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Salomon is a French sportswear company with some serious gear. Their S Lab line is just one example. It is designed specifically for runners, a quick look at the specs makes that obvious. Salomon is one of the top choices for those who know what they want out of their performance wear. As you can see, the Salomon S Lab Short has details that make it ideal for runners and athletes of all kinds. This bottom is durable, soft, and designed to be perfect in any weather. The Salomon S Lab Short is versatile enough for year-round wear,  in other words. One of its only downfalls is its drawcord-free waist because people prefer more adjustability. Someone looking for a modular option to add into their athletic wear rotation will fall for this lightweight S Lab short by Salomon.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Water Resistant Coating
  • Aerotech Fabric
  • AdvancedSkin Technology
  • Quick-Drying
  • Modular Design
  • MotionFit
  • Runs Small
  • No Adjustability


When it comes to running or athletic shorts, options that have more customizable sizing are preferred. The Salomon S Lab short has an elasticated waist in the back of the short. The scrunched fabric at the back of the short helps to keep them relaxed around your waist. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust it to secure tightly onto the body.

This isn’t a concern for all body types but it will be for some. If you have a relatively straight build, the Salomon S Lab shorts are likely to slip down without something to secure them. The fact that they are to be worn as a layered piece is redeeming here but it won’t necessarily be enough. These just don’t perform the same as an individual piece, without being supplemented by other gear as well.

These are more than likely drawcord-free for layering comfort. Those with wider thighs or a larger backside won’t have an issue with slipping, especially if layering. High-intensity exercises, however, are easier to do with a short that stays up. If you usually need to keep your bottoms tightly cinched for a workout, the S Lab won’t be able to function in that same way.


Incredibly light fabric can keep you cool and make moving a breeze. A blend of synthetic materials with plenty of elasticity gives these a great feel. The type of material and cut is very important but there is another feature that keeps you feeling cooled down in the Salomon S Lab Short.

Tiny holes that can barely be seen help to increase breathability by creating physical ventilation and allowing heat to escape. They refer to this as their Aerotech feature. The material of the short draws moisture away from the body and out to the surface to dry. Since this is intended to go over a tighter short, it has to remain comfortably cool.

Material that is fast drying and efficient in keeping the heat off and away from the body makes every run just a little easier. Performance wear like the S Lab is worth the buy, as it meets the needs of average to advanced runners. Anyone looking to get gear that suits their lifestyle, this option that can complement other individual pieces is indispensable.


Reviewers thought this was a great long-term product for runners. Since this is a modular design, it is built to be used with other running accessories. It is a light and strong material that is fantastic for layering over your compression wear or even running tights.

Due to its resistance to moisture and its breathability, the Salomon S Lab Short is resistant to bacteria and odor naturally. This will extend the life of any clothing and it is especially important for clothing that you are very active in. In addition to the fabric being treated to repel moisture, its actual stretch and construction lend to the S Lab’s longevity.

Since this is so unrestrictive, extreme movement or intense activity doesn’t wear or tear the short. You can push yourself as hard as possible in these shorts and they will be ready for the challenge. Some wearers did mention that they came across some fraying after multiple washes. That being said, you are unlikely to run into problems if you launder appropriately.

You don’t want to tumble these dry but just lay them out gently. They are an extremely quick drying material, so after washing on cold, it won’t take long until they are ready to wear. Fraying was an issue for some and it needs to be mentioned but it is less likely to be a problem if careful when cleaning these Salomon S Lab Shorts.


Solomon has accurate sizing in most regards, but the S Lab surprised some reviewers with its smaller-than-expected sizing. Material with a lot of flex improves the feel. The inaccurate sizing is still a point of contention for certain buyers.

As mentioned previously, there is no drawcord on the Salomon S Lab Short. This indicates that a tighter waist and smaller size is necessary for comfortable and secure wear. The S Lab having elastic at the sides and around the back, depending on where you carry weight the sizing might be in your favor.

This is a layered item but it is widely regarded as non-restrictive by those who have worn it. The low rise of this short is effective for those who wear athletic belts and compression shorts. Those who don’t will more than likely feel these come down too low, in a way that leaves them feeling close to being exposed.

This is mostly about your personal preference. Those who have experience in Salomon modular clothing will already know what to expect from a low-rising bottom. If you are new to layered clothing, the Salomon S Lab Short isn’t an ideal first option. At least not before you know exactly what you’re looking for from each garment.


Speaking of its layering abilities, the Salomon S Lab Short is built to be a modular item of clothing. What this means is that it is compatible with other gear in a way that optimizes your workout experience. Clothing such as this allows you to have endless versatility in your athletic wear since it’s practically customizable to your tastes.

The short comes without a liner, as it is for layering. Many people liked the Salomon S Lab Short for this reason. Sometimes liners can be limiting when it comes to how you choose to wear certain bottoms. Reviewers who did not realize this was a modular design remarked that it can’t be worn alone, which it isn’t intended to be.

Nothing is saying that you can’t wear this comfortably around the house if you so choose. It has a very thin fabric with small ventilation holes though, so it won’t provide much in the vein of modesty. These don’t have the versatility to be an out-and-about option. For their intended function, however, they’re a total hit.

Range of Motion

One of the most frequent raves, when it came to the Salomon S Lab Short, was the superior range of motion you will have in these. Different inseam options are depending on your preference. Shorter inseams will have the most flexibility and unrestricted wear. That doesn’t mean that the slightly longer versions of the S Lab are much more restrictive.

Reviewers were blown away by how effortlessly these shorts adapted to the movements they were making. When they expected the short’s fabric to feel strained, it instead compensated them in every direction. This is due to the four-way stretch of the material.

This stretch is only made even more flexible thanks to the perforation of the fabric. If you want something to layer over a tight or leggings, this is an option that won’t hinder your movement or hold in heat. Ideal for running in any season, the Salomon S Lab Short won’t stop you from getting your knees up during aerobics or cycling either.

This short can achieve so much motion due to its MotionFit. Salomon engineers patterns for a specific movement. This one is designed to be able to bend and stretch in any directions.


This short isn’t a stand-alone option. It seems many reviewers expected a fully integrated running short. In running shorts, you can generally expect a pocket or two. There is at least some sort of storage for energy gels.

The Salomon S Lab Short doesn’t have any pockets or storage at all. The addition of them would hinder the fantastic lightness of this outer-short, regardless. This was still seen as problematic by buyers. It does have reflective details, however, so you can rest easy knowing this is safe to wear as an outer-short outdoors, despite the lack of storage.

The fact that this is meant to be worn with other items diminishes its need for storage. The S Lab is paired fantastically with a running belt, reviewers mentioned. Options like tights or leggings frequently are given storage room in the waistband or against the leg too. Considering that the Salomon S Lab Short should be worn harmoniously with items like this, it makes more sense that it wouldn’t come with built-in storage.


A feature that can’t be missed on the Salomon S Lab Short is the AdvancedSkin technology. Salomon knows that runners have very specific comfort standards, which AdvancedSkin provides. This technical fabric employs ActiveDry to keep you dry and protected no matter what. These are phenomenal for layering on cold days.

Reflectivity on the side and back of the leg keeps you safe in low light too, so they aren’t just all-weather, but all-hour too. These also were designed with a modular concept. That means you choose each piece of workout garments. This differs from the two-in-one shorts or shorts with brief liners. The S Lab series encourages you to choose what best fits your needs.

That could mean wearing compression gear or leggings underneath, or just keeping it comfy in briefs on a particularly hot day. Their Aerotech material with built-in perforation lets you do the latter with ease. With this feature, these can work for more people than ever before. You can pick each essential feature individually and combine them for the perfect result.

Water Resistance

Quick-drying material is fantastic but being in wet clothing can cause a lot of discomforts, even if just for a short time. Athletic bottoms that are versatile in many scenarios are so important to have, Salomon, made the S Lab with that in mind. This S Lab is outstandingly versatile.

DWR, or durable water resistance, is a treatment that is put on the outside of fabrics to block out water before it permeates the material. This will repel liquid to keep underneath the shorts dry. These would be perfectly paired with a waterproof running jacket. Due to the material also being perforated, it will still let heat and moisture out without allowing water from the outside to soak in.


Salomon wanted the S Lab to be incredibly light. Since this is a modular option that is best used when layering, they wanted to ensure it would be as easy to wear as possible. This wouldn’t be nearly as great for layering if it was excessively heavy or thick.

Salomon’s Aerotech helps to cut back the weight on the S Lab. If you’re worried about it riding up, especially with the shorter inseams, don’t be. Salomon thought of a solution to that problem.

While many people opt for heavier products if they often have shorts that chafe or ride up, the S Lab has a secret that makes that unnecessary. There is silicone free grip tape in the leg. This keeps the legs of the short down and in position while wearing them during exercise.

Bottom Line

Unlike a lot of athletic gear, the Salomon S Lab Short is a true performance item. The modular design allows you to customize your running outfits easily, no matter your style or preference. Though it lacks adjustability in the waist, its layering capabilities compensate. Salomon didn’t intend the unlined S Lab to be worn commando, as it is a strictly outerwear short. That doesn’t get in the way of it remaining a truly versatile, lightweight, and water resistance running option.