Nike Indy Sports Bra Review

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The Nike Indy Sports Bra is a great sports bra for those looking for something to lounge around the house in or a bra to wear for low impact exercises. It's perfect for walking or Pilates; anything more hardcore will require a different option.

The bra might have a higher price tag than you're willing to pay, but it has pretty good durability. Most customers can agree that it's a good value thanks to the longevity and comfort.

The Nike Indy Sports Bra has a fantastic design. The racerback with a mesh panel gives you comfort and breathability. The scoop neck provides you excellent coverage and support. Finally, the color options are on point.

Overall, it's a great bra that women adore. It would be a great addition to your athletic wardrobe.

Editor's Pros & Cons

High durability

Lots of colors



Racerback design


High price tag

Runs too small


The Nike Indy Sports Bra is perfect for a plethora of activities. Unfortunately, going hard at the gym isn't one of them. It is more of a low impact sports bra. This means that if you are looking to go walking, weight lifting or you're doing some yoga, this bra will suit your needs just fine. However, if you want to do anything more hardcore than that, such as running, spinning, or spending time on the elliptical, you are going to need a higher impact bra.

Some women, especially those with smaller chests, can still get away for wearing the bra for some higher impact exercise, like jogging, but that isn't something that everyone can take advantage of. The women out there with more massive breasts will not get enough support from the Nike Indy Sports Bra for anything more than low impact.

Some women prefer to stay out of the exercise routine altogether with this bra. It is an excellent option for lounging around the house all day. Other women prefer wearing it for their household chores, like cleaning and yard work, giving them extra support without added discomfort.

The Nike Indy Sports Bra doesn't necessarily give you a flattering look, giving you the squished, uni-boob look that is standard with sports bras. This means that most women aren't going to want to wear it out as an everyday bra, but that doesn't seem to deter many women. It's suitable for casual wear.


For the most part, women think the Nike Indy Sports Bra is rather comfortable. In order to get the best out of the comfort level, you are going to want to make sure you are getting the right size. It appears the bra is running a little small, so consider that so you can achieve optimal comfort.

That materials of the Nike Indy Sports Bra are super comfortable against your skin. You aren't going to have to worry about chafing or irritation, which is always a bonus when talking about your apparel.

It has a pull on design, so there is no need to worry about annoying hook and eye closures digging into your skin throughout the day. The problem with that, however, is that some women get frustrated when it comes time to put in on and take it off. It can get a bit difficult and annoying; there are quite a few complaints about that process. It doesn't do anything to affect your comfort level while wearing the bra itself, but it decreases the overall experience.


As with most articles of fitness apparel, the Nike Indy Sports Bra uses a mixture of mostly polyester with some spandex slashed in. Each part of the bra has different ratios of polyester to spandex. There is a reason that most athletic clothing uses these materials; it's because they work. It feels decent against your skin, helping prevent rubbing and chafing, which is always a good thing.

The other, more important benefit of using this fabric is that it doesn't hold moisture. It isn't as breathable as some other materials, such as cotton, but it does a better job at keeping you dry. Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning that is isn't going to absorb moisture into the materials. If it does, it will dry quickly. Essentially, it means that you will not be stuck running around all day in a damp sports bra.

The Nike Indy Sports Bra also features Nike's Dri-FIT technology, which gives you some extra protection against moisture. It will wick away your sweat, allowing it to bead up and roll off the bra. It's just one more way the sports bra will help keep you dry and comfortable.


Support is super important in a bra. After all, that usually why women wear them. The Nike Indy Sports Bra offers a decent amount of support, depending on your activity level.

It's great for those low impact workouts, giving you all the support that you need. If you're walking or doing yoga, it will be perfect for you. That said, if you are trying to do anything more vigorous, then you might want to consider a different option. You will not get the support you need from this bra if you are looking for something to wear running or jogging. It's not going to be able to hold your breasts in place. They'll end up bouncing all over the place, eventually causing you pain and discomfort.

As a casual bra, something to wear around the house, there is plenty of support. Of course, that's going to be dependent on the size. Make sure you're wearing the right size bra in order to get the best support possible.


The Nike Indy Sports Bra has a similar design to what you would expect from most sports bras. It has a pullover design, so there isn't any hassle of a hook and eye closure. Additionally, there are soft and low profile straps that are adjustable, allowing you to personalize the fit for optimal comfort.

It features a racerback design so you can move unhindered — most women like this type of back when it comes to their sports bras. The back panel features a mesh construction, which is always handy. It allows for fantastic breathability, keeping you cool and comfy.

There is a V-neck silhouette to give you the coverage you need while you're hitting the gym. Additionally, you will find removable pads that will provide you with a little extra support and help give you some definition. However, that doesn't always work well. You'll still get the squished boob look that is typical with sports bras.

The elastic chest band helps give you a decent amount of comfort while also giving you a more secure fit. You don't want your breasts to slip out of the bottom of your bra while you're working out and you won't have to worry about that with the Nike Indy Sports Bra.

Even though most women will wear their sports bras under their clothes and others generally don't see it, it's still nice to look your best. There are a couple of colors that you can choose from when ordering the bra. This will let you get the color that works best for your style. You can pick from black, carbon heather and anthracite, active fuchsia, dusty peach and pure, indigo force, indigo storm, or white. With the exception of the black bra, all of them have the iconic Nike 'Swoosh' logo on the chest in black. The black sports bra features the logo in white. Additionally, all of the color options have a black band under your bust.


You want to make sure that your bra fits you as well as possible when you are wearing it. If you wear an ill-fitting bra, then you run the risk of experiencing discomfort throughout the day, and nobody wants that.

The Nike Indy Sports Bra comes in sizes extra small through extra large. There is a sizing chart available if you are unsure what size you should purchase.

Something to note about the Nike Indy Sports Bra is that customers stated that it is running a little on the small side. They recommended that you order a size bigger than you typically would so you can make up for this discrepancy. Keep in mind that some women didn't have this problem, saying that it is true to size. Just use caution and pay attention to the sizing when you place the order so you can get the one that will best fit your body.


When talking about your workout apparel, you want to make sure that you are getting something that is as breathable as possible. If you are going to be out, getting sweaty, you want to try to keep cool. If you don't have a well-ventilated piece of clothing, then you run the risk of overheating.

The good news is the Nike Indy Sports Bra has a decent amount of ventilation. Yes, the material used in the bra is polyester, which isn't as breathable as some others, such as cotton, but that doesn't mean it isn't sufficient.

The back panel is mesh, which will help get some of the air flow to your skin. So even if the air isn't getting in that well through the polyester, it will still get to your skin through the mesh panel.

As mentioned above, the Nike Indy Sports Bra uses Dri-FIT technology which works with the fantastic breathability to help keep you dry. It will let your sweat bead up and roll off the bra, so you don't have to spend the duration of your exercise with a damp piece of clothing.

All and all, the Nike Indy Sports Bra is reasonably breathable and does an acceptable job at keeping you fresh during your workouts.


According to most customers, the Nike Indy Sports Bra is highly durable. You aren't going to have to worry about premature wear and tear when it comes to this bra.

It can be super annoying when you have to keep shopping for bras because the ones you got just didn't want to last, but that isn't an issue with the Nike Indy Sports Bra. You can get one and not have to worry about it again. It isn't going to need replacing for a while.


When hitting the gym, or doing at home workouts, you are going to work up a sweat. Your sweat is bound to seep into your clothes throughout the exercise. Unless you want to the stinky one in the gym, you want to make sure you are washing your clothes regularly. The same goes for your bra.

The good news is the Nike Indy Sports Bra is machine washable. There should be no reason not be able to keep it clean. You can simply throw it in the washer, and it's as good as new. However, you don't want to put it in the dryer. You are going to want to hand it up to dry for the best results. Still super easy.


The Nike Indy Sports Bra is a bit on the pricy side when it comes to sports bras. There are definitely ones out there that are a little steeper, but this one doesn't come cheap.

The bra is highly durable so even though you're spending a decent amount of money up front you will most likely be saving some in the long run. Since you won't have to replace it for a while, you aren't going to have to spend the money again.

Customers go back and forth on whether it's a good value or not. Some women love the bra and swear by it. Others believe that there isn't enough support and cheaper options work just fine. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Bottom Line

The Nike Indy Sports Bra is an all-around great sports bra if you are looking for something for low impact workouts. If you plan on heading out for a walk or you're doing yoga, then this is going to give you the perfect amount of support. However, if you're doing anything more vigorous, then you are going to want to find a higher impact sports bra to suit your needs.

The Nike Indy Sports Bra is super comfortable; customers enjoy it. You get a decent amount of support, as long as you aren't going too hard at the gym. It has a great design that gives you the freedom to move around, unrestricted.

Overall, the Nike Indy Sports Bra is a great bra that customers love.