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If you lead an active lifestyle then you need a pair of socks that can stand up to the test! Asics Quick Lyte socks offer a ton of great features that enhance your performance and keep you comfortable while you train. A nice lightweight frame and built-in moisture management keep you feeling your best so you can tackle whatever comes your way with ease. Built-in odor eliminating technology ensures your feet will stay nice and fresh no matter how hard you train making this a must-have pair for active individuals.

Asics Quick Lyte socks are an affordable choice that comes in a pack of three for better value. They come in tons of sizes ranging from small to extra-large and are a gender-neutral option which makes shopping a snap! If you're looking for comfortable socks that don't smother your skin then these are a great choice to consider!


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture Management
  • Anti-Static
  • Odor-Control
  • Arch Band
  • 3 Pair Pack
  • Attract Lint


Asics Quick Lyte socks offer a nice lightweight feel that is ideal for both athletic and casual activities. If your socks are too heavy it will end up being uncomfortable and will make your feet too hot and sweaty inside your shoes. Heavy fabrics make it impossible for air to pass through which means your skin is going smother inside the material. This gets pretty darn uncomfortable especially when you’re working out.

Don’t think that you have to sacrifice in comfort just to find a pair that’s lightweight though! Asics Quick Lyte socks have dense cushioning in the heel and toe which makes them more comforting to wear than most other pairs. Padding is one of the most important aspects when it comes to hosiery because it makes the world of difference in terms of comfort and enjoyability. If your socks have thin cushioning your feet will end up feeling tired and achy at the end of the day. But, with this pair, you won’t have any of these troubles so you can feel ready to get up and go as soon as the next day comes.

Anti-Static Technology

It’s tough finding a pair of socks that are well-made and actually prevent friction-related irritation. Kinetic friction is the force that flows between two moving objects like your foot inside of your shoe. When you walk it builds up static friction which spells disaster for your poor skin. Naturally, repeated friction against your skin will cause irritation and painful blisters which can take weeks to fully heal. Asics Quick Lyte socks utilize innovative anti-static technology that literally stops the friction before it starts.

When you eliminate the excess static friction you end up with a more enjoyable experience and limit the chance of ending up with a painful blister. If by chance you still end up nursing a nasty one check out our guide to the 10 Best Blister Treatment Products Reviewed & Rated. It’s full of helpful items that will speed recovery time and help you deal with the irritation.


When you exercise it’s only natural that your feet will sweat and with sweat comes odors! This is just an unfortunate fact of life because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments like the inside of your sneakers. Asics Quick Lyte socks offer built-in technology that works hard to keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean no matter how much you sweat while wearing them.

Odor-fighting technologies work by influencing the environment inside the fabric so that it becomes less than desirable for nasty odor-causing bacteria that would normally take up residency inside the material. Having this kind of feature is certainly a plus when it comes to choosing your next pair of socks! This is especially important for athletes or anyone who struggles with sweaty feet and can’t seem to find the right pair of socks that don’t make matters worse by smothering your skin.


Asics Quick Lyte socks offer an arch band for additional support in that delicate area. The arch acts like a spring which supports the weight of your entire body. As you can imagine, every step you take puts enormous pressure of the arch making it more susceptible to injury and irritation than any other part of the body. Most people think their shoes are the only thing that can provide that extra support but that’s just not true! In fact, the socks you choose to wear can make a world of difference.

This pair includes a supportive band across the mid-foot that helps to support the arch and give it more stability. This is essential for athletes and anyone who has conditions like plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory issue which affects the connective tissue of the foot.


Asics Quick Lyte socks have a unique design that protects your ankle and heel against irritation. The secret is in the single tab ankle fit that provides an added layer of security in high impact areas. The tab is an extension of fabric that better protects the delicate heel and ankle against irritation that leads to painful blisters and friction spots. Wearing low-rise socks always runs the risk of developing a blister because there’s no fabric to shield the ankle and heel area. But, with the Asics Quick Lyte socks, you get this innovative tab of materials that protects the area so you don’t end up trying to heal a blister.

These socks come in four different sizes which make it super easy to find the ones that will fit you perfectly. Choose from small, medium, large, or extra-large which range from size 4 through 12+ so you won’t have any trouble with them fitting well.


Asics Quick Lyte socks offer a seamless toe that makes them far more comfortable than most others. Having a seam along the toe tends to bulk up the sock and feels terrible inside of your shoe which is why this is such a great design feature. Having the added material in the toe leaves you more open to irritation because it will rub against the shoe and bunch up on top of your toes. The bunched material often rubs against your skin causing painful irritation which you won’t have to worry about while wearing these socks.

Their seamless design feels more streamlined and makes for smoother wear all day long. This is ideal for athletic activities like running that require constant motion that makes it easy for your skin to become inflamed if you wear the wrong style of hosiery.

Moisture Management

Moisture management is a must when it comes to the socks you choose to wear. Otherwise, you end up with uncomfortably damp socks that feel terrible on your feet. This is especially true if you’re wearing them while you exercise because let's face it, we all sweat when we workout. Asics Quick Lyte socks offer breathable mesh knit on the top which keeps you cool and dry even after long hours of wear. This innovative feature lets lots of air through the fabric so it can circulate around your skin preventing sweat and overheating. Once your feet get sweaty it won’t take long for them to start smelling because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist places.

Asics Quick Lyte socks have built-in moisture management technology that wicks any excess sweat away from the skin. This keeps your feet nice and dry and prevents a build-up of moisture that makes your socks feel damp and uncomfortable.


Asics Quick Lyte socks are 73% Nylon making them ultra comfortable to wear. Nylon is common in hosiery because it’s breathable, lightweight, and very enjoyable against your skin. Its silky texture is soft yet strong enough to withstand tough wear and tear daily without wearing out. Asics Quick Lyte socks are machine washable and won’t shrink easily because they’re 23% polyester. Polyester is a comfortable fabric for most people that doesn’t require a lot of fuss.

Perhaps the best aspect is the 4% Spandex that makes Asics Quick Lyte socks stay in place without sliding down. This is a must-have feature, especially if you’re going to wear them while you exercise. Otherwise, you will have to continuously stop what you’re doing to pull your socks up.


When it comes to choosing your next pair of socks it’s only natural that you will want to find the best deal. No one likes spending a fortune on hosiery which is why Asics Quick Lyte socks are such a great choice. Anyone shopping for an affordable pair that delivers tons of great features will love Asics Quick Lyte socks! The high-quality and comforting materials make them enjoyable to wear and the breathability is excellent.

One aspect that makes Asics Quick Lyte socks such a great value is that they sell in a pack of three rather than a single pair. This means that you get more for your money and don’t pay as much for just one when you could be getting three.


Asics Quick Lyte socks are pretty darn impressive but, like all things, they have a downside too! An issue that irritates more than a few wearers is how the fabric seems to attract lint and other fibers from the environment. It’s next to impossible walking on a fluffy carpet or through a dusty room without picking up more than a few hitchhikers. While this isn’t the end of the world, it can certainly become annoying after a while.

When it's time to wash Asics Quick Lyte socks it couldn't be easier! Just machine wash on a warm cycle and tumble dry on low or even medium. The polyester fabric is excellent because it doesn't easily shrink like many other materials do so you can dry these socks without issue.

Bottom Line

Overall, Asics Quick Lyte socks are perfect for both casual and athletic occasions too! They’re very comfortable to wear and offer good ventilation which keeps your feet nice and cool. If they get too hot inside your shoes it will make you sweat way too much which gets pretty uncomfortable after a while. Anti-static technology reduces the kinetic friction produced inside your shoes so you’ll be less likely to get a blister and the built-in odor-eliminators keep your socks fresher for longer.

Asics Quick Lyte socks are a lightweight choice that won’t feel bulky while you’re on the move. It offers dense cushioning in the heel and toe for more enjoyable wear and has seamless construction which eliminates any irritation caused by the excess material. An arch band across the midfoot provides extra support to that delicate area which lessens foot pain and lowers limb fatigue so you can push it longer and harder without feeling beat once you’re finished.