Lululemon Free To Be Bra Review

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Sports bras are some of the most comfortable bras out there. There are no wires digging into your skin and no clasps to deal with. While you’re working out or even just going about your everyday life, they keep you comfortable and protected at the same time.

The Lululemon Free To Be is an excellent example of a light and comfortable sports bra. Designed for small-busted people, this yoga bra provides light support and coverage that’s perfect for low-impact activities and everyday life. With an open back and a smooth material, it is breathable and stylish at the same time. The downside is that its light support gives it minimal versatility for its cost. But for true yoga enthusiasts, this might just be your next favorite bra. Read on to learn more about its features in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Luxtreme fabric
  • Removable cups
  • Strappy open back
  • Elastic and comfortable
  • For A/B cup only
  • Not for high-impact activities


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about Lululemon. In fact, you’ve probably got some of their workout clothing items in your closet already. However, it’s always a good idea to find out more about the brand that’s designing and manufacturing your products so that you know what you’re supporting and what to expect. Lululemon Athletica was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. The athletic apparel brand makes technical gear that’s practical, yet has its stylish charm at the same time. They have products for running, everyday wear, and all kinds of training; however, what they connect most with is yoga. Through this bra designed for yoga, you can get a feel for what Lululemon is best at.


]Yoga might not be the most hardcore physical exercise, but it can still make you break a sweat. Clothes that fit tightly around you, such as leggings and (of course) bras, must, therefore, be breathable to prevent the gross, sticky feeling of sweat pressed against your skin. In this bra, the open back design combined with the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric (more on this later) allows air to flow through it. Sweat evaporates rather than accumulating, leaving you feeling fresh even after your workout.


Though it looks plain and simple from the front, the back design of the straps adds some spice to its appearance. Two thin straps criss-cross over each other, forming a simple yet aesthetically pleasing look. Not only that, the criss-cross allows you to twist and move your body with ease while still being supported. In the Free To Be Bra (Wild), the straps in the back are much more complicated, and many reviewers have complained about them getting tangled up when they first put it on. However, the design in this version is simple enough to save you the hassle.


This bra is made with Lululemon’s Full-On Lextreme fabric. This four-way stretch fabric allows you to twist, turn, and move with ease. It feels light and cool to the touch - similar to bathing suit material, says one reviewer - providing a smooth and low-friction fit, and is sweat-wicking to keep you feeling fresh. In addition, LYCRA fiber is added to the mix to enhance the stretchiness and shape retention. As the company claims, it fits just “like a second skin,” providing support and coverage while keeping you comfortable.


We all know that we should be staying active for our health, not our looks. However, being stylish at the same time certainly doesn’t hurt. Lululemon clothing tends to have a simple yet trendy look, and this item is no different. The strappy open back adds a touch of uniqueness while maintaining the clean, neat appearance. In addition, six different colors are offered, including neutral tones like White and Soft Sand (similar to nude) as well as bolder hues like Calypso Pink. Keep in mind that there is another version of this model, the Free To Be (Wild), which has a more complicated strap design and thirteen different colors to choose from. If style really is a priority for you, you might want to check out that version instead.


Though athletic, this garment is not designed to provide a huge amount of support. Its light and low-cut design is intended to provide light support for A/B cup for yoga or other low-impact physical activities. It is unsuitable for those who are big-busted, or for high-impact activities. Though there is removable padding for more support (and to prevent your nipples from being shown to the whole world), the thinness of the straps and the low cut at the front puts you in danger of showing more than you intended if you try to wear them when running, doing HIIT, or (God forbid) doing jumping jacks.


Like we mentioned already, this is designed for small-busted people with A/B cup size. It is offered in even sizes from size 2 to size 14. The inconvenience that comes with online-shopping for undergarments is that you can’t try it on. And unlike shirts or even pants, bra size isn’t very flexible. It’s harder to just make-do with something that doesn’t fit well. To make this easier, though, Lululemon offers a size guide - a chart specifically for bra sizing, which includes cup size and underband size. You can compare your own measurements to those on the chart and get a better idea of what size would suit you. On the bright side, the elasticity of the material makes it more accommodating to different sizes.


Due to the limited support it provides, this undergarment is not very versatile. Like we already mentioned, it’s great for low-impact activities like yoga (after all, it’s labeled as a yoga bra) but not so great for high-impact activities like running. This really limits the occasions in which you can wear it, especially if you only do yoga once or twice a week. However, the light and simple design means that you could wear it as a comfy everyday undergarment. The removable cups also gives you two different ways to wear it, giving it some points for versatility.


Lululemon clothing items tend to be quite pricey. It is a reputable brand that knows customers will purchase their products no matter the price. On top of that, their quality tends to be high and consistent (not taking into consideration the sheer Luon yoga pants that raised a ruckus back in 2013). For many, this undergarment probably costs more than what you’d be willing to spend. The light support it provides restricts what it is suitable for, so it doesn’t seem worth it to pay its price if you can’t even wear it often. If you are a yoga enthusiast looking for light support, then this is perfect for you. Otherwise, consider looking into ones that are more versatile and supportive.


Lululemon has been kind enough to provide care instructions for this product to ensure it stays good for longer. It is recommended that you machine wash it with like colors and cold water, then tumble dry on low. It shouldn’t be ironed, dry cleaned, or bleached. When washing, make sure to take out the removable cups to prevent them from creasing or getting ruined in the washing machine.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Lululemon Free to Be bra is great for small-busted people and low-impact activities. The Full-On Luxtreme fabric combined with LYCRA fiber renders it light, sweat-wicking, and stretchy. Meanwhile, the simple yet unique criss-cross strap in the back gives it a distinct appearance while also ensuring that you can move and twist with ease. The downside is that the limited support and the low-cut design make it unsuitable for those who are bigger-busted or for high-impact activities. As a result, it is not very versatile for different kinds of physical activities. Combined with its high price, not everyone would see it as a worthy purchase. But for those who love yoga and are looking for a comfortable fit with light support, we consider you look into this model!