Nike Air Bella TR Review

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Stay light-footed and stylish with a pair of these trainers from Nike. The Nike Air Bella TR is a model that provides a balance between practicality and fashion in its simple design. It strives to offer the best of both worlds, for both working out and regular street wear. Though it has some downsides when it comes to sizing and durability and its usefulness is slightly limited, these points are counterbalanced by their eco-friendliness, light weight, and impressive traction. Without further ado, let’s explore some of these key features in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ultra-lightweight cushioning
  • Flexible mesh
  • Minimalist yet stylish
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multidirectional grippy tread
  • Not suitable for running
  • Ambiguous sizing
  • Unreliable durability


Several colors are offered. There’s white, beige, navy, and pale pink, all of which have a contrasting white outsole. All of these options are fairly neutral and can be paired with a wide range of casual outfits. It’s true that it’s not as many choices as some of Nike’s other models and that none are very eye-catching. However, it fits in with its minimalist design and an air of modern elegance.


The durability of this pair seems quite ambiguous. Some customers have revealed that their pair is very sturdy and is holding up well despite frequent wear during exercise. However, others have claimed they are poorly made. There have been cases of the soles coming off soon after purchasing. It could be that there are frequent defects with this model, and if the complaints build up, the manufacturer may change their methods to lower the number of defects. However, it still appears to be a matter of chance at the moment.


Trainers are defined as a category of footwear that’s suitable for a variety of different physical activities. Examples of activities would include racket sports, fitness classes, weight lifting, and much more. According to customer reviews, however, this trainer doesn’t seem to be as multi-use and effective as it should be. Though it is excellent for weight training, customers have remarked that its cushioning isn’t adequate for long-distance running - or for some, running at all. This is their biggest disappointment, considering the fact that the Nike Air technology is supposed to provide reliable cushioning for exercise.


A combination of mesh and synthetic leather are used in this trainer, resulting in breathability and flexibility. They are also relatively inexpensive materials compared to leather and suede, lowering the overall cost of the trainer. In terms of eco-friendliness, the Air sole contains at least 50% recycled material and is also made with 100% renewable energy. Stay comfortable and eco-conscious at the same time!


This model features a foam midsole with a lightweight Air Max cushioning, which is the highlight of all the features. The Air-Sole unit was first used in 1978 in the Air Max 1 and has since featured in quite a few of the brand’s best footwear. The technology uses nothing but air to create a midsole that returns to its original shape upon impact. Not only is the shock impact of your footfalls absorbed, but you also get energy return for your next stride. Foot fatigue is reduced and performance is boosted as a result.


Like durability, sizing accuracy is also hard to pinpoint. While some claim it is true to size, others say it isn’t. There are customers who claim it’s too small, and others that say it’s too big. In general, however, Nike shoes are said to run slightly smaller than that of other athletic brands, such as Reebok and Adidas. In terms of appearance, this shoe has a bulky look that some women may find unflattering.


Style and function are seamlessly blended together in this model; it is practical and fashionable at the same time. The sleek, solid-colored upper has subtle accents that add to their uniqueness without making them too eye-catching. Rather than being in the middle of the foot, the classic Nike logo is smaller than usual and toward the back of the foot. The whole look is contrasted with its white sole. The simplicity gives an impression of effortless chicness, making it the perfect pair for a casual yet cute outfit for the gym or for a regular day.


A synthetic leather cage around the midsole keeps the foot nicely locked down to the shoe. It gives a sense of stability with every step. However, the flexibility of the soft mesh and synthetic leather ensures a sock-like fit that provides great comfort. A roomy toe box is also there to give you the necessary toe-wiggling room. One disadvantage in is that the arch support is quite far back on the footbed and may not provide optimal structural support, so make sure to keep that in mind.


A triangular tread pattern can be seen on the rubber outsole, creating multidirectional flex grooves that keep the feet firmly planted when they need to be. This eliminates the risk of slipping and supports the natural range of motions in the rest of your body. There are also raised nubs on the outsole that reinforce their grip. It’s because of this feature that many customers say this pair’s excellent for weight training - with your feet firmly on the ground, you can stay stable and focus on lifting.


The materials used in the construction are all nice and lightweight. The synthetic leather and breathable mesh will not weigh you down the way leather and suede can. Not only does this eliminate extra weight and, as a result, extra risk for foot fatigue, it also keeps the uppers nice and flexible. The sole also plays a part thanks to the Nike Air technology and its cushioning made out of air. You can’t get much lighter than that!

Bottom Line

The highlights of the Nike Air Bella TR is its lightweight cushioning and sleek appearance. The Nike Air Max technology is employed to create a responsive and cushioning midsole while the simple and subtly accented upper makes it chic for both gymwear and streetwear. It does have some downfalls; the support isn’t suitable for running, and the size and durability are ambiguous. It is most suitable for weight-lifting and less recommended for runners. However, the advantages brought by their grippy tread, eco-friendly materials, lightweight construction, and attractive appearance leave them with plenty of potentials nonetheless.