daily jogs, then you are in luck. The Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller might be the solution that you are looking for. It is super easy to use and has a lightweight and compact design so you can head out with ease. It is comfortable for both you and your child so you can both stay happy throughout your workout. Do not let the high price tag fool you though; it is incredibly durable and comes loaded with lots of features. Customers have stated that it is well worth the high cost. This buggy will last you for years, and through more than one child, as long as it is properly cared for. Do not let adding a new member to your family stop you from getting out of the house and keeping yourself healthy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for many terrains

Comfortable for everyone

Adjustable handlebar

Twist hand brakes

Highly durable


Steep price tag

No reflectors


This jogging stroller is ideal for those with an active lifestyle, runners who have little ones at home but still want to get out of the house and enjoy their daily runs. This buggy is an excellent choice for taking out on the trails thanks to its large tires with great suspension, making for a smooth ride for both the parent and the child. Everything about this stroller is designed for parents to still get out and enjoy the outdoors. Do not let a new addition to your family prevent you from getting out and being active. Let the Urban Glide 2 help keep you safe and comfortable while pushing along your little one.

You are not limited to only jogging with this stroller. The front wheel swivels which make it perfect for maneuvering around shopping malls and other tight spots so you can turn quickly and comfortable. The wheel does have a locking mechanism so you can lock it up when you are jogging for easier use. Whether hitting the trails or shopping at the local market, this stroller is easy to use and comfortable for both parent and child.


Of course, when you are purchasing something to use with your child, you are going to want to ensure that it is durable. You do not want anything you buy to fall apart prematurely, but even more so when your kid is involved. Thankfully, the Thule jogger is designed to be quite durable, giving you the safety and strength that you would expect from a jogging stroller. The tires may be air-filled but they are, and it takes a lot for them to pop, so that is not something that you will have to worry about. It is constructed out of quality materials that will not tear and break easily.

The fabrics on the seat and canopy can be removed without fuss so you can clean them with ease, keeping your stroller looking good as new.


Yes, this is a costly stroller. It has a price tag that is far above some of the other strollers on the market. That being said, customers love it and have stated that they thought it was worth every penny they spend. This buggy is going to last years, through multiple children if you take care of it. It comes chock-full of features to keep you and baby safe and comfortable, and it gives you things that other similar products cannon. It transitions nicely between off-road trails and paved paths and from going indoors to outside, it will be the only stroller that you will need.

Consumers would have liked to have seen the price of the stroller including the infant seat adaptor, as that is an additional investment that they will have to make after already spending a great deal of cash on this product. That being said, it did not stop parents from purchasing this product, as well as the adapter, and falling in love.


The Urban Glide 2 has a thin and sleek silhouette, although it is a little longer than you might expect. It looks great, not overly bulky, giving you just what you need without too many bells and whistles. It comes on a couple of different color options so you can choose something that you and baby will like the best. The buggy is available in black with a black frame, dark shadow (dark gray) with a silver frame, mars (red) with a silver frame, or Thule blue with a silver frame. No matter what color you decide to go with, you are sure to love this stroller.


Safety is crucial for the design of strollers. If you are going to be putting a small life into it, you want to make sure that it is going to be safe. Thankfully, the Thule is designed with this in mind and will help keep you and baby safe. The seat comes equipped with a five-point padded harness to make sure that your child stays securely strapped in place, so there are no chances of him/her accidentally falling out and getting hurt along the way. If you have to come to a sudden stop for any reason you are not going to have to worry about the baby going flying and jolting around inside the seat.

The buggy comes equipped with an integrated twist hand brake so you can stop with ease if the need arises, without out too much distress to you or your child. This will also help you out if you are running up and down hills, you can twist the hand brake a little, so you slow your descent down the hill, controlling your speed, so you do not lose control.

Additionally, it has a tether strap on the handle that you can keep around your wrist for safety. If you stop somewhere, you can take your hands off of the handlebar without fear of someone walking off with your little one or it accidentally rolling away. You will be tethered to the stroller so it will not go anywhere without you.

One thing that this stroller does not feature that some others do is added safety for running in low light conditions. The wheels of this buggy do not have reflectors attached to them so if you are going to be running where visibility might not be the best be sure to use caution and wear reflective gear to keep you and your little one safe.


The Urban Glide 2 is packed full of great features to make your jog easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. As mentioned above it comes with large air-filled tires that make traversing along many terrains easy and bearable. They have a built-in suspension system that gives both the runner and the baby a smooth ride, whether running on a paved path or heading off onto a wooded trail.

One thing that customers love about the stroller is the sheer amount of storage that it offers. It might not seem like it from looking at the images, but this thing can hold quite a bit. There is enough room for you to store all the essentials you will need while heading out with your little one. There is a large cargo basket under the seat with a zip-top cover to keep everything safe and secure. Additionally, there is a rear mesh pocket on the back of the chair with the more mesh compartments to hold baby's snacks and toys.

The pram comes equipped with a canopy cover to provide ample protection from the sun or dreary weather while you are out and about. The canopy has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closures that will allow you to check on your child without disturbing them at all. This will let you keep an eye on your little one without distracting you from your exercise.


Thanks to the large tires and the swivel front wheel that can also lock in place, this stroller is excellent on many surfaces. You can go almost anywhere with this stroller and bring baby along for the ride. Whether heading down the street for your morning jog or trekking into the woods on your favorite path, this stroller has what it takes to travel there safely and comfortably. You are not going to have to worry about sticks or stones jarring the wheel and stopping you in your tracks, and you can glide right over them and keep on going. Customers love that there are so few limitations on where you can go with this stroller. Inside or outside, wide open spaces or busy crowds, this buggy will get you to where you need to go with ease.


Comfort might not be the most crucial part of purchasing a stroller, but it is high on the list. You want to ensure that both you, as a runner, and your child, as the passenger, are as comfortable as possible while heading out. This buggy has an adjustable handlebar that you can position where it works best for your height, giving you a more comfortable and natural feel while still being able to push the stroller. It ranges from 35.5 inches to 44 inches high so that you can get the perfect height for the epitome of comfort. The lightweight and sleek design also make things more comfortable for you while you are running because it is not going to be overly burdensome and weigh you down too much.

Your little one will also be able to stay quite cozy while going on your adventure. The five-point harness is not only going to keep them safe, but the straps are padded so they will offer a decent amount of comfort, making sure the straps are not hurting them while you are out and about. The seat also reclines so your child can sit up or lay down, or enjoy some position in between. Additionally, the stroller is well ventilated to ensure they are keeping comfy. The canopy has ventilation windows to keep baby nice and cool even when they are covered up.

Ease of Use

It is effortless to use this stroller which is just one more reason why many parents love it. You can fold it up with only one hand, making it easy to do while carrying your little one in your other hand. It folds down to a compact size which makes storing it a breeze.

The reclining seat conveniently can be operated with just one hand as well so you can make baby cozy without having to stop. Just reach down and adjust their position and keep on running.


If you have a new baby at home you can pair this stroller with an infant car seat adapter, which is sold separately, so you can use this great product with your little one and stay as safe and comfortable as possible. If you are outside of North America, you can also combine this buggy with the Thule Bassinet for the comfort and security of your newest family member.


This jogging stroller is not very big at all, considering everything that it has to offer you. It is thin enough that it can pass through a doorway with ease, having only a 27.2-inch clearance. It has a compact and sleek design, although some customers have stated that it feels a little big because of the length. It is not overly burdensome, but it just feels large. At it's longest, it measures 47 inches. The buggy is even lightweight, which is appreciated by many consumers, weighing in at only 25.3 pounds.

It is recommended that you do not place a child in the stroller before they are a year old without using the universal car seat adapter and putting your little one in an infant seat. Once they are older than a year old, it can fit a child up to 75 pounds, which is higher than some of the other buggies on the market that can only hold up to 50 pounds. Additionally, it has a sitting height of 21 inches, giving you a decent amount of room inside the stroller for your little one.

Bottom Line

Just because you have welcomed a new member to your family does not mean that you can use that as an excuse to stay inside and discontinue your daily jogs. Let the Thule Urban Glide 2 join you so you can take your little one with you with ease. It is comfortable for both the runner and the child so that you can enjoy the outdoors. The stroller is a bit costly but those who use it love it, saying that the buggy is worth every penny they spend on it. Whether running around the streets of your neighborhood or trekking out into a wooded path, this stroller will get you to where you need to go safely and without hesitation. The large wheels will travel over any debris, such as sticks and rocks, without slowing you down. This is a great stroller. If you have a small one at home and want to get back out to enjoy your daily runs, you might want to look into the Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller.