Nike Free Run 5.0 (2024)

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Editor’s Conclusion
I love running, running gives me the freedom to explore the countryside around me and enjoy a little headspace from the chaos that fills my everyday life.

Now I often do different distances and run on different terrains and I'm aware that depending on what type of run I am doing, my footwear may need to change.

Nike is a brand that understands this; they understand that everyone is unique, and their footwear must be fit for purpose.

Baring that in mind, let's talk about the Nike Free Run 5.0 running shoes. Built for smaller runs, this model is breathable and lightweight, a real joy to wear on a daily basis.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Glove like fit


Heel–to–toe grooves


Would only be suitable for up to 3 miles

Key Features


Designed with synthetic suede materials for breathability and flexibility, the Nike Free Run 5.0, 2021 model, fit like a second layer of skin to the feet to ensure the swift movement of the foot, especially as smaller runs tend to be quicker runs than longer distances.

The stretchy mesh material is not only moveable but offers the foot air circulation and the option to have increased airflow, it will also stop the foot from feeling over-heated and the sweat becoming too much and impacting your run.

Asymmetrical lacing relieves pressure on your instep and is better placed on the side to offer more comfort to the foot on impact with the ground.


The Nike Free Run 5.0 are made for performing. Their design is perfect to aid you in small runs and ensure they are impactful in a positive way.

Heel-to-toe Grooves

Grooves in footwear are key to help with the movement they provide to the foot; the heel-to-toe grooves on the Run 5.0 are designed to allow multi-directional flexibility. Should you require a quick step change in direction, the Nike Free RN is going to aid you in your step.


The foam midsole is one of the most important factors of any running shoe as it provides comfort and bounce in every stride. It also gives you further flexibility and a better push-off with every step.


An outsole will give you the stability you need to keep upright and be able to tackle the road with a good stride and good protection to the sole. The Nike Free Run 5.0 has a rubber outsole, ideal for durability and flexibility, making movement on runs much easier.

They are lightweight too, unlike long distance running shoes that may slow down your stride with being slightly heavier.


I spoke in the design section about the materials and I don't want to repeat myself, so I'll briefly say, the materials used on the Free Run model are lightweight to enable a swifter transition and glide through from stride to stride.

The lightweight, glove-like fit is ideal for speedier runs as it streamlines the foot.


Nike is a great running brand and like I’ve said, they know what runners expect from their shoes. They don’t have an outrageous price, but they aren't cheap either.

They are worth the money and if you are using them for the right purpose, I'm sure you will get your money's worth.

Comparison to Similar Running Shoes

As a runner, I can appreciate the technologies that different running shoes offer, but sometimes no matter how much you like the technologies, the style just doesn't quite cut it. If that's the case for you here, then maybe the below may be of more interest;

On-Run Cloud X – Screaming versatility and agility, the Cloud X is a striking running shoe and one that is just as well developed with technologies as it is with style. It has a CloudTec Outsole, Helion super foam, and a lightweight, comfortable construction that enhances performance and power. These running shoes are formidable but have a heavier price tag than the Free Run 5.0.

Brooks Launch 8 – These classic running shoes are another firm contender that any short-distance runner should consider. They are lightweight and have neutral support for a speedier run. The Launch 8 are streamlined yet cushioned and will offer the user a comfortable and stable ride. Pricewise, they are similar to the Cloud X.


On a personal level, the Nike Free Run 5.0 2021 is not my favorite short distance running shoe; however, I can appreciate their design and technologies which would aid you on a shorter run. They offer comfortable and lightweight (emphasis on the lightweight) wear. The design is neutral and would suit many different workout apparels.

I would urge you to take time when looking at short-distance running shoes and make sure they are fit for purpose, do that and your feet will benefit greatly.