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The Calvin Klein Performance Bra is a great sports bra for those who want something to wear for medium to low impact exercises. Whether heading out for a walk or doing some yoga, this will be a perfect option to give you the support you need. It can get painful and frustrating when you're trying to exercise, and your breasts bounce around with you. That isn't something that you'll have to worry about when wearing this bra.

The racerback design and thick straps help give you a decent amount of support, so everything stays where it should. Of course, if you are planning on running or doing other higher intensity workouts, then you will need something a little more supportive. That said, this one works great for most women looking for a good bra.

It is super comfortable. The wireless and seamless design help keep you cozy all day long. It is breathable and lightweight. The nylon bra can, and will, absorb your sweat, however. This means that it will get wet and stay wet longer than some other brands. This isn't usually a deal breaker but something worth noting.

Overall, women love the Calvin Klein Performance Bra. The affordable price tag and a long lifespan make it a fantastic investment. Additionally, it comes in many colors and has a fantastic design that women love. Reviewers highly recommend this product if you require a new sports bra.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Super comfortable

Stellar longevity

Machine washable

Fun color option

Affordable price tag

Racerback design

Amazing support


No breast separation

Not for bigger breasts


Consumers agree that the Calvin Klein Performance Bra is exceptionally comfortable. It is great for all-day wear; customers love how it feels. The soft materials keep your skin feeling great. There's no need to worry about irritation due to uncomfortable rubbing.

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it's super easy to put on. It goes on over your head, as it doesn't have a hook and eye closure. However, it is still easy to put on and take off, giving you an all-around pleasant wearing experience.

The wide straps are perfect because they don't hurt your shoulders. The wider the straps, the better, especially if you have larger breasts. It's going to give you added support and comfort. More than just the width of the straps, customers think they are fantastic. They're comfortable and supportive, giving you an all around great feel.

The Calvin Klein Performance Bra doesn't use any underwire, giving it a considerable advantage in the comfort department. There's no need to worry about a pesky wire poking out or digging into you, causing pain or discomfort.


Breathability is crucial when discussing your athletic attire. You want to make sure that you are able to get as much as flowing through the fabric as possible to help you stay cool and comfortable. Thankfully, the Calvin Klein Performance Bra has a decent amount of ventilation so you should have no problems with overheating mid-workout.

The nylon materials offer a decent amount of breathability, allowing air to flow through the fabric to reach your skin easily. The air flow will help cool you down, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable.

The problem, however, is that there is no moisture control. Unlike other sports apparel that uses polyester, nylon absorbs moisture and stays wet longer. Since you will most likely be wearing this bra while working out, the chances are pretty good that it'll be soaked in sweat.

The wet materials will help cool you down, as it feels colder when it's wet. However, it will not dry quickly as some other bras might. This will, ultimately, cause you discomfort since you're going to be wearing in a damp bra throughout the day. This doesn't deter a lot of women, but it is something that is worth noting.


The Calvin Klein Performance Bra is a great sports bra and a perfect choice for anyone looking to do physical activities. It's an excellent fit for those who want to spend time at the gym or head out for a leisurely walk. The medium impacts bra gives you decent support for most workouts. Of course, if you want to go hardcore, you might want to consider something designed for higher impact workouts.

This one is perfect for medium level activities. Some such workouts include spinning, biking, skiing, power walking, hiking, or a low impact aerobics class. If you plan on running a marathon or doing anything with a lot of jumping, you might want to consider a high impact sports bra instead.

Of course, there are far more things you can do while wearing this bar, other than head to the gym. Some women prefer to wear them around the house. Whether you're cleaning the house or doing yard work, this is a comfortable and supportive option. Other customers choose to wear a bra to bed, giving them support while they sleep.

Whatever you choose to do while you're wearing the Calvin Klein Performance Bra, at least you know you'll be comfortable doing it.


The Calvin Klein Performance Bra uses a mix of nylon and spandex in their construction. The 95% nylon and 5% spandex helps give you a durable construction with a comfortable feel.

The problem with using nylon, however, instead of polyester, is that it will absorb more moisture, causing your bra to stay wet longer. It is going to be far more comfortable to wear and feel better along your skin, but it just isn't great when you're sweating.

The little bit of spandex that is present in the blend helps give the bra a little bit of a stretch for added comfort. It is just enough to increase the overall comfortability without reducing the overall support.


When you are working out, you want to make sure that you are getting adequate support. The Calvin Klein Performance Bra is a medium impact bra, which means that you can do a lot of activities and get the support that you need. However, if you are doing high impact sports such as running and jumping, this might not be the right option for you. As mentioned above, this will support you perfectly for activities such as power walking, spinning, or hiking.

For the most part, customers are happy with the amount of support they get from the Calvin Klein Performance Bra. Of course, there are some who disagree out there, but their problems with the lack of support generally stem from doing more high impact activities. As long as you stay with medium or light impact workouts, you will be just fine.


Durability is essential in just about anything you purchase. If you are spending money on a product, you want to be sure that it will last. The good news is, the Calvin Klein Performance Bra is durable and will last you quite a while.

The nylon and spandex blend can hold up quite well over time and will not rip or tear easily. The bra has a bit of a stretch to it, thanks to the spandex, but that isn't going to be an issue. The sports bra can hold it's shaping rather well, so you don't have to worry about it stretching out over time.

It is an overall excellent quality product that will stay with you for the long haul.


When you are wearing any kind of fitness apparel, you want to make sure that you are cleaning it regularly to keep it looking and smelling fresh. The Calvin Klein Performance Bra is no different. You are going to be wearing it to the gym, and for other physical activities, you are going to sweat it in. Since the sports bra uses nylon in the construction, it is going to soak up all of your sweat, absorbing it into the materials. You do not want to wear a stinky bra while you're out and about.

The good thing about the Calvin Klein Performance Bra is that it is machine washable. Unlike many other similar products, this one can go right in the wash. It makes keeping it clean and fresh super easy. Some customers would suggest hanging the bra to dry to avoid shrinking. However, it will survive just fine in the dryer if you choose to use one.


Sports bras can sometimes be a bit pricey, but then again, most bras can say that. Thankfully, the Calvin Klein Performance Bra isn't one of the expensive ones. It has a pretty excellent price tag, super affordable.

Considering the longevity of the bra and the fantastic support and comfort it offers, customers believe that it is a pretty good deal. Most customers have purchased multiple sports bras because of how affordable it is. It's nice to have more than one, just in case.


The Calvin Klein Performance Bra has a pull on design, so there is no need to pesky hooks. Additionally, there is no underwire, and it has a seamless design. Everything about this bra screams comfort and support.

It has a racer back, which customers adore. It allows them to wear a bra with a wider variety of tops, giving them more options in their apparel.

One of the best features in the design of the bra, according to most customers, is that it doesn't have those pesky padded cups. It can get irritating when the cups bunch up, and you have to try to smooth them down. Or worse, they fall out in the wash and you lose them. This one doesn't use those cups, so there is no need to deal with that.

The Calvin Klein Performance Bra has a reversible design, essentially giving you two bras in one. Each bra can flip inside out to provide you with a different color. However, some customers mentioned that if you reverse the bra, there is a large tag on the inside (now the outside) that doesn't look that great. Since you generally wear the bra under your clothing, it is usually a non-issue.

You can purchase the Calvin Klein Performance Bra is a variety of colors, and each product is two colors in one. This gives you a vast selection and decent variety among colors. You can pick from black and white, heather grey and white, charcoal and black, radiant blue and black, seashell, graphite, mint, rosewood, black and neon calypso, or stone.

Regardless of what color you choose, each bra features the Calvin Klein logo on the band under your bust. The logo is either black or white, depending on the color bra you choose.


The way your bra fits is essential to the overall comfort and support you receive from it. To get the most out of your bra, you want the perfect fit. You want it to fit snuggly enough, so there isn't a lot of room for you to bounce around, but you don't want it too tight that it feels like you're suffocating.

If you aren't sure what size you need, you can always check out a sizing chart. Customers have stated that the Calvin Klein Performance Bra is running true to size, so that should help when it comes to picking the best size for you.

The Calvin Klein Performance Bra is available in sizes extra small through XX-large so you can choose the size that will best work for your bust size. Ag

Bottom Line

The Calvin Klein Performance Bra is an excellent option for those looking for something to toss in your gym bag for medium to low impact workouts. It will work fantastically for power walking, weight lifting, yoga, spinning, and other such exercises. If you want to take off running or participate in higher intensity workouts, however, this won't work well for you.

The bra comes in a plethora of color options so you can pick something simple and plain or one with a fun pop of color. It is like buying two in one since it has a reversible design, giving you two colors for the price of one. It's not just the look, however, that women like. The racerback design gives them added comfort, and the thick straps help with support.

The Calvin Klein Performance Bra has an affordable price tag with a long lifespan, making it a fantastic deal. You can buy one of these bras, and as long as you're taking proper care of it, you won't have to replace it for a while. It will be part of your fitness apparel for quite a while.

Customers love this bra. It's comfortable and supportive, affordable and durable. It's everything you are looking for in a medium impact sports bra.