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Are you in the market for a sports bra that offers support and comfort while no matter what you're doing? If so, you may have found your match in the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra. 

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra consists of Dri-fit polyester and flexible, durable spandex. So it has everything you need to stay dry, cool, and comfortable all day long. Nike specifically designed it for medium-impact activities. So it's perfect for yoga or Pilates. But if you plan on doing high-impact activities, you'll need a more supportive bra

The band is a soft elastic and doesn’t have any annoying seams to irritate your skin. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any cups, so larger breasted women may find it uncomfortable. The bra is thick enough that it doesn’t cause anything to be visible, including piercings. It is machine washable and made in the USA. In addition to that, it's wonderfully affordable considering the quality. It may come too pricey for some, though. 

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Medium-Impact Support



Large Color Selection






In 1964, the Nike brand got its start as Blue Ribbon Sports. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman are the men that founded the company. The company got its name change, to Nike, in 1971. If you’re wondering where the name came from, it was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. Many well-known athletes, and their teams, around the world represent Nike by wearing their apparel that contains their trademarks; the “Just Do It” slogan and the Swoosh logo.

Nike is dedicated to making sure they’re doing their part when it comes to taking care of the environment. They understand that climate change is real so they have joined forces with programs and organizations that are also dedicated to the cause. They are constantly working to improve their processes, and one of their biggest aspirations is to see a thirty percent decrease in their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. By 2050, they’d like to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy is another one of Nike’s passions. They’ve even released a guide that will help designers create products in the most sustainable fashion possible. It’s not just beneficial for the next generation of people, but to the future of sports, as well. Here are some items from this company.


Looking for the perfect sports bra is a difficult task, especially if you’re not physically in a store trying them on. The first thing you want to pay attention to is what the bra is made of. If you choose a material that’s not going to be durable, flexible, comfortable, and breathable, you’ll definitely regret it sooner rather than later.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is built with a blend of polyester and spandex. Eighty-eight percent of the construction is polyester, with twelve percent being spandex. Is polyester a material you want in a sports bra? Some prefer cotton because it is a natural fiber, is hypoallergenic, and adequately breathable. However, cotton is also expensive, flammable, easily shrunk, holds moisture, and isn’t as durable. If you’re interested in a cotton bra, check out this one.

Polyester is a great material to use for sports bras because it is durable and strong, but still flexible. Polyester is less susceptible to wrinkling and shrinkage, but you want to be careful not to put too much heat to it when washing, drying, and ironing. It wicks away moisture and dries quickly, keeping the material from sticking to your skin, as well as helping to prevent odor-causing bacteria that are attracted to your sweat.

Let’s not forget about the spandex included in the construction of the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra. This material is utilized for a few reasons. Spandex is able to provide your bra with extra durability, shape retention, flexibility, and support. Thanks to this material, your Nike Swoosh Sports Bra will have a more proper fit, longer.


With the giant variety of sports bras on the market today, it’s hard to find the right fit for your body and your needs. It’s important to consider exactly what you’re looking for before you make your decision, especially if you’re ordering online. The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is a very basic design that is preferred by many. However, it’s not for everyone.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra comes in sizes ranging from 30A to 44E (up to 46 in C). It can be purchased in sizes XX-Small through XXX-Large. Some women with larger busts and chest measurements have reported that this bra is not ideal for them. Because it is a pullover style bra, it can be difficult for some to get it on without a struggle. If you need a bra for larger busts, check here.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is built to stay in place and stay in place it does. Consumers are reporting that their bras are staying where they’re supposed to be, all day. Even though it is built with a compression fit, it doesn’t feel like it’s cutting into your skin thanks to the soft elastic band around your chest.

You can enjoy full coverage from your Nike Swoosh Sports Bra. Enough that it can very comfortably be worn as a crop-top with leggings. You can bend over without worrying about putting on a show. The downside reported about the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is that does not have any options for adjustment. Therefore, if the straps are not tight enough, or too tight, you will simply not be comfortable in this bra. The Racerback design does keep the straps in place on your shoulders but won’t help the tension.


Whether you’re sitting around at home, sleeping, walking, playing tennis, or doing yoga, supporting your breasts is important. When your breasts have enough support it can help to slow down the sagging process, improve your posture, and even decrease discomfort and pain that you may otherwise experience when the skin and ligaments of your breasts aren’t supported properly.

No matter the size of your breasts, when you perform physical activity, they will bounce around; in all directions. That’s why the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is designed specifically to help reduce the bouncing that your movements cause. There are no muscles in your breasts, but the skin and ligaments are sensitive to breaking down, becoming weak, and sagging. The worst part about sagging is that it cannot be reversed once it happens.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra provides enough support for medium-impact activities. This means it’ll be great for walking, yoga, and tennis. Weightlifting, but not cardio. It’s even great for lounging and sleeping and can be worn all day. The thicker straps, even though they’re not adjustable, will provide support, especially because they come together in a criss-cross racerback style in the back.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra being a pullover means that it provides less support than one with a hook and eye closure. If you need a hook and eye closure bra, try this.


Compression bras are designed to keep your breasts in place in an effort to limit movements. The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra doesn’t have cups that separate your breasts. The spandex that provides the stretch of this bra also provides the compression.

Breasts don’t simply move up and down and side to side when your body moves. They actually also move in and out and end up forming a figure-eight. The purpose of compression bras is to make the figure-eights smaller with stabilization. Without the support, the bouncing can cause too much strain on your ligaments, which are what you need to keep healthy in order to keep your breasts perky.

Keep in mind that the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra will be hugging your breasts close to your chest, make your breasts appear smaller and less defined, is more popular for smaller breasts, is suitable for only low or medium-impact activities, and may cause sweating and chafing for women with large breasts (because they are not separated).

If you are a woman with larger breasts or you intend to wear a sports bra for high-impact activities, the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra may not be for you. You will need a bra with more support.


Polyester may not be able to let your skin breathe as well as cotton. It doesn’t have the air permeability. However, the polyester in the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is specifically designed to be able to wick the sweat away from your body to keep it from becoming soaked and uncomfortable. It is most effective when the fabric is tight against your skin.

Polyester doesn’t absorb the moisture, but rather passes it through to the outside of the fabric where it can more easily, and quickly, evaporate. This is going to help keep you dry, cool, comfortable, and protected. Consumers have reported that the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra has been plenty of breathable to wear all day long and remain comfortable. If you need the breathability of cotton, try this.


The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is equipped with Nike’s Dri-fit technology. The polyester used in the construction of this bra is high-performance and is able to wick away your sweat from your body. This material helps allow air to flow where needed the most.

Some garments keep you dry by absorbing, and trapping, moisture into the fabric. This will only weigh you down and make you uncomfortable. Dri-fit, instead, pulls sweat from the body and pushes it to the surface, where it can more easily, and more quickly, evaporate.

By keeping you dry, the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra will also keep you comfortable and allow for a better range of motion. Dri-Fit garments have targeted ventilation for breathability you don’t typically find in polyester. Dri-Fit also features UV protection, UPF 30.

For other products to keep your body dry, check these out.


The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is going to provide you with full-coverage. It comes up high enough that it will keep your breasts contained even when you’re bending over or jogging. It provides enough coverage that the bra can be worn freely as a crop top with a pair of leggings. It can also serve as an undershirt if you need coverage under a v-neck. If you’re looking for something with less coverage, check here.


Some people prefer the simplicity of a pullover bra that doesn’t have a hook and eye closure or straps that can be adjusted. That’s great! For those of who do, the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra could be perfect. However, there are some people who prefer, or even need, a bra that has room for adjustments. Not everyone’s body is built exactly the same, so for some women, adjustments are a must. If an adjustable bra is what you’re looking for, this one could work.


There are many features of the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra that are designed to bring you comfort. The style of this bra is not for everybody. It is important to know what you like and what works for you.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra has the perfect amount of compression via spandex to give you a secure, snug, flexible fit. If you like compression bras, you could benefit from compression sleeves as well.

The band includes soft elastic and is thick, providing support, comfort, and stability. The polyester and dri-fit technology will keep you cool and dry. There are not any cups to separate your breasts. There are not any irritating seams to get in your way.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is a pullover bra, features a racerback style back, and has no option for adjustments. For some, this is the perfect combination of comfort. For others, more support, more adjustability, and an easier system for putting it on and taking it off are needed.


Nike’s products are designed to keep your performance at the top of its game. If you find that you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase, that’s okay too. You have a grace period of thirty days from the date of purchase to take your item for a test drive. No shipping costs will be incurred for members of NikePlus. Just be sure that you don’t use and wash your item before you decide it isn’t for you.

Nike has the right to ask for and acquire customer’s information from their ID’s in order to process returns and exchanges. This information will be used solely for authorizing transactions. Your information will not be sold. Nike also has the right to turn down returns and exchanges, with or without the original receipts.

Bottom Line

One great thing about the Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is that it comes from a very well-known, reputable, trusted company that puts out quality products. This bra has a compression fit, providing adequate support for medium-impact activities like yoga and walking.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra provides you with full-coverage and the freedom to move. It is a pullover bra with no adjustment in the band or straps. However, the straps are thicker (for support) and come together into a criss-cross racerback which will also provide support as well as assist the straps in staying on your shoulders.

The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is available in sizes XX-Small through XXX-Large but is recommended mostly for those with smaller busts and chests. Large-breasted women may require more support. The Nike Swoosh Sports Bra is available in twenty-four vibrant and contrasting color schemes, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your personality.