Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap Review

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If you want to get outside for your workouts but don't want to let the weather stop you, then you might want to consider the use of the Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap running hat. It is designed to help keep you both dry and warm while you're out and about in cold and wet conditions. The fleece-lined earflaps, even though they aren't as large as expected, do a decent job at providing warmth for your ears and neck. At the same time, the Dri-FIT technology of the cap allows you to stay dry if you get caught out in the snow or the rain, preventing you from being stuck running around all day with a damp and cold head. It has an affordable price tag and a long lifespan, as long as it's cared for properly, making it a fantastic investment and a welcomed addition to your running gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and breathable

Dri-FIT technology

Fleece-lined earflaps

Affordable price tag

Long-lasting durability


Earflap is small

No color options


If you're looking to head out on your daily runs, you are not going to want a little chill in the air, or the chance of rain stop you from getting outside and enjoying your workout. There are so many things out there that can help you get on your way, no matter what the temperature is outside. The Aerobill H86 is one of those products that will protect you from the elements so you can stay as comfortable as possible while you get outdoors and do what you love.

It was a water repellent finish that is going to ensure your head is staying dry if you get caught in the rain shower and the fleece lined earflaps are designed to keep you warm on those chilly days.

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that the sun can't be out shining bright. The bill on this cap is going to help keep the sun out of your eyes, making it an excellent choice for heading out on sunny days as well.

Of course, you are not limited to leading an active lifestyle to use this hat, even though it is aimed more for those folks. Some customers might opt to use it for their everyday activities when they just want to stay warm or dry. Whether heading to work or running errands, this might be a perfect choice to protect you from the elements.


Yes, the Nike cap is water repellent, but that does not mean that it cannot offer you a decent amount of breathability as well so you can stay comfortable when you're out and about. It's going to keep the moisture out from the outside, but it's also going to keep you dry inside the hat as well.

It utilizes Dri-FIT technology to help wick away moisture, letting it roll off the materials and quickly evaporate, escaping the cap. This will ensure you are staying dry and comfortable on the inside as well.


The Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap is constructed out of 100% polyester, which is not abnormal for any kind of athletic apparel. This material is excellent because it will not absorb and hold moisture like some of the other materials that could be used. This is going to ensure that if it does happen to get wet, it will dry quickly, so you are not stuck finishing up your workout in a soaking wet cap.

The product does feature a water repellent finish overtop of the polyester and utilizes Dri-FIT technology to prevent the cap from getting wet in the first place, but this is an excellent back up to have so you are doubly safe from being stuck in a damp and uncomfortable hat for the rest of your adventure.

Another one of the benefits of using polyester is that it is recyclable, which is helpful for those who care about the environment, giving you the option to recycle it, instead of trashing it, when it eventually wears out, or you no longer have a use for it. Additionally, it is constructed out of highly durable fibers so you shouldn't have to worry about premature wear and tear at all when it comes to the Nike Earflap. It isn't going rip easily, ensuring that it will have a pretty good lifespan.


When purchasing anything that you will be wearing when heading out for a run, or other workouts, you're going to want to make sure that you are getting something that will be comfortable. You are going to experience enough discomfort the harder you push yourself in your exercise; you don't need your apparel causing you anymore. The good news is that the Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap is pretty comfortable; customers had not had any real complaints when it came to this.

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it is also going to help prevent the discomfort that you might experience when heading outdoors. It's going to keep you dry if you get caught out in the rain, preventing you from being stuck in a soggy hat throughout the day. Also, it will keep you warm and toasty thanks to the fleece-lined earflaps. It feels soft against your skin and keeps you warm at the same time; it really is a win-win.


The Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap has a pretty good fit which customers can appreciate. It is one size fits all thanks to the adjustable strap on the back of the cap so you can get a customized fit that will best fit the size of your head.

One thing that some reviewers were less than pleased about was the size of the earflaps themselves. They stated that they were much smaller than expects, saying that the images provided of the cap were a little deceiving. The flaps barely cover your ears, making it a little challenging to keep you as warm as you would like when heading out in the colder temperatures.


When shopping around for a running cap to wear out in the colder temperatures, you want to try to find something that is going to last you more than one year. You want something that is durable and is going to be able to keep up with your active lifestyle and not fall apart after only a couple of wears or only last you one season. Thankfully for many consumers, this one is going to be able to keep up with you as it is designed to last.

The polyester materials and the excellent construction make it so it is going to be able to take quite the beating before it will finally start to wear down and need to be replaced. This is one part of your running gear that will not need to be replaced frequently at all.


The Aerobill looks like your traditional baseball cap, with a few modifications, mainly the earflaps that hang down around your ears and the back of your head. It has a very plain and simple design, but that works for most customers. It is only available in black with the Nike 'Swoosh' located on the front panel. Some consumers would have liked to have seen a variety of color options, but most were content with what they have available to them.


The Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap runs about average in cost when compared to some of the other products on the market. It is by no means the most inexpensive, but there are far more expensive ones out there too. For being a Nike product, however, it is a pretty good price.

The high durability of the hat makes it a pretty good value. It is going to last you quite a while so the little extra money you will spend on it is made up for in the long run as you will not have to pay it again for a long time.


When you are heading out for your daily run or only running errands, you are going to want to try to make sure that the hat you choose to wear is going to be lightweight and not feel overly burdensome on your head. The Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap is pretty lightweight, so that is good news for many customers. There is not a lot of information on the exact weight of the hat, but customers can agree that it feels virtually weightless on their heads.

Do not let the lightweight construction fool you though; it can still pack quite the punch and will be able to provide you everything you are looking for in a product like this. From the warmth to the rain protection, this cap has you covered.


When you are working out in the fresh air of the outdoors, you want to make sure that you are able to stay as protected as possible; after all, your safety is crucial. The good news for customers is this hat comes with a couple of great safety features that can provide a decent amount of protection when you are out and about.

First, it does a pretty good job at shielding you from the elements. The water repellent finish makes sure that your head and neck will be able to stay dry if you get caught in a rain shower or the snow. It is not going to soak through the materials and cause you to suffer from the cold and discomfort of being stuck in a damp hat all day.

Additionally, it is going to give you a little protection from the cold, mostly thanks to the fleece lined earflaps. It is going to cover your ears, for the most part, and not only feel great but provide an adequate amount of insulation so you should not have to worry about your ears freezing while you are heading out for your daily workouts.

Another safety feature the cap offers its users is a bit of reflective detail. The Nike 'Swoosh' and the end of the bill, as well as the Dri-FIT logo on the back of the hat provides you with a little reflectivity to help you stay seen if you are heading out in the low light conditions of a gloomy day or if you're outdoors when at dawn or twilight. Of course, this is not a whole lot of reflective detail so you might want to consider some additional reflectivity in your other apparel as well, but every little bit will help. You do not want to risk getting hit because passers-by were not able to see you.


In order to get the most out of your cap, you want to make sure that you are taking care of it properly. You want to make sure that it is staying clean, after all, you are sweating in it, so you run the risk of it developing an odor if it is not cleaned correctly. You'll want to make sure that you are washing it according to the directions on the tag, so you don't run the risk of damaging it during the cleaning process.

Bottom Line

If you're a runner who likes to get outside for your daily workouts or you enjoy hitting the trails occasionally to enjoy the fresh air and scenery, you aren't going to want a little rain and cold stop you from heading out. Thankfully, the Nike Aerobill H86 Earflap cap will let you get out and enjoy what you love while offering a decent amount of protection from the elements. The earflaps are lined in fleece to keep you warm and toasty, saving your ears and neck from freezing during the colder weather. Additionally, the water repellent coating over the polyester and the use of Dri-FIT technology makes sure that your head will stay dry throughout your run, even if you get caught in the rain or the snow. It's an overall good running cap that many customers enjoy. It has a long life span and a reasonable price, making it a sound investment and a great addition to your running gear.