Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

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Editor’s Conclusion
Running is one of those sports that requires the right footwear, you're not going to get very far without running shoes that are going to caress your feet like a satin pillow.

It's not often that you find a pair of running shoes that suit any runner. Some running shoes are better suited to flat-footed people, some are better for runners who enjoy shorter jaunts, and some are snugger than others. Let me introduce you to the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 running shoe.

Do you recall the Greek god Hermes, who wore shoes with wings? Well with these shoes, you’re going to feel like you have footwear that flies too! Your feet are going to be extremely happy in these cloud-like runners that swallow your feet and surround them with comfort. The durable rubber outsole acts as a bouncy platform adding a spring in your step and a greater push-off with every stride.

Not only do these running shoes perform well but they are super stylish so you can wear them as an everyday trainer.

I pray you continue reading because you WILL regret it if you don’t!
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Cushioned midsole

BRS Carbon Rubber for great traction


The rubber sole is made from 9% Nike grind, so can lead to slight color variation

High price compared to other running shoes

Key Features


The Pegasus 38s are genius in their design, they embody both materials that further empower performance and a style that makes these shoes versatile. The breathable mesh in the upper allows for breathability and comfort combined.

The midsole is Nike React foam both light, bouncy and durable, the outsole is made from durable BRS 100 Carbon rubber giving these shoes great traction, and the upper mesh is great for keeping your feet comfortable and giving them space for breathing whilst undertaking strenuous activity.


These are real beauties to look at, they've been designed with style and performance in mind, so whether you want to wear these trainers for running or as a casual trainer, you have the choice. The midsole is derived from Nike react foam meaning a nice light stride and the zoom air allows for more bounce. The waffle outsole design doesn't just give multi-surface traction, but it looks the part too.

The mesh upper is great for not only breathability but adding extra lightness which increases performance too. The tab going down the laces at the front of the shoe adds a stylish touch and also has the Nike Logo, as well as the make printed on it, so you're definitely wearing a fashion statement, as well as a comfortable trainer.

The collar of the Nike trainer is nice and cushioned giving your ankle that much-needed support for any sports activities.


If you're looking for a neutral running shoe that gives you breathability and flexibility, then the Pegasus 38s are a great shout. Mesh upper material allows for breathability to the foot and it's very welcomed when you are performing activities.

Thanks to the midsole and an improved fit, this trainer will not only be breathable but will also be flexible and comfortable. This trainer is going to give you a great ride and your feet will be grateful for the breathable material that these shoes offer.


With quality comes a price, so yes, the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38s are expensive, but I would say fairly priced for the quality, style, performance, and use you will get out of them. Nike is a lavish brand; they are a top player in the sporting industry, and you know you shall get a quality pair of trainers so I would urge you to not think the price too high.

The technology Nike uses in their shoes means the shoes are built for lasting, the use you get out of these trainers will surely outweigh the price you pay.

Who are they for?

If you've read the above then by now you know, they are pretty much made for anyone. Whether you're wanting to put some serious mile down on the track or the road or you just want to wear them for casual purposes and as a stylish finish, they're a top contender for all.

Comparison to Similar Running Shoes

I mentioned the price of the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38s being high, so if you are looking to spend a little less but still want some decent trainers that are going to provide you with comfort and durability, then can I suggest the Adidas Solar Boost 21. They are currently on sale and the perfect running shoe, cushioned, breathable, and flexible, they are great value for money.

If you're a Nike person through and through, then maybe you wish to consider the Nike Zoom Pegasus 37, equally as elegant in looks as they are in performance, just like the Pegasus 38s. They offer cushioning, breathability, and perfectly placed padding to reduce hot spots.

The only difference they bear to the 38s is that they have a wider forefoot, meaning more wiggle room for your toes and they have more foam in the tongue for better comfort. Price wise, they are no different from Nike Zoom Pegasus 38s.


Nike is a great brand; it exceeds standards and always comes back bigger and better than before. The Nike Zoom Pegasus 38’s are well and truly one of a kind, they offer a comfortable and nice ride. It’s difficult to fault this trainer, as in my view they offer all you would want in a trainer; style, comfort, breathability, longevity - so what’s not to like.

They are available in 6 different colors, so whatever style you have, there is bound to be one that suits you. The waffle outsole is ideal for multi-surface traction, as well as the carbon rubber. Should the weather turn, you will have no problems staying on your feet when wearing these lovely trainers.

If I haven’t convinced you through the design technologies, then let me say this bluntly, BUY THE SHOES. It’s that simple.