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Socks are a crucial part of peoples lives. If someone wears a close-toed shoe, they're probably wearing socks. If you are looking for a comfortable sock for the long haul, consider the Asics Cushion Low Cut Sock. They're cushioned so your feet get a smoother, more comfortable ride. The cushioning is also acts as a barrier to protect your feet, even when the shoes come off.

 The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are designed to be subtly worn inside your shoes and are also ideal for shallow shoes. This allows you to stay comfortable all day without worrying that it may not look good. People who are on their feet for a long period experience sore feet and knees. They become tired easily and the soreness will start to climb as the day progresses.

The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks have great arch support that helps rebalance your body. They can be your go-to when you want comfortable socks. And they're an Asics product. So you know you're going to last.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy pull up
  • Collared fit
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Good moisture management
  • Extra cushioning
  • Stains inside of shoe
  • Easy color transfer
  • Needs breaking in

Ankle Tab

Wearing shoes is usually a sign that you will be moving around or be on your feet and when you start to walk or run, your feet rub against the inside of your shoe and cause friction. Over some time, these areas on your feet will start to develop extra layers of thickened skin to create a buffer against the constant rubbing. One of the easiest areas that can be rubbed raw or chafed badly is your ankle area.

To minimize the possibility of injury and to make wearing socks a more comfortable experience, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are made with an ankle tab. This is a slightly thicker piece of fabric that works to protect the back part of your ankle and prevent direct skin on shoe contact. This can help decrease the chances of blisters developing or irritation and inflammation.

The ankle tab in the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks also serves a secondary purpose; easy pull up. You can quickly put on your sock and pull it into place by pulling on the ankle tab, which prevents you from pulling on other parts of the sock and potentially damaging the integrity of the fabric.


Asics is a large conglomerate that was founded when the Onitsuka Tiger brand was merged with another company. These companies were known for making good quality shoes that were well-loved by anyone brave enough to try a pair. Because socks are almost always worn with shoes, it seemed like a logical choice to start manufacturing their brand of socks as well.

The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are just as excellent as every shoe the company has produced. The demand for perfection has created a culture where there is little to no complaints about their socks. Having a famous name brand that specializes in running gear makes the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks ideal for athletes and people who are serious in their sport.

This is why Asics is consistently a major sponsor for sports teams and large sporting events. Wearing a pair of these socks will enable you to improve your performance as you will not be spending time worrying about the durability or comfort of the sock. The Asics brand is well known around the world because their products are tough and built to last.


Many people are put off from trying socks that do not go above the ankles because of the primary concern that they will slide off or go missing in their shoes. Poor quality low-cut socks often end up rolling down inside your shoe and causing discomfort.

This can lead to a very frustrating and irritating experience that may result in removing the socks altogether. To combat this problem, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks has a collared design.

At the top of the sock, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks have a collar that is approximately one centimeter thick and goes around your ankle. Collars are important in socks as they can prevent the fibers and materials from unraveling or getting snagged as easily.

The collar area also contains a thin elastic band that is designed to help keep the sock in place by tightening the opening of your sock ever so slightly. This ensures that the product will stay snug and flush against your skin.


One of the things people often look for in the pair of socks is how durable they are. There is no point in purchasing a product to have it break down in a short period. The Asics brand is built to last and uses materials that can greatly improve the durability of their product.

In particular, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Sock is made with a high percentage of polyester. This is ideal for people like athletes who tend to be quite rough on their socks during training and competitions. Polyester is known to be one of the toughest fabrics on the market and does not break or tear easily. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is low cost to produce and can be stretched over and over again.

This allows the manufacturer to keep the cost low, which in turn benefits the consumer. The Asics Cushion Low Cut Sock is made for long periods of use and is flexible enough to withstand pulling from all directions. The polyester fibers help it bounce back to its original shape when it is taken off and washed. If you want a more organic sock, try these on for size.

Heel Fit

A sock that does not fit is incredibly uncomfortable and annoying. You’ll spend the entire day trying to make it more comfortable before giving up and taking it off entirely. This often happens because low cut socks tend to slip and sag downwards. The lip of the sock starts to roll down when the inside of the shoe starts rubbing against it.

To prevent this from happening, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks have developed a design that helps keep the sock in place. The sewing in the heel area is designed in a Y shape where the fabric sort of pinches the ankles on both sides. This is to create less space and have the fabric of the sock sit flush against your skin.

The pinch on the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are minimal and you will not feel it, but having this incorporated into the design gives the sock much needed support to stay up. Because of the stiffer heel, the sock is much less likely to roll and shift as you walk.


There is a common misconception that socks are made for all seasons and can be worn all year round. Some socks are not made of the right material to do so and will leave your toes feeling chilled or frozen in the winter. The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks have insulation that can ensure your feet stay toasty even if you wear them in the winter.

The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are made primarily from polyester, which is a great heat insulator. Heat starts to generate when your feet move inside your shoes. This is primarily because of your body heat and also the friction that is produced when the sock and shoes rub against each other.

During the wintertime, the polyester material keeps the heat trapped and recirculates in around your feet. This ensures that your feet stay warm the entire time you wear shoes. The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are a great choice because it has good ventilation properties so that it can also keep you cool in the summer.

This sock is packed with temperature control technology that has most of its competition beat.

Moisture Management

A sock is only as great as its ability to manage moisture. Whether you are walking or jogging, it is inevitable that your feet start to warm up and start to sweat. If the sweat is not managed, your feet will feel like a hot slimy mess. Eventually, enough bacteria build up that it will start to make the inside of your shoe stink.

To prevent moisture accumulation, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Sock has a layer of mesh that makes up the top layer of the socks. This is so that there are fewer layers of fabric that the moisture has to navigate before being able to dissipate.

When your feet start to sweat, the fabric of the sock absorbs the moisture and starts to bring it to the surface. Using mesh allows for more pockets of space where the moisture has a higher chance of being absorbed.

The mesh also works as a protective but breathable layer so that cool air can penetrate faster into the shoe. This can allow for positive air circulation, thus cooling your feet quicker.

Sole Cushioning

The most important thing when it comes to sock shopping is finding a pair that feels nice and comfortable. There is no point in wearing something that causes you irritation and annoyance. Unlike other brands, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks have a completely cushioned sole. This gives you extra comfort when you are on your feet all day or doing some intense training exercises.

The cushioning layer is designed to protect your joints from the harsh impact of walking and jumping. While it may not seem like it, the joints are constantly stressed with every step you take. After a while, the collagen in your joints wears out an start to cause you discomfort. The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are designed to minimize the energy from the impact.

These extra layers help to dissipate some of the force so that your joints do not become as tired as quickly. The extra cushioning also has an additional usage, which is to prevent the sock from being worn through as quickly. The extra layer will work to ensure your socks last longer than the average pair.


People often separate their colored and white clothing before washing them. This is to prevent discoloration or the ink from bleeding and staining each other. Oddly, socks are never really part of this equation and are simply thrown in with whatever is in the hamper. As a precaution, socks should be separated but the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks do not bleed in the wash and can be mixed in with any other clothing.

While we often think that stains can only occur in the wash, users have reported that the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks do transfer color into your shoe. The constant rubbing and friction of the sock inside the shoe causing the broken down fibers to become embedded into the shoe. This can be especially prominent if your socks are predominantly black.

You may find the inside sole of your shoe becoming darker or have a noticeable footprint rubbed into the bottom. This is caused by the sweat and moisture from your feet, coupled with the constant rubbing which creates an imprint. This is something that you should be aware of and accept before purchasing this product.


People often do not consider the stitching of a sock simply because they are all designed to be the same. If you spend time to observe them, you will realize that there are subtle differences in socks that make a difference.

In particular, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks are designed with a more comfortable toe seam. This is to prevent friction and irritation that may occur when you walk, run, or jog. When your feet move inside your shoes, the socks rub up against both surfaces. Because your skin is fragile, it can cause chafing over time that dries out your skin. The Asics Cushion Low Cut Socks have a soft seam so that it doesn’t cause any irritation.

The seam is also placed on the inside of the sock rather than on the outside. This was done to ensure that the seam is protected from wear and tear from the shoe. Having the seam on the inside is going to help the sock last a lot longer and reduce the likelihood of the sock failing at the seams.

The seam is so comfortable that most users report not even realizing there is a seam on the inside of their sock.

Bottom Line

The Asics Cushion Low Cut Sock is a great product if you are looking for something reliable and long-lasting. The product is made with high-quality materials that are engineered to last. Purchasing these will ensure you have a product that can perform and help you meet your fitness goals.

For people who are on their feet for long periods, the Asics Cushion Low Cut Sock is designed to be comfortable and resemble walking on clouds. The cushioned sole allows you to stand on your feet for a longer period without wearing out as quickly.

This product comes in a value pack with multiple colors and styles. The sock is designed so that it sits low inside your shoe and does not peep out over the top. There is extra sewing in the heel area so that the sock can grasp onto your ankle.

This will prevent the socks from sliding or sagging throughout the day. Coupled with the fact that they are created to reduce the amount of wear and tear, this is a product you cannot beat!