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Looking for a sports bra? More specifically, are you looking for a supportive, comfortable, pullover sports bra? The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra provides a snug and supportive fit no matter what you're doing. 

The Nike Victory Compression consists of blended polyester (eighty-eight percent) and spandex (twelve percent). It has Nike’s Dri-Fit technology which works to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable all day long. This feature wicks moisture from your skin and expels it to the outside of the fabric, where evaporation will take care of it. 

The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra may be a simple design, but it is simple in a very sleek, streamlined way. There is no extra padding and no individual cups to separate your breasts. The straps come together in a criss-cross design in the back to give you a larger range of motion. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the straps or band. Nike did reinforce them for comfort, however.

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Wide variety of colors



Some experience skin sensitivity

Pricey for some

No adjustability


Before being known as Nike, the company was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. The men who founded the company were Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The name change to Nike took place in 1971. And if you’re curious about where the name “Nike” came from, it was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory.

Nike’s brand is represented via its slogan “Just do it” and its trademark Swoosh logo. Well-known athletes are sports teams worldwide represent the brand during their practices, games, and home lives.

The company is wholeheartedly dedicated to making sure that they take responsibility for their role in the damage to the environment. Nike understands that climate change is real and needs attention paid to it, therefore, they join forces with programs and organizations also serious about the cause. Constantly, the team is working on improving the processes from beginning to end to make sure that they are more eco-friendly. The company’s biggest goal is to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Nike is so passionate about the environment and renewable energy that they have even released a guide to help designers come up with the best products possible and have them created in a sustainable fashion. Not only is it beneficial to the next generation of humans and animals, but it’s beneficial to the future of sports as well. Here are some items from this company.


Buying clothing can be a frustrating task. Especially buying bras, and especially when you’re not trying them on first. One of the most important things you should be looking at when shopping for a bra is what material it is made from. You’re looking for a material or material blend that can deliver in durability, comfort, flexibility, support, and moisture control.

The material blend used to make the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is polyester and spandex. The blend is made up of eighty-eight percent polyester and twelve percent spandex.

Wondering if polyester is a good material for you? Good question. Some people prefer bras made with cotton because it is naturally occurring, hypoallergenic, and breathable. On the other hand, it is also flammable, shrunk easily, retains moisture, is more expensive, and doesn’t last as long. If you’re interested in looking at cotton bras, check here.

Polyester was chosen for the main material of the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra for a few good reasons. It is a very strong and durable material, but it is also flexible. Polyester is less susceptible to shrinkage and wrinkling as long as you’re careful not to expose it to high temperatures during washing, drying, and ironing.

It wicks away moisture, pushes it to the surface, and dries quickly. This will help tremendously in the effort to keep your skin dry and keep the material from sticking to you. It will also prevent bacteria that are attracted to your sweat and cause odors.

There is also twelve percent of spandex in the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra material blend. Spandex is implemented into the construction of this bra for a few different reasons. It provides your bra with shape retention, flexibility, support, and durability. Thanks to the spandex, your Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra will have a more secure, snug, proper fit for a longer time.


There is such a large variety in the shapes, fits, sizes, and purposes of sports bras these days that’s it’s becoming harder and harder to figure out which fit is right for you and your body. When you’re shopping online, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you start looking. This way you can hopefully save yourself the hassle of having to return the item and start your search all over again.

The basic design of the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is perfect for many women. However, some prefer or need other things out of their sports bra. This bra comes in sizes XX-Small through XXX-Large. They will fit chest circumferences from thirty inches to forty-six inches, and cup sizes A through E. (D and E only go to forty-four inches.)

There have been consumers that have reported the bra not being ideal for them because they have larger breasts. It can be a struggle putting it on and taking it off due to the fact that it is a pullover bra. This becomes even more difficult for women with larger breasts and/or chests. If you’re on the hunt for a bra suitable for larger breasts, check here.

The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is designed to stay where it belongs. It has been reported by consumers that it delivers on this promise. Even though it’s built with compression, it doesn’t feel like it’s cutting off your circulation or digging into your skin thanks to the soft elastic band.

One thing missing from the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra that may be desired, or even needed, by some, is room for adjustments. If the straps are too loose or too restricting, there isn’t an easy way for you to adjust that. You’d have to make alterations to the bra. The racerback design will help keep your straps where they belong, but if they’re not tight enough, you won’t have enough support. If they’re too tight, you’ll simply be miserable all day.


Your breasts need to be supported whether you’re sleeping, lounging around the house, walking, doing yoga, or playing tennis. Giving your breasts enough support can help to improve your posture, slow down the sagging process, and even help to alleviate some pain and discomfort that would otherwise come from inadequate support to the skin and ligaments.

Whether your breasts are large or small, perky or not, they will bounce during physical activity. And that doesn’t just mean up and down. They also go side to side and in and out and form a figure-eight pattern. That’s why the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is made specifically to help control the movement of your breasts during exertion.

Because there are no muscles in your breasts, the skin and ligaments take all of the damage. They are susceptible to becoming weak, breaking down, and causing sagging. And once the sagging starts, you can’t go back.

The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is designed to handle activities of medium-impact. In other words, it’s great for things like walking, yoga, and tennis. It could also work for weightlifting, but not cardio. You would need more support for that. The thicker straps will provide some support and the racerback design will help as well.

Because it is a pullover, the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra gives less support than one with a hook and eye closure can. If you need a hook and eye closure, try this bra.


Bras with compression are made with the intention of limiting the movement of your breast skin and ligaments to decrease pain, discomfort, and sagging. The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra contains spandex that will provide the stretch and the compression.

The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra doesn’t have cups to separate your breasts. This is important to know if you have large breasts. They will be hugged close to your body and will appear smaller and less defined. This Bra works best for smaller breasts and medium-impact activities. Women with larger breasts have reported sweating and chafing because their breasts aren’t separated by cups.

If you are one of the larger-breasted women out there, or you need a bra for higher-impact activities, the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra probably won’t be the right fit for you. You will need a bra with more support.


Even though polyester isn’t as breathable as cotton, it is still capable of keeping your skin dry and cool. The polyester in the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is finished with Nike’s Dri-Fit technology. This makes it more able to efficiently wick sweat away from your skin and send it to the surface of your bra to be evaporated. It is most successful when the fabric is tight to your skin. For other products to keep your body dry, check these out.

Consumers have reported that their Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra was perfectly breathable enough to keep them dry, cool, and comfortable all day long. If you need the breathability that cotton provides, look into this bra.


The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is designed to keep you tucked in, this is true. But, it is also built to give you the flexibility to be able to breathe. It is designed to be able to move with you, giving you a more natural range of motion.

The spandex is what gives the bra its flexibility. And, in doing so, it gives it its durability and shape retention. If you’re looking for a bra that gives you more flexibility than support, try this one.


Most women can empathize with the struggle of worrying about the kind of coverage you’re getting from your bra, but only when it comes time to bend over in the grocery store, right? Well, thankfully, the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra gives you full-coverage.

It comes up high enough to keep your breasts in line, even when you have to bend over. It provides plenty of coverage to be worn as a crop top. If you need leggings to go with it, try these. The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra would even work perfectly as an undershirt (or camisole) if you need extra coverage under a low-cut top.


There are people that prefer having the simplicity of a bra that they can just pull on over their heads without having to fumble with any kind of hooks or buttons or zippers. For those of you who agree with that statement, the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra could be perfect for you.

But, if you are someone who prefers, or needs, a bra that is put on without going over the top of your head and has room for adjustments, it won’t fit your needs. If the band is too snug or too loose, you don’t have the option of adjusting it. If the straps are too taught or not supportive enough, you can not adjust them either. If adjustments are a must, here is a bra that could work for you.


One of the best things about the Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is how many color schemes it is available in. There is sure to be one for every person’s unique personality. In the following list, the first color named is the main color of the bra. The second color named is the color of the swoosh logo.

The colors available are carbon heather/black, black/white, white/black, racer pink/black, light grey/medium grey, active fuschia/black, black/black, bright mango/medium ash, charcoal heather/black, university red/black, action red/dark ash, deep royal blue/hyper cobalt, laser crimson/bright grape, vivid pink/black, volt/cool grey, night stadium/anthracite, industrial blue/black, medium mint/hyper cobalt, sport fuschia/polarized pink, blue/black, coral/black, diffused jade/red-violet/white (paint splotches), and outdoor green/black. Other sports bras are available in many colors as well.


Nike’s products are designed to keep your performance at the top of its game. If you find that you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase, that’s okay too. You have a grace period of thirty days from the date of purchase to take your item for a test drive. No shipping costs will be incurred for members of NikePlus. Just be sure that you don’t use and wash your item before you decide it isn’t for you.

Nike has the right to ask for and acquire customer’s information from their ID’s in order to process returns and exchanges. This information will be used solely for authorizing transactions. Your information will not be sold. Nike also has the right to turn down returns and exchanges, with or without the original receipts.

Bottom Line

The main thing to focus on when shopping for garments is not the aesthetics, though they do matter to most people. You should be focused on what you need the garment for, and what you need from that garment. When shopping for a sports bra, you need to know the intensity of the activities you plan to do in the bra. You need to know your measurements. You need to know how much support you’re looking for, and if you’re sensitive to any materials.

The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is designed for medium-impact activities, offers compression for a secure and snug fit, is equipped with Nike’s signature Dri-Fit polyester fabric technology, and provides full coverage. It is also a pullover bra with racerback detailing for a better range of motion and to help secure the straps in place. If you’re on a tight budget or need a bra with the adjustability, you may need to check elsewhere. Otherwise, what do you have to lose? Try your first Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra today.